Turns out – other than the most essential of biographical details – not much is really understood about the life of the man known as “Klaus Schwab”, the executive chairman and founder of the World Economic Forum.

Klaus Schwab

For a man in such a high-profile public position, Schwab’s “official” biographies – including his own biographical entry located at Wikipedia – appear to be remarkably threadbare.

Despite being posed by the MSM as a figure of great influential power, “Klaus Schwab” remains a complete mystery.

But further and extensive investigation has managed to peel away the layers of mist, mystery, and intrigue which – up until now – have managed to obscure the true identity of the chief spokesperson for what has become infamously known as the “Great Reset”.

Schwab, as shall soon be made quite evident, has proved to be yet another fraudulent character scheme and portrayed by a Norwegian European royal playing at being actor.

Additionally, the academic bona fides attached to the pseudonym of  “Klaus Schwab” also exist as fabrications and have been tailor-made – most likely by CIA in cooperation with other such agencies operating under the umbrella of the international intelligence octopus – to fit Schwab’s concocted persona.

Not only that, Schwab’s royal host actor has a royal granddaughter who – upon further and extensive image comparison analysis – portrays Greta Thunberg, the ubiquitous but obnoxious “climate change” activist. 

As shall soon be demonstrated, Klaus Schwab’s royal host actor has been caught out as a perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

The man known as Klaus Schwab – as are the royal host actors portraying his spouse “Hilde” and the “climate change” activist known as “Greta Thunberg”, Schwab’s hidden granddaughter – is nothing more than a media generated persona with a concocted biographical intelligence legend attached to a pseudonym, and created to widely promote the “climate change”, “Great Reset”, and Covid-19 psychological operations as paradigm-shifting engines of global social, political, and economic transformation.

Harold V, King of Norway

Though those whom frequent this site may wish to carefully consider the following conclusions of one’s investigation, most, however, may not be able to handle the truth.

By the way, one can solemnly promise, the Hollywood actor everyone witnessed in the previous video excerpt will be prominently featured in my next article.

“Jack Nicholson” has also been discovered to be a fabricated character scheme who – for decades – has been portrayed by a European Danish royal.

Without giving too much away in advance, this Danish royal – though he is alleged to have died in 2018 but has now been proved to be very much still alive – was also involved in the execution of the “assassination” of US president John F. Kennedy (AKA Dennis Hopper), with whom “Nicholson” starred in a Hollywood film production, 1968’s Easy Rider.


The ongoing Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation is merely an elaborate cloak to conceal a global economic transition, involving the downsizing and even replacement of large segments of human resources (corporations/persons) with AI and robotics systems which, when fully implemented, will culminate into the “Internet of Things”.

Yet another objective, which has been hidden behind several euphemistic smokescreens, is to implement a vast system of efficient digital surveillance of human resources (Covid=Certificate of Vaccine Identification).

This “blockchain” system, of course, is now being introduced – both in Britain and in other European countries – as a “vaccine passport”, which, as indicated by the article available at the link posted immediately below, is designed as a “crypto currency system using body activity.”

SEE: https://medium.com/@ThePixelDoc/most-everything-in-the-coming-years-will-be-managed-by-blockchain-technology-including-physical-1fb71033a083

As most whom frequent this site know, these very hypotheses were published previously on this site, and right from the moment – over one year ago – of the emergence of the “Covid-19 pandemic” psychological operation upon the world’s stage.

The Jesuit order, on the other hand, with clever semantics and the administering of strategic Pavlovian psychological manipulation, has convinced most of the world’s populations the existence of a global “pandemic” represents a growing danger to their health and welfare.

“Professor Klaus Schwab”, unsurprisingly, is on record as having stated the “pandemic” global crisis represents “a rare window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”


According to Wikipedia, the title of “professor” is attached to the man known to the public as “Klaus Schwab”.

