Organized religion – it has often been said – is the opiate of the masses.

Here, in America, the predominant religion of the masses has become professional sports entertainment or, as it was known during the era of imperial Rome, “Bread and Circuses.”

As is well-known, every religious cult has an underlying governing philosophy, dogma, or doctrine.

Such centralizing doctrines are administered to the congregation of cult members by pastors or high-priests. Or, in the case of the church of sports entertainment, by television analysts and commentators, most of whom were formerly professional athletes. “Howard Cosell” – the obstreperous and opinionated sports television commentator of decades past – once derided this specialized class of sports “journalists” as the “Jockocracy”.

As most of this site’s regular visitors may recall, “Howard Cosell”, the former host of ABC’s Monday Night Football, was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood actor Rod Steiger.

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But no religious doctrine would be completely solidified without a unifying or centrifugal charismatic figure.

In the religion of Christian fundamentalism, there is the figure of Jesus Christ.

In the universalist religion of the Catholic church – controlled by the Jesuit order or Society of Jesus – there are venerated figures elevated to sainthood such as Mother Mary, the exoteric version of the esoteric or occult figure known as Isis or Sophia.

The religious cult known as sports entertainment has its own “saints” or charismatic figures – star athletes – who are fawned over and virtually worshipped by those known as “fans”.   

These cult worshippers known as sports “fans” are a relatively modern-day sociological phenomenon.

This commonly expressed vernacular – ‘fan’ – exists as an abbreviated form of the term fanatic or fanaticism.

According to Webster’s dictionary, a ‘fanatic’ is defined as follows, 1.) disapproving: a person exhibiting excessive enthusiasm and intense uncritical devotion toward some controversial matter (as in religion or politics), “a religious fanatic (=extremist), the fanatics are convinced they are serving a righteous cause and that all means are justified…”

How many of your friends, family members, or co-workers – whether relating to politics, religion, or sports – would the above definition – as so expressed – appropriately apply?

Turns out, it is just this sort of uncritically devoted fanaticism which has blinded America’s legions of sports fans to its fabricated and utterly scripted theatricality.

Remarkably, this overt fanaticism has also blinded a majority of those congregated among America’s cult of sports entertainment worshippers from noticing an alleged “dead” man is now playing in the NFL.

Also, fans of the cult of sports entertainment have yet to realize one of the NBA’s major stars – Lebron James – was formerly known by another name which, not so long ago, became superlatively renowned in the world of professional sports.

Those who own and collectively control the profitable business of sports entertainment (the Society of Jesus or the Jesuit order) have informed its fanatical legions – in the form of a legal disclaimer printed on ticket stubs and in the form of an official judgement issued by a US Circuit Court of Appeals Judge – of the true nature of professional sports and, specifically, that of the NFL.

In the case of the NFL, the league is only legally required to present their “fans” with a license (i.e. ticket) to observe an entertainment spectacle, but it is not legally required to officially sanction or provide its ‘fans’ with a legitimate sporting contest.


Apparently, in view of this fact, the NFL reserves the right to draft or contract “athletes” (actors) who, allegedly, have been reported as officially “dead”, and to also recycle athletes under the guise of pseudonyms to satisfy profitable motives.

Myles Garret

Does the NFL athlete observed in the image above appear eerily familiar to everyone?

Perhaps, everyone has seen this particular athlete don another professional league’s uniform, one which might be more familiar?

Indeed, he should appear familiar.

As shall be shortly revealed, “Myles Garret” – a 2017 draftee of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns franchise – is not who he claims to be.


According to an article published at, “While we call these leagues “sports” they are in fact businesses. Their business is entertainment. The NFL, for one, has actually argued this fact before the Supreme Court as recently as 2010. Being ‘entertainment’, the leagues are legally entitled to do what is needed to entertain their audience, such as the creation and promotion of ‘storylines.’ Despite arguments to the contrary, this makes the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL on par with professional wrestling (WWE) as well as circuses, ballets, music arts and magicians.”


The article, published and available at the link posted above, goes on to directly quote from an officially written legal opinion issued by 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals’ senior Judge Robert E. Cowen, “At best, he {Carl Meyer, the plaintive} possessed nothing more than a contractual right to a seat from which to watch an NFL game between the Jets and the Patriots, and this right was clearly honored…Mayer possessed either a license or, at best , a contractual right to enter Giants Stadium and to have a seat from which to watch a professional football game. In the clear language of the ticket stub, ‘{t}his ticket only grants entry into the stadium and a spectator seat for the specified NFL game.’ Mayer was actually allowed to enter the stadium and witnessed the ‘specified NFL games(s)’ between the Jets and Patriots. He thereby suffered no cognizable injury to a legally protected right or interest.”

