In what would appear to be an unprecedented political maneuver, the governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, has made an offer of one million dollars – along with free college tuition and other commercially-oriented perquisites – to incentivize Ohioans, especially those perceived to harbor what has been termed “vaccine hesitancy”, into willingly accepting the “coronavirus vaccine”.

One supposes, DeWine – or, rather, his masters belonging to the highest echelons of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuit order – is counting on the fact the residents of Ohio are too obtuse to have figured out that, according to page 1051 of the AMA (American Medical Association) Encyclopedia (1989 edition), the term “coronavirus” is synonymous with what was formerly known as the common cold or flu.

Indeed, Don Corleone, the fictional but ruthless mob boss of Hollywood’s ‘the Godfather’, would be proud to learn of DeWine’s clever strategy in offering the citizens of his state what was, no doubt beforehand, perceived as ‘an offer they can’t refuse’.

From all that we have learned, thus far, about the genuine motivations behind the Jesuit-executed Covid-19 psychological operation, DeWine’s proposal smacks of an exercise in cynicism, if not utter desperation.

Turns out, too, however, like Don Corleone, “Mike DeWine”, the reigning governor of Ohio, exists as a fictional character, a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a Hollywood actor.

Everyone should look very closely at the image posted below.

Has everyone seen this guy somewhere before?

Does he, at all, appear familiar?

Mike DeWine

To everyone, especially those who spent their formative years during the era of the 1980’s, the Governor of Ohio, known to the American public as “Mike DeWine”, should, indeed, appear familiar.

Immediately below, everyone shall observe a video excerpt from a popular movie of the 1980’s.

Somebody, though, should speak up and tell the high school teacher, featured in the following video clip, taking classroom role call that the location of “Bueller” has been discovered.

The Hollywood actor who was once cast in the role of “Bueller” has now been busted, caught out as the host actor (live-action role player) in portrayal of Ohio Governor “Mike DeWine”.


In a stunning and unprecedented announcement, Ohio governor Mike DeWine will offer – in the form of funds derived from federally issued “coronavirus relief” – one million dollars in an effort to discourage “vaccine hesitancy”.

Though from the beginning of the “Covid-19 pandemic”, America’s public officials and politicians – whether at the federal, state, or local level – have all joined in singing the identical tune from their Jesuit-orchestrated propaganda hymnals, DeWine’s unique announcement would appear to be a bold political maneuver.

Nevertheless, in light of this, everyone should ask themselves a pertinent question: If the existence of a “pandemic” were self-evident, why would such strenuous efforts – at what could only be objectively interpreted as sinister propaganda disguised in the form of a marketing campaign – become imperative in manipulating public perceptions?

According to an article published at, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced, on May 12, “a major incentive for state residents who get their Covid-19 vaccinations.”

Furthermore, concerning DeWine’s announcement, the article at goes on to detail, “The Republican governor revealed on Wednesday that people who get at least one shot of the Covid-19 vaccine will automatically be entered in a lottery to win $1 million.”

“Two weeks from tonight on May 26th, we will announce a winner of a separate drawing for adults who have received at least their first dose of the vaccine. This announcement will occur each Wednesday for five weeks, and the winner each Wednesday will receive one million dollars,” he {DeWine} wrote on Twitter.



In the preceding video clip featuring Ohio Governor “Mike DeWine”, posted above, everyone surely noticed something concerning a peculiarly interesting gesture.

Additionally, if observed with a keen eye and one also knows what to listen for, everyone will surely agree, DeWine’s presentation is chock-filled, as well, with familiar numerological markers.

At approximately the 3:11 mark of the preceding video clip, DeWine says,” I want to return to our twelve to seventeen year-olds.”

12=21 (occult mirrored reflection)/777/Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code.

17=8 (aces & eights/4+4/2 4’s or 44/destruction code)

Then, after extending his right hand, DeWine grips the frame of his eyeglasses.

This grip, which DeWine performs, is of masonic origin, having to do with the legend of Hiram Abiff and the Widow’s son.

Though, for the sake of newcomers to the site, the video excerpt displayed immediately below provides several examples of when the masonic eye glass grip has been used by those in the Hollywood entertainment/music industry, a more in depth explanation of the concept of the ritual of Hiram Abiff and the masonic legend of the Widow’s son can be found in a recently published article entitled, The Joker Still Laughs at You.

SEE: The Joker Still Laughs at You


An examination of Mike DeWine’s official biographical entry at Wikipedia turns up several more examples of numerological coding.

Wikipedia claims Richard Michael DeWine, an American politician and attorney general serving as the 70th governor of Ohio since 2019, was born on January 5, 1947.

When scrutinized from the perspective of the occult, a pair of numerological markers in connection to Mike DeWine’s biographical entry at Wikipedia become immediately evident.

