Politics is not only the practiced art of deception, but also merely theater, a staged production cast with actors, each portraying especially tailored roles, trained to regurgitate the ideologically oriented talking points scripted for them. It matters not for which candidate one casts their vote, because “freedom of choice” through the process of voting is merely a sham, an illusion.

Though a majority of US citizens may still lend credence to this illusion through the opportunity to cast votes in legally sanctioned “elections”, the candidates, all of whom, whether “democrat” or republican”, are carefully vetted then selected by the upper ranks of the masonic brotherhood to represent the interests of the Crown Templar/Swiss/Vatican/banking cartels. The process of voter registration merely entails a citizen’s surrendering of legal consent, a legal forfeiture of individual sovereignty to the tyrannical will of collective corporate governance consisting of those “elected” to perform business as private law merchants. Washington’s District of Columbia (AKA United States/Virginia Company), a private masonic principality governed by Admiralty Law/UCC (Uniform Commercial Code), is a corporate subsidiary of the Crown Temple and its four Courts of Inn – Middle, Inner Temple, Grey’s and Lincoln’s Inn – residing in the City of London (AKA one square mile).

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DeSantis Deception Delves Much Deeper

The fifty states (crown estates) of America which fall under the legal governing jurisdiction of the United States (AKA Washington D.C.), including Alaska and Hawaii outside its contiguous boundaries, exist as commercial markets/banking districts which were created for the commercial exploitation of both human and natural resources. As explained in previous articles, the US constitution and all state (crown estate) constitutions are legal documents couched in the legal terms of private law enumerating citizen privileges which can be amended or even revoked at any time. While the subject of this article concerns the current “elected” governor of New York, “Kathy Hochul”, it is important to point out that all US states (crown estates), are represented by two governors. This duality of governance remains hidden in each state (estate) constitution, written in the terms of legalese as opposed to vernacular.

Kathy_Hochul_official_portrait (1)

There is a hidden governor for the de facto crown corporation – governor of ‘this’ state – and another – governor of ‘the’ state – which remains visible to the public. This duality of governance was codified in 1933 with the War Powers Act (UCC 1207) which is not only still in effect today but entailed that the publicly traded bonds (AKA birth certificates) of the people were henceforth to be put up as collateral against the debt owed to the Federal Reserve, a central banking subsidiary of the City of London’s Crown Temple. According to Title 50 USC (United States Code), 12 stat 319, since 1861, the US corporate government has been legally operating under a state of war. The Middle Temple of City of London’s Crown Temple uses the crown estate of New York as a primary base of operation and New York’s political machine is completely controlled by the York Rite of Freemasonry. Therefore, as “elected” governor of ‘the’ state of New York, the job of “Kathy Hochul” is largely ceremonial. Her designated role is to act as official spokesperson on behalf of the de facto crown corporation.

This is why Hollywood actors fill such positions while contracted to perform under pseudonyms.

After all, as everyone is surely well aware, actors are most accomplished at playing scripted roles, staying in character, and taking direction from an executive producer. Though actors cannot be held legally accountable since, within the context of the arena of politics, they are contracted to perform as private law merchants under false names attached to fabricated character schemes and, from a legal standpoint, technically don’t exist, they can, however, due to unsatisfactory performance, stand to take criticism from the public and then “voted” out of office. But this is the precise trick which is played upon the public to keep the status quo maintained in favor of the US corporation’s owners. Meanwhile, the legal but unlawful status quo remains intact, and the City of London’s Crown Temple, the US corporate government, and their criminal cartel remains sovereign, inviolable, and untouched.

As shall soon be revealed, the Hollywood actress identified in portrayal of New York governor “Kathy Hochul” is indeed an accomplished professional thespian who, most notably, starred in West Wing, a once popular television series.



The vast landscape of American popular culture – or perhaps better to describe it as a wasteland – is nothing more than a well-engineered mind control, behavioral modification, and psychological operations machine, designed to be strategically deployed as a weapon for the purpose of population management and maintenance, to shape human resources into a well-controlled mass of unquestioningly obedient, docile, and submissive tax paying laborers.

The Hollywood, professional sports entertainment complexes, social media platforms, television programming, MSM and “alternative” news channels, as well as the arena of politics are merely effective tools deployed towards the achievement of identical objectives.

While divided, segmented, and even isolated into social and economic demographics, populations consisting of human resources are rendered ever more vulnerable to manipulation, surveillance, and ultimately control. Traumatized into submission with tales of wars, pandemics, pestilences, racial and even gender-based discord, while simultaneously titillated with various sexually based stimuli, the population never suspects and even denies to itself it is being deceived into acting against its own interests and led to its own demise with a never-ending stream of sophisticatedly engineered psychological bluffs.

This grand scenario could be compared to that of a risky poker game with high stakes.

But make no mistake – the game has been rigged in favor of the house.

At the same time, those that own and control this vast popular culture machine’s grand poker game, remain haunted by the possibility the population under siege could possibly choose to withdraw their consent and, even worse, unite to call out their bluffs.

