That time of year – for the NFL’s annual celebration of ritual sports entertainment, the Super Bowl – has once again swiftly arrived. But the NFL and the Super Bowl are about much more than the presentation of scripted entertainment. Both were also covertly designed as socio-political and behavioral conditioning tools while the dramatic excitement of the ‘game’, particularly during the Super Bowl’s half-time extravaganza, itself conceals the unfolding of grand masonic rituals.

But has anyone never considered the derivation of the word entertainment or considered the occult significance of the term “Super Bowl”?

As for the etymology of “entertainment”, the word derives from the juxtaposition of entre (French) which emanates from Latin inter both meaning ‘together, or among’ and Latin tenere, which means ‘to hold’.

Therefore, in a literal sense, entertain means to ‘hold or support together’.

With its dazzling array of dramatically scripted spectacles and its bevy of charismatic stars, the NFL’s quality-controlled product is designed to attract and to completely seize the public’s attentions, long enough to garner massive profits, both for itself and for its business partners in the television production industry and also, of course, for its gaming/booking associates in Las Vegas.

This is why so many of the NFL’s prime time games appear as spectacularly competitive, the final outcomes of which, oftentimes, aren’t decided until the waning seconds of the final quarter. In NFL parlance, this is termed as the maintenance of league “parity”.

More intriguingly still, have any of its rabid fanatical followers never once considered that the NFL – chiefly, for the purpose(s) of increasing profits derived from advertisement and merchandising revenue, and from skyrocketing television ratings – may, from time-to-time, recycle some of its star players (fabricated character schemes portrayed by reliable actors) into new identities? 

Below: Former New York Jets star quarterback ‘Broadway’ Joe Namath

A deeper investigation into the deceptive methods of operation utilized by the NFL has revealed, the league, throughout its entire history, has been no stranger to the conceptual phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation. Imagine, too, for a moment, if you will, the throngs of duped fans needlessly expending emotional and financial energy (gambling) on professional sporting spectacles which – much like the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) – are stage-managed and scripted for maximum entertainment value and, more paramount, to maximize profitable revenues.

Perhaps even more tragically, imagine the crestfallen reaction of those same millions of fanatics, those enticed and smitten by a particular player’s intriguing biographical backstory and his exploits both on and off the field of play, if they were to ever realize their favorite athlete was essentially a highly paid thespian contracted to act under the guise of both a pseudonym and the carefully sculpted image of a fabricated character scheme?

Joe Montana 1984
San Francisco 49er Quaterback

Turns out, in the particular case of the former NFL athlete observed in the first image posted above, not only was his image recycled and repackaged into that of yet another NFL star, Joe Montana, who also played in the Super Bowl, Broadway Joe Namath’s live-action role player – a well-known Hollywood actor – also went on to assume the identity of a once popular persona in the world of pop music entertainment.


Before revealing anything further concerning the investigation into our man of the hour, the former NFL star and fabricated character scheme known as “Broadway Joe Namath”, there are some interesting elements worthy of note regarding the newly released official trailer for the Superbowl LVI half-time show, sponsored by Pepsi-Cola, which is planned to feature some of the pop music industry’s biggest stars. After giving the trailer an initial viewing, it became apparent the content of the video also featured a plethora of occult imageries as well as masonic symbolism.

As observed in the video clip displayed immediately above, the opening frames feature the symbolism of the Grand Chessboard. Traditionally, the chessboard features an array of squares which, of course, are colored in black and white. The squares of the chessboard are patterned in an identical fashion to what is observed inside of a masonic lodge, symbolizing the concept of duality, or reflective mirrored inversion. According to the hermetic/alchemic teachings of occult luminaries such as Manly P. Hall and Madame Helena Blavatsky, black can be altered into white and good into evil.

A popular music star – Doctor Dre – also appears in the opening frames of the video. He appears to be posed as the master controller of the Grand Chessboard, perhaps a symbolic representation of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families (Pax Romana) who, because of their inherited legal status, are held as legally sovereign over their corporate subjects, the proletariat (persons, corporations) whom, while born into debt slavery and held in bondage inside the global economic system by virtue of their commercial bond or birth certificate, have been socially conditioned to accept their bondage through the public school curriculum, based upon rote memorization, and psychologically conditioned to accept being used and taxed for the energy of their labor.