1.) 70th(7)=Kabbalah Zayin, the hook, mind weapon and, 2.) 2019 (2+19)=21/777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence/Kabbalah joker code.

Furthermore, not only is the number of 47 symbolic of Euclid’s 47th geometrical problem, a cherished tenet of freemasonry, but, when the numbers of DeWine’s year-of-birth are individually summed (1+9+4+7), we, again, arrive at 21, or 777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code.


When the month and day of DeWine’s DOB are summed (January/1st month/1+5), we arrive at a total of 6 (3+3 or 2 3’s/33/highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

Wikipedia even admits to DeWine’s puppet masters: “Of Irish descent, he {DeWine} was raised as a Roman Catholic.”

Of course, as we’ve learned, the Vatican in Rome is completely controlled by the military order of the Jesuits.

When scrutinized even further, the number of 7, Alistair Crowley’s 777 code, references to triple 6 or 666, as well as more examples of masonic symbolism appear to have been algorithmically programmed into the official biographical entry of “Mike DeWine” by the cubicle dwelling hacks at Langley’s CIA, those charged with overseeing Wikipedia’s content creation.

“At age 25,” Wikipedia informs, “DeWine started working as an assistant district attorney for Green County, Ohio. Two years later, U.S. Representative Bud Brown of Ohio’s 7th congressional district retired after 18 years in congress, his father, Clarence Brown Sr., had held the seat for 26 years before that.”

Surely, as everyone noticed, the numerological markers observed in the preceding paragraph were as follows: 1.) 25=7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon, 2.) Two years later=twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin, 3.) 7th congressional district/Kabbalah Zayin, 4.) 18 years in congress=3 6’s or 666, 5.) 26 years before that= 2 6’s/12/21(occult mirrored reflection)/3 7’s/777.

It should also be noted, DeWine’s biographical description as an “attorney” would mean he is sworn to the Temple bar at the Crown Temple in the City of London. As everyone has learned, Crown Temple is connected to the Vatican in Rome, and to Washington’s District of Columbia. Collectively, these three principalities exist as the triune of global capitols, overseen by the Jesuit order on behalf of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

SEE: How Crown Temple Rules America


Also, according to Wikipedia, “Mike DeWine” is the owner of a minor league baseball team in Asheville, Ohio called the ‘Tourists’.

But get this, folks.

At a time when small businesses across America – due to the thirteen families’ commitment to implementing the paradigm-changing “sustainability” goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030 – have been closed down, destroyed, and even shuttered, DeWine’s baseball team, Wikipedia informs, received a sizable subsidy from the government of the US corporation.

“In 2020,” Wikipedia admits, “the team {Asheville Tourists} received a $189,500 ‘Paycheck Protection Loan’ during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Yes, folks, while most of America’s small business owners were told to lock themselves in their homes and forced to subsist on “stimulus checks”, mere scraps thrown to the proletariat from the thirteen families’ table of bounty, “Mike DeWine” – proved to be another fabricated character scheme, a Hollywood actor operating under a pseudonym verified by an anonymous third-party connection to the masonic order – was receiving a bulging tax free handout from good old Uncle Sam.

Now, apparently, “Mike DeWine” is, once again, seeking to dip his sordid paws back into the tax payer funded government till, in a genuine effort to dutifully play his covert role in committing global genocide while posing as a generous and philanthropic Samaritan.

Rest assured, folks, the man known to the public as “Mike DeWine” is no Mother Theresa.


In English Ordinal gematria, the name of Richard Michael DeWine sums to 172, and in Full Reduction, to 109. Respectively, both of these ciphers reduce to 1. In Reverse Ordinal, Richard Michael DeWine sums to 368, and in Reverse Full Reduction, to 116, both of which reduce to 8. When these gematria ciphers are summed together (1+1+8+8), they equal the number of 18 which, in turn, equals 3 6’s or 666.

The name of the Hollywood actor identified as his host actor, Matthew Broderick, sums to 175 in English Ordinal and 76 in Full Reduction.

Both of these ciphers, respectively, reduce to 4.

In Reverse Ordinal, Matthew Broderick sums to 257, and in Reverse Full Reduction to 95, the reductions of which, in turn, equal 5.

Together, these reductions (4+4+5+5) also equal 18, or 3 6’s/666.

This indeed, is surely not coincidental, because not only are the popular narratives which make up American history scripted, they are also scripted according to numerological markers or gematria.

Furthermore, ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses not only confirm “Mike DeWine”, the 70th governor of the state of Ohio, exists as a fabricated character scheme, his portraying host actor (live-action role player) has been positively identified as Matthew Broderick, best known, of course, for his starring role in the 1980’s teen comedy romp Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

More than any other element of facial recognition analyses and, despite Broderick has been donned with strategic layers of facial stippling to fit the specifications of the fabricated character scheme known as ‘Mike DeWine”, certain elements of the host actor’s facial geometry were left conspicuously visible, giving the identity of the Hollywood host actor – Matthew Broderick – completely away.

