This the story of a European prince, one who is alleged to be “dead”.

Nevertheless, decades ago, during the early years of the 1960’s, this Danish prince was cast, perhaps ironically, in the annals of American history as a lowly but mafia-connected night club owner and an “assassin”.

Not more than one-half decade later, however, this Danish prince would go on to play the role of a US presidential candidate who was also “assassinated”.

Considering the concept of karma, one supposes, what goes around comes around.

Turns out, when describing the true nature of Danish Prince Henrik’s family – the royal House of Glucksberg (a royal house originating in Northern Germany) – the former description – ‘mafia-connected’ – is certainly more than appropriate.

Prince Henrik of Denmark (AKA “Jack Nicholson”/”Jack Ruby”/”Robert F. Kennedy”) is, in fact, connected to a mafia, the organized crime families we’ve come to know as the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families whom, since the ancient era of imperial Rome, have controlled the destiny of humanity and, as well, controlled – through the monopolization and weaponization of the MSM – what the public has been psychologically conditioned to perceive as recorded “history” and, therefore, “reality” (Post-Modern Reality Simulation).


According to Wikipedia, “Prince Henrik of Denmark (Danish pronunciation: {hen-bek}; born Henri Marie Jean Andre’ de Labor de Monpezat 11 June 1934 – 13 February 2018) was the husband of Margarethe II of Denmark. He served as her royal consort from 14 January 1972 until his death.”

Surely, everyone took notice of the number of the day of Henrik’s “death”: 14 or 77.

In this biographical context, it would appear the number of 14 (7+7 or 77), acting as symbolic numerological marker, clearly references the biblical legend of Cain – as expressed in Genesis Chapter 4, verse 24 – who is “avenged 7 times but Lamek, 77 times.”

This concept of revenge, it turns out, developed into a key clue, in helping to pinpoint the identity of the host actors (live-action role player(s)) behind the theatrical portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known to American history as “Jack Ruby”, the Dallas nightclub owner who, on November 24, 1963, is alleged to have ‘avenged’ the death of the “slain” president, “John F. Kennedy Junior”.

Wikipedia’s biographical entry for Prince Henrik of Denmark features some rather interesting, if not telltale, details. For one, “Henrik was born in the French commune of Talence near Bourdeaux to an old French family, the Laborde de Monpezats.” Wikipedia goes on to inform, “He {Henrik} spent his early years in Tonkin in French Indochina (now part of Vietnam), where his family had lived for many years.”

Yes, folks -Tonkin – the geographical location in Southeast Asia where the US corporate government staged the Gulf of Tonkin incident, a pivotal historical event which, after-the-fact, the then sitting US president Lyndon Baines Johnson admitted never happened.

But the thirteen Jesuit families needed a casus belli – an act or situation provoking or justifying war – to deploy military forces in an attempt to commercially monopolize the Golden Triangle heroin trade and to perform weather modification and population control experiments (Agent Orange/orange=33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry) upon the unsuspecting people of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.


Furthermore, in case there is anyone who still believes the concept of weather modification is a product of the vivid imaginations of “tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorists”, the following link to the site of the North American Weather Modification Council should dispel any such dismissive notions.



Regarding the House of Glucksburg, the ancient royal house to which Prince Henrik (AKA “Jack Nicholson”/”Jack Ruby”/”Robert F. Kennedy”) was enjoined, Wikipedia informs, “Queen Margarethe II of Denmark, King Harold V of Norway, former king of Greece Constantine II, former Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, Queen Sofia of Spain and Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh (and his eldest son and heir to the British throne, Charles, Prince of Wales) are patrilineal members of cadet branches of the Glucksburg dynasty.”

As everyone may recall, King Harold V of Norway was identified as the host actor behind the fabricated character scheme known as “Klaus Schwab”, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, while Constantine II of Greece, in yet another article published earlier on this site, was identified as the host actor behind the fabricated character schemes known as global financier “George Soros”, Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis (former spouse of American first lady Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis AKA Judy Garland/Marilyn Monroe/Shirley Temple Black/Queen Silvia of Sweden), and MSM newsman Dan Rather.