SEE: How Crown Temple Rules America

As the video progresses, however, rap star Eminem is shown trapped inside what appears to be a simulated reality.

The metaverse, perhaps?

Everyone will also surely notice the digital letters observed in this scene are colored in both blue and red which, when combined, become the color of purple. Traditionally, from the time of ancient imperial Rome, the wearing of the color purple has been symbolic of royalty.

Could it be, the upcoming Superbowl LVI half-time show will be thematically designed around a symbolic initiation of humanity into the Age of Aquarius, the age of a global simulated reality, the Internet of Things, the blockchain digital ID/surveillance system (Covid/Certificate of vaccination/digital Identification) which, per the UN’s Agenda 2030, is now being globally implemented?


The term Super Bowl, when analyzed from an occult perspective, is both a masonic and Joycean play-on-words (Super Bowl/Superb Owl). The symbolism of the owl is not only prominently displayed at Bohemian Grove, the ritual playground of the rich and powerful located deep in the red woods of California, but the owl, in an occult sense, is also known as Minverva, the Roman goddess of wisdom.

But more intriguingly, would it also surprise everyone to learn that the very man who is known as the “Father of the Super Bowl”, former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle, was trained by the Jesuits?

Pete Rozelle, one of the NFL’s most celebrated commissioners and, along with television producer Rune Arledge, the creator of what came to be known as Monday Night Football, is known, according to an article published at, as the “Father of the Super Bowl”.

About Rozelle’s background, the article also reveals the following: “{Rozelle} graduated from the university of San Francisco in 1950.” Wikipedia confirms, San Francisco university was “founded by the Jesuits in 1855 as St. Ignatius Academy.” The article at goes on to also inform, “In 1962, Rozelle travelled to Washington D.C., and asked Congress to exempt the NFL from the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. In this way, he facilitated the combination of the terribly fragmented NFL and the newly formed AFL into one, single business. Rozelle’s next move was to convince the various team owners, like {Lamar} Hunt who owned the Kansas City Chiefs and Tex Schramm who owned the Cowboys, to cooperate. He did this by showing them the massive bargaining power they could potentially levy on the television networks, with respect to their teams’ broadcasting rights. Rozelle realized very early on professional sports were going to be big business. Rozelle had essentially created a national football cartel.”


In other words, with his high-level connections to the Vatican, to the Freemasons, and to the Jesuit’s Society of Jesus, Rozelle was able to successfully maneuver and formulate a business monopoly. But Rozelle was also soon to discover the NFL’s future and profitable dominance of the corporate television markets would not resemble a primrose path. Early on during his tenure as NFL commissioner, it was also Rozelle who discovered “Broadway Joe Namath”, the star of Super Bowl III, had been indicted by a federal grand jury for his sordid associations with known gamblers and bookies, many of whom, Rozelle also learned, were rumored to be regulars at Namath’s New York night spot, Bachelors Three.

Reportedly, to quickly effect damage control, the gist of Rozelle’s ultimatum to Namath – once known to have been employed as a bookie’s ‘runner’ – was “either quit the game or sell your club.”

As seen at approximately 5:50 in the following video clip, soon after getting the stern message from the commissioner, in what appeared to be a tearful press conference, Namath elected to “quit”.

Nevertheless, Namath’s “retirement” turned out to be a colossal hoax. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, under another name and with another team, Namath returned to the NFL and, more than once, appeared in the Super Bowl. Indeed, it is no coincidence that, upon his return to the NFL, “Broadway Joe Namath” would suit up for the San Francisco 49ers, in close proximity to the Jesuit-founded San Francisco University, a school from which NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle graduated.

It is also noteworthy that, while still playing with the Super Bowl champion New York Jets, Namath wore the number of 12 on his jersey. From the perspective of masonic duality, when subjected to the occult law of mirrored reversal, the number of 12 becomes 21 which also equals 3 7’s or 777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code. When “Broadway Joe” returned to the NFL, modified into the fabricated character scheme known as “Joe Montana”, he wore the number of 16 (8+8) which equals 2 8’s or aces and eights, the mark of the Jesuits and the occult symbolism of the double infinity loop.