Those who regularly frequent this site may recall, Broderick is also the host actor behind the mask of Australian politician Daniel Andrews.

SEE: Misses Buhler’s Day Off In Jail

How are the logistics of such an operation possible, those who remain skeptical may enquire?

Merely consider the following hypothesis: how easy would it be, during what has been declared as a global “pandemic”, with virtually everyone locked down in their homes and none-the-wiser, to make official announcements while propped in front of a green screen from the comfort of a completely isolated, heavily-guarded, and centralized location?

Matthew Broderick

Mike DeWine

Matthew Broderick

Mike DeWine

What’s even more appalling, after accepting the challenge to chase after the material incentives offered by their governor, ‘Mike DeWine”, those residents of Ohio lucky enough to have won the tidy sum of one million dollars – after willingly risking the Covid-19 kill shot – may not live long enough to spend it.

SEE: Doc Kildare Promotes Kill Shot Propaganda 

17 thoughts on “DeWine Offers Bribe of One Million?

  1. Hi , great insight and I love your work. In the U.K, lockdown is starting to be lifted. What’s your future on the future of lockdowns? Do you think that there will further ones over the next 5-years etc? Ie summer turns to autumn etc?

    1. Thanks for taking the time to visit Newsspell and for your gracious comments. Regarding lockdowns and their further deployment in the U.K., I believe PM Boris Johnson and his lackeys have been charged – by their Jesuit masters – with fully implementing the UN’s Agenda 2030 by whatever means become politically expedient. As to the methodology behind the concept of lockdowns, I believe they are a sinister example of draconian population perception management and Pavlovian behavioral modification with the possible involvement of Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. I also believe, there are signs, both in the U.K. and in the U.S., that the MSM’s strenuous propaganda efforts have begun to lose their potency and, therefore, the overall plan of the Jesuit order, during the summer months, will be looking to implement alternative contingencies. For example, here in the US, the focus is being shifted to “domestic terrorism” and “cyber attacks” to justify perpetuating the lockdown scenarios.

      1. Wow thank you for your quick reply and amazing and insightful response. There is huge belief in the U.K. that they will further lockdown until up to 2025. The new one is the latest Indian restraint which is nicely bubbling away under the surface. Boris and the conservatives have allowed bars and restaurants to fully open on Monday, in the sense of being of being allowed to eat and drink indoors. The pubs have been open for over a month, or more now, but only for outside table service. The trains to central London are busier, but no way at the levels needed to be normal. They are just pushing online digital services. Thank you sharing your intellect, it is a source of great reading to myself and many others.

  2. Sorry, one last year question. What is your view on the injections? Are you with the view that it is being used as a long-term plan to de-populate the world’s population, leaving definite long-term health problems/ eventual death? Or that the injections are just smokescreen for a global digital is/ tracking, or monitoring system, or both? Also that the injection does no harm at all and is just a smokescreen for my prior suggestion? It would be great to understand your view?

    1. I’ve published several articles which collectively and, one hopes, comprehensively address the nature of this question. If one consults the UN’s documentation regarding Agenda 2030, it becomes clear that one of the primary benchmarks or goals is to control and monitor both the reproduction and movement of human resources. Stated with even greater clarity and in greater detail, the document explains how full global implementation of Agenda 2030 will mean reproductive growth of human resources will be strictly held at what is termed as “sustainable” levels. The document also states, the rapid development and deployment of AI and robotics systems will replace human resources in several employment sectors, including commercial retail, industrial production, and even law enforcement. These ongoing developments, going forward, according to the document, are viewed as environmentally “sustainable”. Furthermore, the document goes on to detail how, by 2050, populations of “sustainable” human resources will be centralized in “smart cities” or “smart zones”, which will be monitored extensively by AI and digital ID based on what has been termed “body activity”.

      1. Thank you for your reply again. Yes I have read this before and in your articles too. There was another very interesting article that I saw a few weeks ago that states the reduction of international airports across the globe by 2030. So this fits into what you are saying. It looks like holidays abroad will now be a thing of the past going forward. But not for the super-rich. They will freely travel as they are doing now, with limited restrictions from so-called government “authority”. Global government ls have far too much power over what we all can and cannot do.

      2. I do hope you found my response to your enquiry somewhat comprehensive. If one looks at the legal terms and conditions, so expressed, in the succession of international treaties over the last two centuries, it becomes clear that centralized global governance has always existed and that “countries” merely exist as commercial markets for the continued exploitation of both human and natural resources. In fact, I believe the concept of Pax Romana never disappeared, as it were, into the mists of history, it merely changed its appearance in the form of international governing bodies (i.e. Holy Roman Empire/League of Nations/European Union/United Nations). In essence, all roads still lead back to Rome, and to the Vatican, which is controlled by the Jesuit order, a military order disguised in ecclesiastical garb.