SEE: Greta, Klaus & Hilde the Royal Schwabs

SEE also: The Masked Identity of Boogeyman George Soros


Prince Henrik of Denmark

Jack Nicholson

Prince Henrik of Denmark 

Jack Nicholson

As everyone will notice, while centering ocular attentions upon the ears of both Prince Henrik and “Jack Nicholson” in the latter pair of images, displayed immediately above, the geometric contours of the right-hand lobes – to everyone’s left – are stricken with an identical and conspicuous horizontal epidermal landmark.

Also, while examining the facial geometries of both “Jack Nicholson” and Prince Henrik of Denmark, everyone may notice, there are identically located landmarks – again, positioned to everyone’s left as the images are viewed – or “age marks” clustered along the facial landscape’s geometrical contours near the right-hand cheekbones which appear to darken or tincture the epidermal surface.

Comparatively, the geometric contours of the nostrils and columella (external tissue separating the nostrils) of the noses – between “Jack Nicholson” and Prince Henrik of Denmark – are also of identical geometrical width, proportion, and dimension.

Indeed, while still a young man, Henrik went to Hollywood and became “Jack Nicholson” who, in turn – as more extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirms – went on to become cast in his most infamous role, “Jack Ruby” or “Rubenstein”, alleged to have been a Dallas nightclub proprietor, and he did so while starring on the world’s stage, the grandest theater of them all.

While starring as “Jack Rubenstein”, “Jack Nicholson” (AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark) was donned in latex prosthetics which were strategically applied to certain portions of the facial geometry to properly “age” the fabricated character scheme, and also to make him appear more menacing – befitting the stereotypical image of a connected “mafia” gangster – to the mesmerized viewing television audience.

Remarkably, evidenced by the image which immediately follows, as “Jack Nicholson” (AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark) has aged, his facial geometry appears to have grown into the facial characteristics of the fabricated character scheme – “Jack Ruby” – he once portrayed decades ago.   

Jack Nicholson:


Jack Ruby:

After playing his role as “Jack Ruby”, “Jack Nicholson” (AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark) rose to fame in the role of the “Joker” (observed in the video displayed below), a name which, it turns out, has great occult significance. 

The “Joker” – as the concept relates to occult divination, Greek mythology, and Pagan tradition – is also known as the God Pan. Relating to certain South American tribal mythologies, the “Joker” is also synonymous with the image of a wily and cunning coyote; the spirit of trickery.  

Jack Nicholson

Prince Henrik of Denmark

But before Prince Henrik (AKA “Jack Nicholson”) was cast in the legendary role of the “Joker”, he also cemented an equally legendary career in the music recording industry, portraying a popular musician whom came to be known as the “Godfather of Grunge rock”, “Neil Young”.

Everyone will notice, while making ocular comparisons between the pair of following images, certain contours along the facial geometry of “Neil Young” (AKA “Jack Nicholson”), particularly along the span of the chin and portions of the lower neck, have been strategically donned in layers of latex stippling. 

It should also be noted, Neil Young once recorded a song, entitled Hey Hey, My My, which featured a most curious, but, also, when considered in the context of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, very revelatory lyric:

Hey hey, my my

Rock and Roll can never die

There’s more to the picture 

Than meets the eye

You pay for this, but they give you that 

Jack Nicholson

Neil Young

One can well-imagine, after a lifetime perpetrating the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, the Hollywood actor known to the American public as “Jack Nicholson” (AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark), once cast in the role of the fictional Hollywood villain “the Joker”, is still laughing at the childlike naivete of those now living among the American general public.