In the meantime, CIA/Jesuit-controlled operatives such as “Kathy Hochul”, identified as another fabricated character scheme portrayed by a Hollywood actor, are strategically maneuvered into positions of political prominence to hold the population captive with carefully crafted and persuasively delivered messaging designed to keep the targeted audience demographics confused, divided, distracted and, ultimately, unquestioningly obedient to the State (AKA crown estate), reducing the possibility they will ever unite in concerted effort to throw off the invisible but imprisoning shackles imposed by their occupying subjugators cleverly posing themselves as public servants and even heroic saviors.

Examined under greater scrutiny, the “official” biographies of “Kathy Hochul” reveal that her primrose path to political success was likely to have been paved in advance. But there was something else discovered. Something the MSM doesn’t ever talk about regarding “Kathy Hochul”. While working her way up the political ladder in the state of New York, she was once employed at M&T bank, a bank which was indicted and prosecuted for money laundering.


Upon further investigation, Wikipedia’s “official” biography for “Kathy Hochul” appears characteristically made up from an all-too familiar template, consisting of an emotionally cloying narrative.

“The family struggled financially during Hochul’s early years,” Wikipedia asserts, “and for a time lived in a trailer near a steel plant.”

And yet, by the time Hochul was ready to enter Syracuse University, the family’s financial fortunes seem to have magically transformed.

“By the time Hochul was in college, however,” Wikipedia reports, “her father {John P. “Jack” Courtney} was working for the information technology company he later headed.”

Though Wikipedia doesn’t divulge what “technology company” Hochul’s father worked for and “later headed”, further investigation reveals that John P. “Jack” Courtney worked for Computer Task Group, a multi-national IT firm partnered with Microsoft, and divulges still further that “Jack” was a graduate of Canisius University, an institution established by the Jesuit Society of Jesus.

Turns out, according to canisius.edu – SEE: https://www.canisius.edu/news/john-p-courtney-continiung-canisius-education – Courtney graduated from the Jesuit institution the same year “Kathy Hochul” was alleged to have been born – 1958. The short biographical sketch at canisius.edu further informs that “Jack” Courtney worked full-time at Bethlehem Steel and while “tarring the streets of Buffalo” simultaneously matriculated full-time at Canisius. Soon thereafter, he quickly rose from the position of “Senior Technical Advisor” at CTG to “president and chief operating officer of the multi-million-dollar IT service and solutions provider.”

While it could be conceivably argued that “Jack” Courtney’s biographical sketch – rising to the top of the corporate executive structure from the dregs at Bethlehem Steel toiling as a hardscrabble laborer “tarring the streets of Buffalo” – was created to accentuate the mythical mirage known as the ‘American Dream’, it must also be considered that the Jesuit order, through Santa Clara University, has been in control of California’s Silicon Valley and the American IT industry since its inception. In light of this, it becomes more than conceivable as to why the Jesuits, with the help of the masonic order over which the Society of Jesus wields complete control, would covertly work to promote a graduate of one of their institutions of higher learning, in essence, a Jesuit-trained agent, to ascend to the top of the corporate ladder in the IT field.

While considering the content of the article published at the link posted immediately below, it becomes more than possible to intuit that the Jesuit’s plan to “Build Back Better”, to transition society into a global “smart” village governed by artificial intelligence, though couched in a tone designed to conceal, remains barely veiled.

Case in point, the following quote from Nitasha Tiku, a senior writer at Wired magazine commenting on Silicon Valley’s and the IT industry’s role in the financial crisis of 2008, covertly inferring that extraction and subsequent control of personal information and data, and even human DNA is the key to the Ignatian Society of Jesus’s success in globally implementing their World Mission (AKA 4th industrial revolution/UN Agenda 2030/2050/’Build Back Better’): “It is only now, a decade after the financial crisis, that the American public seems to appreciate that what we thought was disruption worked more like extraction – of our data, our attention, our time, our creativity, our content, our DNA, our homes, our cities, our relationships.”

SEE: https://www.americamagazine.org/politics-society/2019/07/31/why-silicon-valley-needs-jesuit-values

In 2008, while serving as CTG’s chief operating officer, the web page at canisius.edu also informs that “Jack” Courtney was a “major contributor” to “the renovation of the Financial Markets Lab.” Everyone will surely recall that, while 2008 marked the crash of the American commercial banking and financial sectors, a crisis in the housing market which deeply effected the financial stability of the American middle classes was also precipitated.

As was detailed in a previously published article –   Bilderberg Returns to Build Back Better –   the financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent crash of the suburban housing market was artificially engineered by BlackRock using a sophisticated automated algorithmic program called Aladdin.

Wouldn’t you know it, though?

Perhaps not surprisingly, two of CTG’s biggest shareholders are BlackRock and Vanguard (AKA DTCC) which respectively, hold 280,316 and 564,241 shares.

The web page at canisius.edu also implies that Jack’s family is dedicated to bringing the Jesuit’s 4th vow of World Mission (AKA 4th industrial revolution/UN Agenda 2030/2050/’social justice’/’Build Back Better’) to fruition, which entails significantly reducing the world’s population of human resources and replacing employment sectors traditionally occupied with those from the working and middle classes with robotics and artificial intelligence.

