Some time ago, while performing research into a famous Hollywood celebrity posing as a high-level American politician – one who played a key role in the execution of the Sandy Hook “massacre” psychological operation – I came upon the following video clip.

It is an excerpt from “All in the Family”, a popular television production of the 1970’s, featuring “Carrol O’Connor” and “Rob Reiner”.

Recently, this particular video excerpt became useful, for purposes of investigative reexamination.

Turns out, it yielded a stunning revelation.

Everyone will notice – in the still frame taken from the video excerpt, displayed immediately below – Reiner has positioned his hands in the formulation of the masonic pyramid, or the iron cross, the identical symbol utilized by the German National Socialists, a political philosophy which was created by the Jesuit order, whom, for centuries, have been in control of the Vatican and the international pseudo-religious cult –  Scottish Rite/York Rite brotherhood/sisterhood of the Eastern Star –  known as the Freemasons.


All in the Family (1975)

Of course, as has been proved by facial recognition, ear biometric, image comparison, and voice print analyses, “Rob Reiner” – who went on from “All in the Family” to become one of Hollywood’s most renowned and award-winning cinema directors – also starred as “Doctor Wayne Carver”, the Connecticut state medical examiner, in 2012.

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses also confirm Hollywood director Rob Reiner as the host actor (live-action role player) behind the fabricated character schemes known to the public as former Connecticut chief medical examiner “Doctor Wayne Carver” and former US vice president “Al Gore”.





“Carrol O’Connor”, on the other hand, during one of the final interviews he gave before his death, left behind several clues concerning another of the fabricated character schemes his host actor – Leopold III of Belgium (AKA Bing Crosby/Adolf Hitler) – portrayed throughout the course of his long Hollywood career. 

SEE: The Man Who Sold the World

In addition to the other biographical similarities – between “Bing Crosby” and “Carrol O’Connor” – yet another clue exists in plain site: the surname of the famous television character from the era of the 1970’s – “Archie Bunker”. That fictional surname exists as a mockery to the general public and to the television viewing audience, whom remained unaware that a key clue was being divulged concerning the infamous wartime villain, “Adolf Hitler”, a fabricated character scheme once portrayed by Leopold III of Belgium.

In particular, this fictional surname refers to the “official” historical record, which informs “Adolf Hitler”, the defeated and disgraced leader of the German National Socialists, was suicided while alone in a deep underground “bunker” at the close of WWII. 


A majority of Americans have still yet to consider that “Doctor Wayne Carver” (AKA Al Gore/Rob Reiner) is but one example of the legions of fabricated character schemes which are now urging everyone to wear a mask and submit to the mass administering of vaccinations due to the existence of a “pandemic”. After all, if “Doctor Wayne Carver” lied to you about his identity and the true nature of what the MSM alleged to have been a “massacre” at Sandy Hook elementary, what justifiable impetus should one still harbor for believing the “scientific” assertions of “Doctor Anthony Fauci” (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen), particularly, when empirically-based evidence exists in contradiction to his widely promoted and heavily propagandized assertions? 

According to UN documents relating to Agenda 2030, the goals of “sustainable development” make clear references to population control, to the eventual impediment of population growth, and even to the implementation of strictly applied measures which – while expressed in the bland bureaucratic euphemisms of “zero carbon emissions” or “carbon emissions reductions” – will lead to severe reductions to current global population levels.

In contributing to the achievement of Agenda 2030’s “sustainable development”, those employed by the MSM and Hollywood actors posing as medical professionals – like “Doctor Wayne Carver” and the Jesuit-trained “Anthony Fauci” (AKA David Geffen) –  have purposefully conflated “science” and “propaganda”, a grossly cynical and even deadly sinister exercise designed to sew confusion, division and, ultimately, to promote uniform and unquestioned compliance, and to induce and even manipulate mass consent through the ceaseless waging of psychological warfare.

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However, if one is truly interested and sincere about the virtues of “trusting the science”, then merely consider the findings of the following studies – available at the first pair of links posted immediately below – regarding the relationship between prolonged periods of mask wearing and cardio-oriented exercise. At the second link, regarding the wearing of masks for prolonged periods, the article states the following: “It is not clear, however, what the scientific and clinical basis for wearing facemasks as protective strategy, given the fact that facemasks restrict breathing, causing hypoxemia and hypercapnia and increase the risk for respiratory complications, self-contamination and exacerbation of existing chronic conditions.”