Below L to R: Joe Namath, Joe Montana

After Broadway Joe’s retirement, the consensus among sports writers was solidified as nearly unanimous: career ending knee injuries. But just as with those among the MSM, the substance of such news narratives, arrived at by consensus, are never dared thoroughly questioned or even rationally scrutinized. Like NFL contests, the news is also scripted. If the official MSM narrative concerning the retirement of “Broadway Joe Namath” had been put to scrutiny, not only would it have been discovered he returned to the NFL as “Joe Montana”, but despite career ending knee injuries, the live-action role player identified in portrayal of both NFL stars was cast as a professional dancer in the late 1970’s movie Saturday Night Fever and even portrayed the role of pop star “Barry Manilow”.

Below L to R: John Travolta, Joe Namath, Barry Manilow, Joe Montana


Joe Montana 1984San Francisco 49er Quaterback
Joe Montana 1984 San Francisco 49er Quarterback

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirms that Hollywood actor John Travolta is the host actor (live-action role player) in portrayal of “Joe Namath”, “Joe Montana”, and pop star “Barry Manilow”.


U.S. singer Barry Manilow arrives for awarding ceremony of Germany’s music award ‘Echo’ in Berlin, Thursday, March 22, 2012. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

As recently as August of 2020, it was publicized that “Joe Montana” had some career advice for everyone’s favorite modern-day NFL gladiator Tom Brady.


As for Brady, he was once quoted in an interview that, as a child, he witnessed Montana’s 1981 NFC championship 6-yard touchdown toss (6/3+3/33/highest degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) on down 3rd and 3 (33) to tight end Dwight Clark with just 58 (5+8=13/13 ruling elite Jesuit families) seconds left on the 4th quarter’s game clock.

In another article to be published very soon, there will be much more revealed regarding this connection between Tom Brady and “Joe Montana” (AKA John Travolta/Joe Namath/Barry Manilow).

Turns out, Touchdown Tom and old number 16 may be more closely related than previously thought.

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  1. I think I have discovered something major that will prove to be very useful to you and your readers. I’m glad that you are trying to decipher the meaning behind the words like Super Bowl because I started to do just that right before the New Year. The thing that started me in the right direction is when I realized that everything in this universe is ions – not atoms. That is when I started seeing the word “ion” buried in a lot of the words that we use, such as information (in form at ion) and construction (construct ion). I finally realized that they have been programming our subconscious mind through words! It is extremely noteworthy that we are instructed in school to pronounce the letters “tion” as “shun” when that in actuality makes no sense logically. Our subconscious mind however is being told to shun the transformative part of the word when we read the words in our mind.

  2. This post is going to be lengthy so I am breaking it up so please bear with me.

    Through my own research, I came to the same conclusion as David Icke (as you have pointed out, he buries lies in a bunch of truths). The truth is definitely that many of the white people of the British Isles (and by extension many of the white people of the Americas and Australia and South Africa) are originally the Hebrews/Jews who came out of Mesopotamia near Lebanon. They are the same people as the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Aryans (R-ions). They created every language in the world. I am very lucky to know one of the Indian languages called Gujarati as well as English and some Spanish.

    What you will find that the basis for all of these languages is that vowels don’t matter – only certain consonants. This is because our subconscious mind only hears the sounds that have vibrations; therefore, a consonant such as “h” should be ignored. In addition, certain consonants can be boiled down to the same letter. Fore example, the letter “c” can operate as an “s” or “k” so they are all interchangeable. Our subconscious mind doesn’t see letters in the same order that we do and it can flip them upside down as well! So a “w” and “m” can be substituted for each other. Also a “b” is the same as “d”, which in reality also equals the word “the”!

    So, Super Bowl can be boiled down to s p r b you will need to ignore the “l”, which I will explain shortly. From those letters, you can form “super”, which according to means “to be over”. You can also form “purse” which means “sun of money offered as a prize.” You can also form “poker” whose root is “pochen” (to brag as a bluff!). So clearly the Super Bowl is a bluff and all about paying out money.