For the purposes of further explanation and context, the suit filed against the NFL in 2010 involved Carl Mayer, a Jets fan who, according to, was “miffed by the New England Patriots secret videotaping of their opponents’ signals.” Furthermore, according to, “Mayer had argued that fans spent large sums to see games that were essentially rigged…”

Alas, despite Mayer’s spirited arguments while standing before the court, his law suit was invalidated and summarily dismissed.


Judge Robert E. Cowen went on to further elaborate as to why Mayer’s suit held no legal validity: “We do not condone the conduct on the part of the Patriots and the team’s head coach, and we likewise refrain from assessing whether the NFL’s sanctions (and its alleged destruction of the videotapes themselves) were otherwise appropriate. We further recognize that professional football, like other professional sports, is a multi-billion dollar business. In turn, ticket-holders and other fans may have legitimate issues with the manner in which they are treated…Significantly, our ruling does not leave Mayer and other ticket-holders without any recourse.”

As an addendum, Judge Cowen went on to stress the following caveat which, indeed, in the context of the NFL fan’s lawsuit, is quite revealing, “However, the one thing they {fans} cannot do is bring a legal action in a court of law.”

Why does this statement, regarding the true nature of professional sports, resonate with such profundity?

Because, again, according to, “There is no federal law preventing a league from fixing its own contest.”

In fact, goes on to affirm the validity of the primary conceptual premise – Post-Modern Reality Simulation – upon which this site has been substantiated and is, by now, well-recognized by every one of its regular visitors, stating, “It is legal for the media to lie to us all.”


Even the “prestigious” New York Times, a periodical which has proved to be a particularly egregious peddler of lies, has admitted – an admission detailed in an article entitled “The New York Times Admits That Virtually Every Major News Organization Allows The News to Be Censored by Government Officials”, available at the link posted below – that the government of the US corporation reserves the legal right to censor its publications.


As everyone who frequents this site has learned, the Society of Jesus and the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families not only control professional sports, they also control the US corporation and the simulated government proceedings the general public witnesses broadcasted on the MSM’s television news networks.

Of course, too, the thirteen Jesuit families are also majority shareholders of the MSM and, therefore, own every major television network which routinely broadcasts what is accepted by the public as “news”.


If there are still those who remain unconvinced the NFL fixes its own sporting events, pay close attention to the first-hand testimony given by an active NFL player – Dwight Smith – featured in the video excerpt posted immediately below.

Towards the latter juncture of the video clip, the stunned and even defensive reactions exhibited by the pair of MSM broadcasters to Dwight Smith’s statement, “The game isn’t decided on the field,” is truly demonstrative of acute cognitive dissonance.


Kobe Bryant

Lakers at Wizards 12/2/15

Myles Garret

The MSM alleged that on January 26, 2020, NBA MVP Kobe Bean Bryant, along with 7 others, perished in a fatal helicopter accident in Calabasas, California.

As everyone may recall, the suspicious and rather dubious nature of the MSM’s official narrative regarding Bryant’s demise, and other strange narratives reported by the MSM in relation to Kobe Bean Bryant, have been previously and thoroughly detailed.

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(L) Kobe Bryant/(R) Myles Garret

While focusing attention on the pair of images displayed above and attempting to perform ocular comparisons, everyone will notice the identical comparative contours of the facial geometries (eyes, noses, chins) and, as well, the identical contours and alignments of the teeth. Further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, image comparison, and voice comparison analyses confirm the former and “late” NBA star known to the public as Kobe Bryant is now performing as the host actor (live-action role player) behind the backdated and fabricated persona of the NFL athlete known as “Myles Garret”.


When summed in Full Reduction, the name of Kobe Bryant equals 41 which, remarkably, is also equivalent to the sum of the words death hoax (41).

When summed in Reverse Ordinal, both Kobe Bryant and the words death hoax equal 157. 

Coincidence, folks?

Surely, everyone should think not.


Nevertheless, when it comes to considering the profitability of professional sports leagues, the phenomenon of recycled athletes, it turns out, is not at all uncommon.

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses prove this to be the case with the legendary NBA star formerly known as “Pistol” Pete Maravich, who, incredibly enough, went on to become yet another NBA player, “John Stockton”.

(L)”Pistol” Pete Maravich/(R) John Stockton


In a previously published article, former NBA superstar Michael Jordan was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by former heavyweight boxer Carl “the truth” Williams.

But though Carl Williams is also reportedly “dead”, he lived on to not only become “Michael Jordon”, Williams is now known to those “fans” among the cult of sports entertainment as “Lebron James”. 

Turns out, ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirm that Carl Williams (AKA Michael Jordan) is also the host actor now portraying controversial NBA star Lebron James, whose backdated character scheme has been modified by facial prosthetics and false facial hair applications.

A tutorial on how this process is professionally performed is detailed in the video excerpt posted below. 

James’s extremities have also been modified with temporary and removable tattoo applications. 

It could be so argued, the thoroughly scripted nature of professional sports entertainments are synonymous with big budget blockbuster Hollywood productions.