“The Courtney worldview is described by one of his children in this way: “We are agents of social change, and we have a moral and spiritual obligation to make this place better than we found it.”

But better for whom, exactly?

Certainly not for humanity at large.


Regarding Wikipedia’s “official” biography of “Kathy Hochul”, if one takes the time to read between the lines, it will become evident that her political ascendance to the governor’s mansion in the state of New York has been carefully manufactured. After a stint serving on the town board of Hamburg, New York and three years – from 2007-2010 – as Eerie County clerk, “Kathy Hochul” won a “special election” for New York’s 26th congressional district, an office which had been previously vacated by the resigning Congressman Chris Lee. According to Wikipedia, after two short years in congress, and before becoming Lieutenant Governor of New York, Hochul left the political arena to serve as “government relations executive” for M&T Bank, headquartered at Seneca One Tower, which is in proximity to Computer Technology Group’s corporate office in Buffalo.

Since 2019, M&T Bank – the official bank of the NFL franchise Buffalo Bills and the team’s stadium in Orchard Park – has occupied fifteen floors of the Seneca One Tower as the building’s official technology hub and is neighbored with Serendipity Labs, a professional workspace provider which sports a star-studded clientele consisting of such corporate luminaries as Amazon, Tesla, Oracle, and Verizon, three of which have been helmed or are presently led at the executive level by fabricated character schemes – Jeff Bezos (AKA Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey/Quentin Anderson Reynolds), the hidden son of Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando/Vladimir Putin), Elon Musk (AKA Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands), the hidden brother of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (AKA Boris Johnson/Sir Richard Branson/Chris Hansen), and Larry Ellison (AKA Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke/Kato Kaelin/Michael Hutchence/Bruce Willis).

It is interesting to note that, during the same period of time “Jack” Courtney was at CTG acting as a major contributor to the renovation of the Financial Markets Lab, M&T Bank was the only financial institution listed on the S&P 500 Index, other than Northern Trust, which did not lower its dividend during the financial crisis of 2007-2008.

But then again, M&T didn’t feel the need to tighten its belt, because their bottom line was bolstered almost exclusively with TARP funds issued by the US Treasury.

“In 2008,” Wikipedia reports, “M&T received a $610 million investment by the US Treasury as a result of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and M&T assumed another $482 million in TARP obligations from its acquisitions,” which, among many other commercial bank branches in the New York region, included Fidelity Trust Company, Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company, People’s Bank of Buffalo, and branches of both Citi Bank and Chase Manhattan.

But there’s more to this story pertinent to “Kathy Hochul” which, when one considers the convergence of events, appears illuminating indeed.

In 2014, when Hochul was still serving as M&T’s government relations executive and before she accepted the nomination as New York’s Lieutenant Governor, M&T was slapped with an indictment for money laundering. Wikipedia elaborates, “In 2014, a U.S. District Judge ordered M&T Bank to forfeit $560,000 that had been laundered through its Perry Hall, Maryland branch.”

One could plausibly speculate, that not only was the amount named in this legal forfeiture a mere fraction of the vast sums likely to have been laundered by M&T Bank, but it could have also represented a covert pay off; the price demanded to grease some greedy freemasonic palms in order for “Kathy Hochul” to gain admission to the governor’s mansion.

But little did the citizens of the state of New York realize that their new governor, “Kathy Hochul”, for which a majority the MSM claims cast their “vote”, was a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a Hollywood actor, one which they had likely prior observed performing on their wide screen television sets.

In the video excerpt posted immediately below, everyone will witness the Hollywood/television actress – Allison Janney – identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as New York governor “Kathy Hochul” in a featured performance on the once popular television series, West Wing. The title of the song Janney performs best describes the nature of politics – “The Jackal”.


Below from L to R: New York governor Kathy Hochul, Allison Janney

While making comparisons between the series of images posted above, pay particular attention to the architecture of the eyes, brows. Though generous dollops of hair dye have been applied to the fabricated character scheme known as New York governor “Kathy Hochul” to better distort the public’s ocular perceptions and to better conceal the identity of the live-action role player, Hollywood/television actress Allison Janney, everyone will begin to notice that the respective architectures of the eyes and brows remain unmodified by post-production photo shop.

Everyone will also note that, under greater comparative scrutiny, the architectures of the respective noses, lips, chins, jawlines, nasolabial folds, and – as demonstrated below encircled in red marker – even the teeth appear to be geometrically and proportionally identical.

Further and extensive facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirms these observations.

In the following images, everyone will notice that the geometrical, epidermal architectures of the respective ears are also proportionally identical.

Below from L to R: Kathy Hochul, Allison Janney

When the respective facial geometries are scrutinized even further, everyone will begin to notice – due to the fact the image of “Kathy Hochul” wasn’t sufficiently modified to more adequately hide detection of the host actor’s (live-action role player) identity – that a conspicuous and identically positioned epidermal flap jutting out from along the right jawline exists in common between Allison Janney and her modified fabricated character scheme, New York governor “Kathy Hochul”.

And finally, in the following pair of images, everyone will also begin to notice that the respective epidermal structures of the neck are also identical.

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