    1. You needn’t apologize. You’re welcomed to comment as many times as you like. As for semantical and grammatical deception, that is the basis – the difference between vernacular and legalese or Black’s Law – of the entire global control grid. After all, if one can influence or outright control the words and definitions of words the majority utilize, one can easily control their psychological demeanor and even their behaviors. I believe, after years of research into this matter, the creation of the English language was based upon Alistair Crowley’s law of mirrored reversal to subconsciously affect the thought process of mankind, in so far as those prevailing thoughts would reflect in the conscious mind and manifest in behaviors that were profitably favorable to the global economic and legal system controlled by the Crown Temple and the Vatican.

      1. Precisely! I wanted to show you something else that you might find very interesting. As I started uncovering more and more information, I suddenly started receiving a bunch of wrong numbers on my cell phone. Suddenly I realized that they were probably coded instructions to my subconscious mind. I was right. I will share a couple with you:

        Eye sent one for son of sam try terrify you

        Eye hate for sure to try for you tonight

        The second one was after they added something to “poison” my food at a pizza buffet place.

        As you can see they deliberately came up with “1” to precede all US phone numbers so that they can use that to instruct our mind’s eye.

        Another very very important thing I would like to tell you that I discovered is to NEVER borrow money before you buy something. For instance, I purchased samosas at a store to eat and the guy at the counter insisted that I pay for them after I finished eating. Sure enough, I suffered severe diarrhea the next day. He did the same thing with another item I had ordered another time. When I started catching on, I insisted that I pay (in cash) BEFORE I ate anything. Then he suddenly asked me if I wanted to have the chutneys too to dip the samosas in. Something instinctively told me to to say no. I then realized he had been adding the “poison” to the chutneys that he was giving me before without asking me. Basically, if you eat first and pay later, you have “borrowed” money from them so they own you for that period of time so they can do anything to you. Also, the sign only showed the samosas for $1.19 but I always assumed the chutneys came with them. That is a trap they deliberately set. Always look at what exactly is given to you for the prove that is advertised. Always pay extra for anything on top of that. If you eat out or buy gas, ALWAYS prepay.

        At the pizza buffet place, even though I paid up front in cash, one of the workers came by with a pie saying she prepared it specially for me. I told her to put it on the buffet table. Though I was suspicious, I only took 1 slice. Sure enough, severe diarrhea the next day. This is why she came by to say she made it especially for – that means it’s not part of the buffet and I didn’t pay for that! There are rules to this game. Never ever accept gifts and never tip. It’s a bit of a lengthy explanation but I’ll tell you if you want details.

        Before you or anyone decides to file your taxes, look at what the form 1040 actually means. I owe for you! Soc Sec Number is referred to you as SSN, which actually means conch (conscious). The s’s can double as c’s. The reason the conch is one of the most important things in this world is because that is where humans came from. That is why the Bible forbids people to not eat shellfish – it is a form of cannibalism. To give you more proof, in Gujarati, the word glass (mirror) is pronounced canch and the conch horn is pronounced sunk, which is same as our sink!

        I don’t plan of filing or paying taxes from now on. This is why they say it is voluntary. Just the mere filing of an extension is admission that you owe them: exTenSion (10+7=17=8). 8 is the number for owing money. On, you will see that 8 is same as naught which is same as NOTE (as in promissory note). Now I see why my dad has always been obsessed with avoiding anything that added up to 8, such as house numbers. I also recognize one gesture he frequently used, which was resting his hand on his hip but with his first and last fingers splayed out but the middle two fingers together. I recently saw that was the gesture for Molech! I told you before that I suspected that I had been sacrificed at birth but I still had doubts because I am supposedly younger than my twin brother by 3 minutes. It suddenly hit me that they all lied – I am older by 3 minutes! That is why my aunt used to say that I was going to come out first but my brother shoved me out of the way and came first. Looking back, that is so ridiculous. Babies don’t have the wherewithal to shove anyone. I also remember family friends pretending to think I was the older one. It all makes sense. They falsified our birth certificates. Every day I am learning something new.

      2. Regarding your point about “money” (debt notes), under a clause of the 14th amendment, no public official is allowed to question the public debt. Furthermore, many still do not realize, the Federal Reserve is a private bank and a subsidiary of the Crown Temple in the City of London.

  3. The key to finding out what is real and what is fake in all of the words we see is contained in the word “Israel”. Is Ar (R) El (L). It is interesting that R also stands for right and L for left (which is a lie). R is also in the word truth whereas L is in Lie.