In fact – considering the theatrically scripted production qualities of either entertainment product and their routine utilization of fabricated character schemes to maximize profits – it is better to say, they are one and the same.

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Carl “the truth” Williams

UNITED STATES – CIRCA 2000: Former heavyweight boxer Carl (The Truth) Williams. (Photo by Pat Carroll/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

(L)Michael Jordan/(R) Lebron James


8 thoughts on “Dead Man Playing in the NFL?

  1. Another amazing article. Thank you for providing something truthful to read. I have come to the realization that the truth is inconceivable. If you can conceive it, it probably isnt true. As far as Lebron James and Michael Jordan being one in the same, how would you explain the age difference? Isnt there footage of Lebron James in High School after Jordan retired? Not to say it is impossible. As far as our friend Kobe, there is a widespread joke circulating among NBA players that Kobe is also Andre Ingram, a “Laker” who spent an unprecedented 10 years in the developmental “G” league before being called up:

    Many of them belong to “secret societies” and are in on the farces. As Shaquille O’Neil (an avowed Freemason) says “snitches get stiches:. This is another way of putting the index finger to the lips is a vow of silence.

    Speaking of secret societies, What a coincidence that Gatorade changed its name to “G” and the “Developmental League” changed its name from “D” league to “G” League

    In masonry, there is a G. On the History Network, the high ranking Mason they interviewed said the “G” means “God”
    (God means “one who overthrows), but in their own writing, it is said to mean Giblum, which by definition is a stonecutter from the town of Gebal:



    A. Upon four points of geometry, formed by the square and
    compasses united ; and the letter G in the centre.

    Q. Why were you initiated in this manner ?

    A. Because the compasses are the principal instrument
    belonging to the Master Mason ; and the two points elevated
    above the points of the square denoted that I had arrived at
    the summit of operative masonry. The letter G in the centre
    was the proper passport, that being the initial of the pass-
    word of this degree, signifying a Mason that is master of his

    Q. Can you communicate the chief word and its significa-
    tion ?

    A. Giblum or Chibbelum. It means a workman who is
    master of his profession ; but more especially alluding to the
    excellency of his sculpture, in the stone-work of Solomon’s

    Speaking of “Bread & Circuses” please dont forget about “Mysteries & Miracles” too:

    “The older dictators fell because they could never supply their subjects with enough bread, enough circuses, enough miracles, and mysteries. Under a scientific dictatorship, education will really work’ with the result that most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution. There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown”. – Aldous Huxley

    Nice that we are known as “subjects” :(.

    Just some food for thought. Please keep up the great work, your subscribers have favoured your undertaking:)

    1. Thanks again, for graciously taking the time to visit Newsspell. If memory serves, according to “official” biographies, Jordan’s father was named James Jordan, which may explain where the fabricated character scheme “Lebron James” (AKA Carl “the truth “Williams/Michael Jordan) acquired his professional pseudonym. Unlike some other “researchers”, I don’t claim to be infallible, but on this occasion, unless there is corroborative evidence presented to the contrary, image comparison and, especially ear biometric analyses appears to confirm the published conclusions. As for the video(s) alleged to be from the period of James’s high school career, I have yet to locate any such footage. But, I shall keep looking. However, there can be no doubt about Kobe Bryant (AKA Myles Garret). The quote from Aldous Huxley is quite pertinent, there is a plethora of evidence confirming such deplorable social conditions every time one walks out the door to witness the parade of masked zombies.

      1. Speaking of “masked zombies”, I found this video appropriate. You only need to watch the first 60 seconds. There is also another one of “Frank Sinatra” clearly wearing a latex mask while he is performing. I guess a mask is just another form of deceit, the weapon of choice for our overlords.

      2. Thanks for sending over the video link, that is most appreciated. The phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation has been on going since the advent of television and Hollywood cinema, and before then, during the time of the Civil War. Speaking of which, I have an article which will be published soon regarding Harriet Tubman who, as it turns out, was a fabricated character scheme created by an act of the US congress.

      3. Hopefully you feel better about me learning from you guys. I have my account set up.

  2. Also in hockey after all Justin Trudeau is Brent Gretzky ( if that’s there real name) in the other article u mention Tupac being resurrected, there is a song called resurrection by erection, u can find the lyrics on line… It just makes me think that so many of these people are men dressed up like women, maybe they really do that, and maybe women don’t get resurrected cuz they can’t be… Just a crazy thought plz read the lyrics Im not that great at research 😂😃

    1. Thanks for, once again, visiting Newsspell. You’re correct, Justin Trudeau – Canadian PM – is a complete fraud, a fabricated character scheme portrayed by an actor. If fact, Canada is a corporation held under the umbrella of the US corporation which, in turn, is controlled by Crown Temple – referred to as “one square mile” – in the City of London. If possible, I will attempt to locate the song lyrics you’ve cited.

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