Then, if time permits, merely consider the terrifying implications of the article – entitled “science paper documents the depopulation chemical covertly spiked into vaccines” – subsequently available at the third link.



SEE also:

If those articles won’t suffice in convincing anyone Covid-19 is merely a psychological operation and a prelude to global genocide, then everyone should take a gander at the findings of scientists at Sloan-Kettering, whom have discovered mRNA – covertly placed in Covid-19 vaccines – which inactivates (cancerous) tumor suppressing proteins.


The thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – majority shareholders of the propaganda dispensing MSM – no longer have a need, in consideration of the rapid development of AI and robotics, for human resources to reproduce at current levels. In terms of global business efficiency, consider that robots and AI have no need for health care, retirement benefits, sick days, coffee breaks or vacations. With AI and robotics, as well, the risk of a work force unionizing to petition for better working conditions and higher wages becomes all but nullified. In essence, due to the growing feasibility and the overall demand for the efficient implementation of such technological developments, human resources will shortly, in the near future, be considered completely expendable and, in the words of the UN’s Agenda 2030, “unsustainable”.

Everyone should keep in mind, the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the family of Carroll O’Connor’s royal host actor, King Leopold III of Belgium, who has also been identified in portrayal of the fabricated character schemes “Bing Crosby” and “Adolf Hitler”, is now fully invested in the success of the Covid-19 psychological operation, the UN’s Agenda 2030, and is patiently dedicated to bringing their sinister objectives to complete fruition.           






Though upon initial ocular inspection, the geometrical contours of the left ear – pictured to everyone’s right – belonging to actor “Carrol O’Connor” may not appear to match with that of the fabricated character scheme known as “Bing Crosby” (AKA Adolf Hitler) or that of the royal host actor, Leopold III of Belgium, after further and in-depth facial geometric comparison, it becomes quite apparent this lack of geometric symmetry is due to the fact the television character of Archie Bunker – about the areas of the chin, cheeks, nose, and ears – has been strategically donned in layers of prosthetic stippling.

However, further and extensive facial recognition analysis reveals the geometric and epidermal contours of O’Connor’s eyes and brow ridges are identical to both that of “Bing Crosby” (AKA Adolf Hitler) and to the royal host actor who portrayed all three fabricated character schemes, Leopold III of Belgium.

In addition, everyone must take into consideration, the fact “Bing Crosby” was not only a highly-skilled vocalist, he was also a voice artist, a talent which was prominently displayed in the 1949 Disney production of “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, in which Crosby provided the voice overdubs for the animated characters of both Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones.

This would account for the fact Crosby (AKA Carrol O’Connor) would be able to so easily mimic and to readily assume the voice characteristics of Archie Bunker; a caricature of what Hollywood perceived as the average working class lout residing in a burrow of Queens, New York. 

Walt Disney, of course, was proved to have been a fabricated character scheme portrayed by one of Leopold III’s royal relatives, Prince Louis of Bourbon Parma (AKA Fred Astaire/Al Jolson). 

As was previously shown to be the case between Leopold III of Belgium and “Bing Crosby”, there are also biographical synchronicities between Crosby and the fabricated character scheme known as “Carrol O’Connor”. In fact, if the biographical details of both fabricated character schemes – “Bing Crosby” and “Carrol O’Connor” – are fully examined, several similarities, regarding geographical proximity during certain decades of the mid 20th century, will begin to emerge. 


Concerning “Carroll O’Connor”, Wikipedia begins by chronicling, “Carroll O’Connor, an Irish-American, was the eldest of three brothers. He was born on August 2, 1924, in Manhattan, New York City, to Edward Joseph O’Connor, a lawyer, and his wife, Elise Patricia O’Connor.”

Surely, everyone noticed the numerological marker – 3=EE/33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry – and the reference to the international masonic brotherhood – “brothers” – thrown in together?

Comparatively, we already begin to notice biographical similarities – between Crosby and O’Connor – beginning to appear.   