    Knowing these rules will help you in spotting the true meaning behind everything. Next I will reveal to you some of the biggest truths behind the coded language.

  4. The story about Osiris, Isis, and Horus is actually about how the energy started flowing in our universe. Everything single in this universe boils down to the old maxim “Energy is neither created nor destroyed.”

    Osiris is composed of s r s, which if you try to say out loud, comes out as “source”! S can also operate as “f”, which means “force”. Isis is s s, which can create “sis” which is short for “sister” which is actually “is star” which is Ishtar! Ishtar is actually Venus. Horus is r s, which is same as chorus or course, which can mean current. It is said that the Sirius constellation contains the Dog Star and is close to Orion, r n (Iron!!!).

    The Dog Star is supposed to be the brightest star in the universe because it is actually a furnace. That is how an original magnet is created so it is the original magnet from which others are magnetized.

  5. You will find that everything about energy boils down to iron. The name Freemason is actually Free Mason (f r m s n) – fer mns. Fer is actually ferrous or iron and mn is moon, which is actually man or the mind. For instance, my name Manisha is actually Man (man/mind) an isha (goddess). You will find an Anglo Saxon rune that is “isa”, which is more proof that they (the Aryans/R-ions/Irons) created our Indian languages. So Freemason actually means Iron Mind. It’s interesting that the Freemasons don’t admit women into their organization.

    This starts leading to some huge truths. For instance, there was a very popular book title, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” The insinuation there is that men are higher in iron and women are over in copper due to the fact that women lose iron in their blood during menstruation. Notice also that they are subliminally messaging that men are smart (mars = smar, you don’t really hear the t when you say the word smart). Venus can also be “vain-ous- vain basically means devoid of value; idle; unprofitable).

    If you really start examining the 2 planets, you will find out something startling. Mars is called the Red Planet. If Mars is actually associated with iron, that doesn’t make sense. Mars has a very thin atmosphere, meaning there is very little oxygen to cause the iron there to rust. However, copper is red and wouldn’t corrode and turn green/blue since there is very little oxygen. If you want more proof of their lies, go to Wikipedia and look up Venus. They are unwilling to show the true color of Venus because it would lead to them admitting that Venus is the planet composed of iron!! So then why are Freemasons (a group of men) referring to themselves as iron minds when men are actually associated with copper?

  6. The key to what the Freemasons are about is pheromones (f r m n s – iron minds). If you read about snakes, they actually sense with their forked tongue, which contains pheromones, not their eyes. In the same way, we actually sense with our pheromones that are contained at our V as well (between the legs). Our eyes actually deceive us because they are connected to and processed by the brain. Pheromones are our sixth sense and lets us see the truth. That is why they came up with coded idiom “Everything is topSEE turVEE”!!

    This is why men and women used to keep all of their body hair and not cut their hair much. There is real power in the hair. That is why the hairs on the back of our neck stand up when we sense danger – the iron minds sense danger whereas our conscious mind doesn’t.

    Pheromones are much higher in women than men because they have much higher estrogen. This is where Freemasons and sodomy comes into play. Sodomy is referred to as the Key of David. Through sodomy, men can start the production of estrogen. In certain men, it will lead to effeminate behavior – homosexuality! This is the gamble they are willing to take to see through the Vee. On top of that, lesbians don’t exist (notice the “l” in the word. Those women are acting out their roles in order to conceal the fact that nobody is actually born a homosexual, Only sodomy in men can produce this.

    The story about Hiram Abiff is actually a completely coded story about how human beings were created. I’m sorry to take up a lot of space but I have tons and tons of information that I have discovered. They have been lying about everything!! They made us go to school to anchor our minds to symbols, letters and numbers. If you are interested in knowing more, please let me know and I will be happy to share. What I have posted is just the tip of the iceberg. Please also forgive any errors – they deliberately change the words I type to sound nonsensical so that I come off illiterate and unstable.

  7. Not only that, but we are subsidizing the sports industry, as well, just like Hollywood. It echoes the “ancient” Roman state and their bankrolling of bread & circuses to distract the masses. Enjoy the show.