But this title is spurious, in light of the following biographical detail which Wikipedia documents: “He {Schwab} is also an honorary professor of the University of Geneva, the Ben-Gurion University of Israel, and the China Foreign Affairs University.”

Apparently, despite, according to his official biographies, Schwab’s bulging list of prestigious academic credentials, he has not secured an officially tenured professorship.

Though doubts concerning Schwab’s academic credentials would often be dismissed out-of-hand by most, this glaring biographical detail – Schwab’s lack of professorial tenure – is a clear indication of a deliberately created intelligence legend or, in the parlance of the vernacular, a lucid indication that “Klaus Schwab” is a fabricated character scheme attached to manufactured academic bona fides, giving him the appearance of authenticity and authority.

Also according to Wikipedia, most of Schwab’s academic degrees are only honorary.

“He {Schwab} has been the recipient of seventeen honorary doctorates, including ones from the London School of Economics, the National University of Singapore, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and over a dozen other universities, including Kaunas, Haifa, and Bangkok.”

Surely, while perusing the content of the preceding paragraph, everyone took notice of the word ‘dozen’, which equals 12 or, when applied to the law of occult mirrored reversal, equals 21 or 777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code? As well, there is the number of 8 (17 or 1+7), symbolic of the infinite time loop or the Ouroboros, the snake devouring its own tale.

It should also be noted, the London School of Economics has geographical proximity with the City of London – “one square mile” – which, since 1649, has operated as the economic capitol of both Europe and of the West and, like the Vatican and the District of Columbia, operates as a sovereign state.

Schwab’s undergraduate and graduate degrees which, according to his “official” biographies, while alleged to be legitimate, are from ETH Zurich and the University of Fribourg.

The latter university, while located in Switzerland, is – wait for it, folks – a Jesuit-founded institution.

About Fribourg University, Wikipedia admits and confirms, “The roots of the university can be traced back to 1580, when the notable Jesuit Peter Canisius founded the College Saint-Michel in the City of Fribourg.”

Regarding Peter Canisius, “the notable Jesuit”, Wikipedia documents, “Peter Canisius was a renowned Dutch Jesuit Catholic priest. He became known for his strong support of the Catholic faith during the Protestant Reformation in Germany, Austria, Bohemia, Moravia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The restoration of of the Catholic Church in Germany after the Protestant Reformation is largely attributed to the work there of the Society of Jesus, which he led. He is venerated in the Catholic Church as a saint and a Doctor of the Church.”

If one reads between the lines, as it were, it becomes rather clear – as they did during the era of the Protestant Reformation to create religious schisms – the Jesuit order is still, to-this-day, deploying similar if not identical methods to create new orders of social, political, and economic affairs out of well-manufactured chaos.

From the beginning, one year ago, of the Covid-19 psychological operation, the Jesuit order sought to create philosophical schisms between those labeled as “anti-vaxxers” and those whom would demonstrate their unquestioning submission and consent to the unlawful but legal mandates of public officials and the “scientific” opinions of medical “experts” such as the Jesuit-trained Doctor Anthony Fauci (AKA Hollywood entertainment executive David Geffen).

SEE: Meet the Actor Playing Television Doctor

As everyone has learned, this time-honored but sinister method of Jesuitical operation has fomented similar “revolutions” throughout the centuries, and fought between warring but artificially-created ideological camps which, through the intensive but strategic applications of psychological warfare, were greeted – violently, if necessary- to oppose one another.

Meanwhile, the Jesuit order, the hidden hand behind both the “Protestant Reformation” and the modern-day Covid-19 psychological operation, always and by clever design, plans ahead to end up the victor in the aftermath of hostilities.

By those within the highest degrees of the global masonic order and by the masonic police guilds, here in America, this has also been the chief method of operation repeatedly utilized to create new paradigms of political and social affairs, resulting from the stage-managed action played out on theaters of controlled chaos.