As most may recall, Bing Crosby studied for the law while matriculating at Gonzaga University and, for most of his long career in show business, “Bing Crosby” was also marketed to the public as an Irish-American. If the details of their respective biographies are to be believed, both also worked their way into show business from the American working and middle classes, while the host actor of both fabricated character schemes – Leopold III (AKA Adolf Hitler) – was a European monarch, born into both great wealth and privilege.

Next however, Wikipedia informs us of this, concerning O’Connor’s education: O’Connor graduated from – wait for it, folks – “Newtown High School in Elmhurst.” 

As everyone shall also soon observe, both Crosby and O’Connor were educated at Jesuit institutions.

Regarding the University College Dublin, where it is claimed O’Connor “studied both Irish history and English literature and began his acting career,” Wikipedia has this to inform: “In 1882, Catholic University reorganized and the St. Stephen’s Green Institution was renamed University College, and it began participating in the Royal University system. In 1863, Fr. William Delaney SJ was appointed first president of University College. The college attracted academics from around Ireland, including Fr. Gerard Manley Hopkins and James Joyce.”

According to Wikipedia, William Delaney was – wait for it, folks – an Irish Jesuit priest.” 

During WWII, Wikipedia claims O’Connor was overseas serving on active duty in the Merchant Marine Corps, the same period of time during which “Bing Crosby” (Der Bingle) was “entertaining” the Allied troops and Leopold III, so history documents, was held captive by “Adolf Hitler”.

Once again, resulting from keen attentions paid to the subtle clues given to us by Wikipedia, we are able to observe simultaneous geographical proximities between the royal host actor – Leopold III of Belgium – and each of his fabricated character schemes.

In addition, during the eras of the 1950’s and 60’s, when Wikipedia informs “Carroll O’Connor” was in Ireland matriculating at University College, “Bing Crosby” was also frequenting this geographical location, in and around Dublin, while filming various documentary film productions. 

It should also be pointed out, both Crosby’s and O’Connor’s penchant for accentuating the “Irish” heritage of their respective fabricated character schemes was, no doubt, well-calculated and commercially motivated.

During the era of the 1940’s and into the post-war era of the 1950’s, those of Irish heritage, whom had migrated to America decades earlier, were experiencing a social, economic, and political zenith, rising into the middle and upper middle classes.

Also, during this time, “Bing” was introducing the technologically advanced AMPEX system – brought back from Germany – into the radio and television industry.

Commercially speaking, this newly arrived and upwardly mobile Irish-American middle-class represented a potential market which the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the family of Leopold III of Belgium, would have readily observed as ripe for profitable exploitation.

As for O’Connor’s portrayal of Archie Bunker, the irascible middle-aged curmudgeon with a soft underbelly of benevolence, his characterization, while pining for the old days of “Herbert Hoover when Americans didn’t need a welfare state”, was designed to propagandize racial issues and the gaping generational divide between “Archie” and “Meathead”, portrayed by Rob Reiner (AKA Al Gore/Doctor Wayne Carver) his more progressively-minded son-in-law.   

It could also be argued, that the true purpose of “All in the Family” and its featured main character of Archie Bunker was to seed the Marxist/Jesuit-emanated philosophy of “systemic” racism in the conscious minds of the viewing audience, which, now, today in America, thanks to the Jesuit order whom trained Leopold III of Belgium (AKA Bing Crosby/Adolf Hitler/Carroll O’Connor) has proliferated into a frenzied bonanza of revolutionary divisiveness.        

The most remarkable bonanza of all, however, was the discovery of O’Connor’s “adopted” son, the “late” Hugh O’Connor. 


According to Carroll O’Connor’s “official” biographical entry at Wikipedia, there is this, regarding his “adopted” son, Hugh: “In 1962, while he was in Rome filming Cleopatra, O’Connor and his wife, Nancy Fields O’Connor, adopted a six-day-old boy, naming him Hugh after O’Connor’s brother who had died a year earlier.” Then, Wikipedia informs that “Hugh” met an untimely demise, and at a young age, due to a suicide, “after a long battle with drug addiction.”

Surely, everyone noticed the numerological marker: 6 (3+3)=33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry

Turns out, ear biometric, facial recognition and image comparison analyses confirm that, like his adopted father, “Hugh” was no stranger to the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Hugh O’Connor: 


Paul McCartney

It appears, upon further and more extensive ear biometric examination that, concerning “Hugh O’Connor” (AKA Paul McCartney), the geometrical contours of his ears have more in common with those of Leopold III’s royal relative Fred Astaire (AKA Walt Disney/Al Jolson). This could account for the biographical detail referring to his adoption, in 1962.