    Entertainment in “ancient” Rome. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    1. Precisely. Still, to-this-very day, the same families are ruling over the masses but under different names. Consider also, the comic and often tragic irony of tens of millions – those who still believe the NFL is offering legitimate sporting competitions – gambling on the outcomes of masonic rituals disguised as entertainment spectacles which are routinely stage managed according to the ruling families’ commercial interests.

      1. Furthermore, I would submit, if the millions of degenerate gamblers were to suddenly renounce their destructive habits, the NFL’s popularity would be severely diminished.

      2. And if that continues, perhaps it’ll become so unpopular that its subsidies will be reduced or eliminated as a result, but that’s wishful thinking on my part, of course. The public monies spent on such ridiculous things could’ve been used to improve the quality of life in communities across the country. But knowing who we’re dealing with, that’s likely not going to happen.

      3. Although I don’t like to be counted among those considered to be pessimists, I don’t believe the majority of those gambling on the NFL or professional sports in general are likely to give up their habits any time soon. Nevertheless, you’re correct about the latter point, although, one does takes solace in the belief the content of the articles published here may still lead to some measure of alteration to the current state of affairs.

      4. They also use alter egos to defraud taxpayers and consumers alike by claiming public and private benefits and salaries which their bottom line has to pay, such as Social Security benefits, tax refunds, and even welfare. For instance, it’s reported that public health and welfare programs in the United States loses tens of billions of dollars in tax revenue to fraudulent claims. They are bilking everybody in every which way possible.

        And things have gotten even worse from there. Early on in the pandemic, the HHS relaxed rules on healthcare fraud, widening the doors for even more fraudulent activity and costing taxpayers and beneficiaries more money. Not to mention the trillions they stolen from the American people in bailouts, stimulus checks, and other schemes to enrich themselves.

      5. Absolutely, that’s an excellent summarizing analysis and my next article will expose one of the most blatant perpetrators, a Hollywood actor who, for years, even decades, has portrayed an array of characters on the world’s stage, including a Fox news anchor now helping to sell yet another war to the American people, the very people he has lied to, cheated, and stolen from.

  8. Are Tom Brady and Harry Styles portrayed by the same person? Their hairlines, eyebrows, and jaw structure seem to completely match up.

    1. I have yet to look into the connection between Tom Brady and Harry Styles, but as shall be revealed in a follow-up article coming very soon, it appears as if “Brady” is posing as an “elected” official in the US House of Representatives. I’m also exploring the possibility he is the hidden son of Hollywood actor John Travolta (AKA Joe Namath/Joe Montana/pop singer Barry Manilow).

      1. Regarding the connection between Brady and the unnamed US politician – the answer is no. Nevertheless, perhaps the individual you’ve mentioned is someone who one needs to look into. Though I’m hesitant to give anything away in advance of the publishing of the article, in the meantime, since you’ve proved to be a regular visitor and commenter, I’ll generously provide you with a small hint. This particular US representative is alleged to disabled and confined to a wheelchair.

      2. As an addendum to my last reply, I shall also be revealing the identities of other famous NFL players who’ve been recycled into new careers in the NFL and portrayed the roles of other fabricated character schemes/professional athletes.

  9. Now I know exactly who you are talking about but I won’t mention the name. I agree Eric Swalwell would be worth looking into because he has a military connection and ran for president. I wonder if they are trying to raise his profile for the future.

  10. I would love to see if you could figure out who Nikki Haley is. I personally know the person who served as her chief of staff while she was governor of South Carolina. I knew this person as we grew up together. She posted pictures of herself, her husband, Nikki Haley and Nikki’s husband on Facebook. I now think they were probably doctored. This person also served as chief counsel to Governor Mark Sanford. She is an Indian American like myself. Obviously she is a Freemason. I’m seeing that the whole Indian community around me (including my family) are all Freemasons. I wonder what the total population of Freemasons in the US and the world are. I feel like it must be around 75%. I’m completely surrounded by them. I’m wondering where the real people like myself are. Very frustrating

    1. Regarding your comment about the percentage of those initiated into the lodge, research indicates that most freemasons never make it beyond the blue lodge, which include the first three degrees. Many more, however, are what are termed “masons without aprons”, those belonging to masonic-connected organizations such as the Rotary, Knights of Columbus, YMCA, etc. etc.

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