      3. No definitely- very, informative and comprehensive. You are an inspiration and a true legend on providing intelligent and thought provoking articles that explore the truth of history and our modern day reality. It is all quite depressing really. In London yesterday, there demonstrations re. Isr@“l’s recent mass attack on the p@l—st@nes. There was also however, superset and further anti-l@£)down protests and this received literally no mention in the MSM. The way I look at it is; if they are so adamant on its’ truth and willing to accept freedom of speech, why does NOT one single commentator on any time of program five views from the other side of opinion, unless there was something to hide and cover-up.

  3. I think I have figured out something shocking today. For those of you who don’t know my story, please look up my site at Up until today, I have always thought that in 1995 the drug lariam had attacked my RNA and shut down a certain protein ATP7A and caused Menkes disease. Upon my mom’s suggestion, I started wearing pennies and miraculously I started slowly recovering in late 2016.

    I have always lived with my parents all the way until April of this year due to my horrible health. I have only lived in a college dorm for 3 years and in in an apartment for 3 years while in law school. Since April, I have been living everyday in different hotels to get away from mom who used some type of microwave energy weapon on me. Since yesterday, I took off all copper I had been wearing and I now realize that lariam was a cover. I am still fine now and not deteriorating. That means wearing copper was an illusion that my parents and the “government” created for me.

    I found the following article:

  4. Mr. Perkins had alluded to the fact, in a different article, that in the future, they will be able to tie our DNA to electromagnetic energy. The aforementioned Guardian article is from 2004. I believe they already perfected the DNA technology by 1995 and I think that my parents had that placed in our house. I also had roommates in my dorm and apartment, who I now know were masons, who probably also kept that equipment in the dorm and apartment. That is why nothing happened to anybody but me. But now that I am always moving around by myself, they are not able to continuously use this on me. That is why mom and brother keep trying to talk me into moving into an apartment.

  5. What if the vaccines are a cover, just like my lariam, for them to use this debilitating and deadly technology on people in the future?

    1. Lariam, if memory serves, is manufactured by Roche Laboratories, a company whose conflicts of interest with the CDC and the FDA were comprehensively explained in a published article entitled, “Things You Didn’t Know About the CDC.” Roche Laboratories are a subsidiary of Bayer Corporation, the very same that operated out of Germany during the era of WWII, while that country was still under the control of the National Socialists lead by Adolph Hitler, an historical fabricated character scheme portrayed by Leopold III of Belgium (AKA Bing Crosby/Carol O’Connor). Regarding the vaccines as “cover” for an ulterior genocidal agenda, I do believe, over the course of several published articles, this very issue has fully been addressed, both on a macrocosmic level and with regard to specific detail. The Covid-19 “pandemic” is a meticulously executed psychological operation, by the Jesuit order in Rome, utilizing Pavlovian behavioral modification (punishment/reward) on a global scale to implement the population “sustainability” goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030.

  6. What are your thoughts on the DNA specific weapon mentioned in The Guardian article I posted? I wouldn’t have thought to even search for it had you not mentioned about that happening in the future. It describes to a tee what I experienced. I am now100% sure Lariam was not responsible for anything. Regarding its history, it was actually developed by Walter Reed up to phase 2 testing when they then handed it off to Roche to commercialize. Wikipedia also shows that safety and tolerability testing requirements were waived. I’ve read all of your articles regarding the vaccine and I fully believed what you said but now after my discovery about myself, I wonder if this still could be a possibility. It also explains why my dad was resisting me buying a house from foreclosure in 2013 and suddenly the bank kept pulling it from foreclosure for 2 years until I could no longer buy it.

    1. If I may ask – though, it is none of my affair – as a still practicing attorney, could you not, with empirically-based probable cause and with an accompanying evidentiary brief prepared in hand, file a civil suit against this man – your father? As I’ve discovered about those sworn to the masonic order, they do like to keep appearances – appearances of fairness and Justice. In which case, could a presiding judge be persuaded, at the very least, to hear the merits of your well-argued suit?

      1. My dad faked his death on December 19, 2017. His name is Gautam P. Shah. If you want to check in the death index, you can look for yourself. My gut strongly tells me he is back in India living in Mumbai where his family always owned a flat in the posh area.

        I will tell you 100% that the courts are a total sham. They will do everything under the cover of darkness to dismantle your case and throw it out. That’s why no cameras are allowed in the courtrooms and the court reporter is a joke. Please don’t ever think you can rely on the court system. This is why out of sheer distress I started asking you how you will make it in the future. I don’t think you have experienced the “justice system” like I have. The laws on the books are for window dressing., That’s why I shut down my practice in 2015 even though I’m holding onto my law license.

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