One thing is certain, the “story” of the “death” of “Hugh O’Connor” – due to “suicide” after a “long battle with drug addiction” –  is a complete biographical concoction, and represents yet another futile misdirection to conceal the identity of the host actor, a famous ex-Beatle.

It should be noted that, long ago, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – with the establishment of the East India Tea Company – monopolized the international narcotics trades. Publicizing “suicides” due to “drug addictions” acts, in a very perverse fashion, as a form of advertising; a sinister method with which to market and sell their poisonous wares to those among the young and impressionable – and to even adults caught in a permanent but unfortunate state of adolescent infantilization – who become psychologically conditioned to romanticize such dangerous and destructive lifestyles.     

Nevertheless, it seems likely, “Bing Crosby” (AKA Leopold III, Adolf Hitler, Carroll O’Connor), given his many decades of business experience in the Hollywood music industry, may have taken an active hand in the musical development and mentorship of the Beatles, and was even possibly involved in acquiring for the band their residency at the Indra Club, in Hamburg, Germany during the early 1960’s.

Neither does it seem to be a matter of coincidence, this was also the period of time when McCartney’s other fabricated character scheme, “Elvis Presley”, was entering the army, and spent time overseas, according to the U.S. Army Center of Military History, “from October 1, 1958, until March 2, 1960.” 

Elvis Presley

Paul McCartney:


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  1. Thank you for another great article I was always suspicious of pharmaceutical companies pretending to be acting on our behalf. Why would the same people who put a deadly chemical in out water give one iota about our health? I looked at the links and particularly enjoyed the one regarding vaccines used to depopulate all but especially the Black Communities. Minneapolis has recently issued a proclamation and part of it ensures an abundance of vaccines and testing sites for all Black communities. I guess the thinking is If Ebola couldn’t kill em, and AIDS couldn’t kill em, Lets try COVID?

    1. Thanks for, once again, taking the time to visit Newsspell. I do believe, the Covid-19 psychological operation is being utilized as a pretense to achieve – among other objectives – the global depopulation goals of “Sustainable Development” outlined in the UN’s Agenda 2030.

    2. Also, as an astute observer, I’m certain you’ve noticed how the thirteen ruling elite families are currently using the “Chauvin trial” as a media smokescreen, to distract those who’ve been first targeted for “sustainable development” population reductions. If history is considered in retrospect, this entire Covid-19 psychological operation is merely a replay of the Jesuit reductions which were executed centuries ago in South America.

  2. Excellent point! It gives the term “reductions” a whole new meaning. It seems like every “major event” is a smokescreen for a more nefarious goal. They call baseball a “pastime” Synonyms are “diversion” and “distraction”. Distraction from what? Surreptitious mind and population control? They can fool some of the people some of the time, but not subscribers of Newsspell. Speaking of population control, i just read that radiation (as in 5G) breaks down the iron deposits in our body, The “loose” iron provides viruses with a more thriving atmosphere. The adverse effects of fluoride (water), aluminum (Air) , glyphosate (food) are all exacerbated by bisphenol A and radiation In simpler terms, they are trying to kill us all, slowly, methodically and lucratively, while the jester laughs and mocks us the entire time. Wasn’t it Komus, who was the God of Revelry? I am sure one of their favorites. Thanks for your fine, detailed work, it is about the only thing that helps me stay sane! By the way, I hear that drinking copper infused water (let a liter of water sit overnight in a copper cup and then drink it each morning), will balance the copper/iron ratio in our bodies and make us less susceptible to viruses and other illnesses. I found 2 fully copper cups (copper inside and out) at GoodWill and am going to give it a try. Stay tuned:)

    1. I believe you’ve offered an accurate description of the covert methods of genocidal operation being utilized against us. Thanks for kindly providing the link to the video. I’m sure its content will be most useful for purposes of further research.

  3. If you go to the 2:52 mark of this video, it explains how radiation affects iron which enhances viruses . You will have to pause to read, but the article is great and i couldn’t find the original website, I am sure it was taken down, but keep in mind, this article is from 2017, long before the “profane” knew about COVID.

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