These stage-managed theaters of chaos are cast with fabricated character schemes – characters like “Klaus Schwab” and his hidden granddaughter, “Greta Thunberg” – whom are always discovered to be cast in the major roles while both leading and opposing Jesuit-instigated revolutionary conflicts.


Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses absolutely confirm both King Harold V, the sitting monarch of Norway, and his spouse, Queen Sonja, are the royal host actor’s in portrayal of “Klaus Schwab” and his spouse, “Hilde”.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Hilde Schwab’s “official” biographical entry at Wikipedia is even more barren and meager than that of “Klaus Schwab”, her infamous spouse.

L to R: Harold V, King of Norway/Klaus Schwab


Queen Sonja of Norway

H.M. Queen Sonja at the opening concert of the 2017 Oslo Jazzfestival. The event took place at the main stage in Oslo Opera House on 12. August 2017. Lineup: H.M. Queen Sonja (opening remarks), Manu Katché (drums), Tore Brunborg (saxophone), Ellen Andrea Wang (double bass), Mathias Eick (trumpet), Bugge Wesseltoft (piano), Trygve Seim (saxophone), Jacob Young (guitar), Petter Wettre (saxophone), Edvard Askeland (introduction), Ellen Horn (introduction) and Bjørn Stendahl (award recipient).

Hilde Schwab

L to R: Klaus Schwab/Harold V, King of Norway


As everyone knows, “Greta Thunberg” has generated a surfeit of obnoxious propaganda in favor of the “climate change” movement.

One has always wondered, however, how a teenaged European upstart was able to so quickly gain the intense focus of the MSM, garner massive amounts of face time on the major networks and, as well, the fawning attentions of legions of followers on every social media platform.

Turns out, like her family relatives, “Greta” is a royal fraud.

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway is, in fact, the royal host actress behind the fabricated character scheme known to the public as “Greta Thunberg”. 

Greta Thunberg


Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

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    1. To judge merely from the images, your judgement appears to have credibility. I couldn’t help but notice, the Jean-Claude Juncker character has been modified with what appears to be a ridiculous hairpiece.

      1. I do think you’re absolutely correct. The character modifying toupee “Trump” wears is similar to that of British PM “Boris Johnson”. How the majority of the public cannot see they’re looking at fabricated character schemes is – at this juncture – beyond rational comprehension. I think it’s also obvious the “Chauvin – “George Floyd” trial is being used as a way for the ruling families to indirectly communicate to the proletariat what they’re doing, in terms of the Covid-19 psychological operation. The MSM reported that 12 times (21/777) “Floyd” claimed he couldn’t breathe, meanwhile, for the span of more than one year, unlawful mandates have suggested the public should wear oxygen inhibiting masks. Then, when one rationally looks at the details of Agenda 2030, one can’t help but notice the agenda’s primary objective is to globally reduce “carbon footprints”. This, I don’t think, is at all due to pure coincidence.

      2. No doubt about it. And speaking of masks, there’s a good video on the history of mask wearing and its relation to the occult world. It was made a year before the COVID-19 hoax swept the world.

        Masks, the Venetian (Phoenician) Black nobility, and Baroque art – or why they love masks so much (and oblige the world to wear them):

  1. I can’t tell you how much your site has changed my life. You are a genius and have opened my eyes. Thank you so much for the work that you are doing. It is invaluable!

  2. While I am always intrigued by the idea that not all things are the way they seem, I am skeptical of the actors wearing masks scenario from above. However, there are telltales that are often overlooked. Are you aware that there is biometric value to GAIT CADENCE, the way people walk? Some actors and spies have apparently resorted to inserting pain-inducing items like broken glass or jagged metal in their shoes to alter their stride so radically as to become unrecognizable. Perhaps there is video footage of doubles that could yield further data.


    1. Although I would submit such an observation could be utilized as a contributing factor to either facilitate or to enhance positive identification processes, I fail to see how an actor’s “gait cadence” would alter – whether negatively or positively – the corroborative results of facial recognition, ear biometric and image comparison analyses.

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