Though his performance as the ‘Joker” helped to further establish Nicholson’s legendary status as one of Hollywood’s seminal actors, it cannot be denied, the covert role “Jack Nicholson” (AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark) portrayed as “Jack Ruby”, more so than any other he played, has left the most indelible mark on both American history and left an immovable sliver in the hearts and minds of generations of Americans.  

For those still with hazy memories of 20th century American history, on the date of November 24, 1963, Dallas nightclub owner “Jack Ruby” (AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark/”Jack Nicholson”) sauntered unmolested into the Dallas Municipal police station to commit the following homicidal act, one which, indeed, has echoed into posterity:

Everyone can be certain, the historical event known as the JFK “assassination” was every bit as staged as the recent “murder” of “George Floyd”.

“George Floyd” has no legs:

Both psychological operations – though executed decades apart – were designed to profit – socially, politically, and commercially – from the induction of psychological and emotional trauma upon the American general public.   


There are those – visitors arriving at this site for the first time – who may immediately wonder: how do they get away with this?

The most comprehensive answers are the following: 1.) Since the imperial era of Rome, the thirteen Jesuit families – many of whom most everyone may have read about in public school history texts hiding under various pseudonyms – have never relinquished their wealth or power – in terms of ownership of both human and natural resources – and more importantly, their power to dictate and control the course of human events or history, 2.) through majority ownership of the US corporation, ownership of the US corporation’s natural and human resources (also persons, i.e. corporations) and, as well, through monopoly ownership and control of Wall Street (economic speculation), the profitable gaming industries in Las Vegas, and by virtue of monopoly ownership and unchallenged control of every significant means of industrial production, including monopoly ownership of the MSM and control of the Crown Temple (City of London) courts operating under Admiralty Law and the masonic police guilds, 3.) the thirteen Jesuit families, therefore, have the undeterred ability to willfully enforce their hegemony over the global populations of proletariat by the means of merciless and persistent applications and execution of psychological warfare and, while doing so, to also – through validation of third parties belonging to masonic-affiliated organizations – legally appropriate multiple pseudonyms which are attached to media-driven fabricated character schemes.

The only negotiable leverage the proletariat has against further economic and psychological exploitation – at the hands of the thirteen Jesuit families – is to withhold legal consent.

Despite what everyone may have been conditioned or taught to believe, there are no democracies or countries, only commercial markets consisting of tax farmed human resources and valuable natural resources which are routinely exploited – through the means of “geopolitics” – for economic and commercial profitability.


Regarding “Jack Nicholson” (AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark), in the wake of his portrayal of “Jack Ruby”, he went on to star in the cult classic Hollywood production of Easy Rider, which also co-starred Dennis Hopper (AKA “assassinated” US president “John F. Kennedy”).

SEE Rebel Conspirators in a Deceptive Cause?

Turns out, JFK, too, as positively confirmed by extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses, proves to have been yet another of American history’s fabricated character schemes.

While making ocular comparisons between the pair of images appearing immediately below, everyone should note the identical geometrical proportions of the chins, brow ridges, lips, and of the ears.

More extensive facial recognition and image comparison analyses prove the comparative geometrical proportions of the eyes – between Hopper and JFK – to also be identical.

However, it is the distinguishing epidermal landmarks observed immediately beneath the eyes of both Hopper and JFK which exist as perhaps the most distinguishing and conspicuous element of facial recognition analysis positively identifying the late Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper as the live-action role player cast in the role of the fabricated character scheme known to American history as the “slain” US president “John F. Kennedy”.

John F. Kennedy

Dennis Hopper 

If examined more closely and with a critical eye for detail, Ruby’s slaying of “Lee Harvey Oswald” subsequent to JFK’s “assassination” – observed in the video excerpt posted above – resembles what one would expect to be the directorial staging of a live-action sequence played out on a movie or television production set.

When viewed in its entirety, everyone will surely begin to notice, as “Oswald” is escorted into the camera view, the actors, whom are posed as Dallas policeman, are tidily arranged in what appears to be assigned places, just as they would in a standard movie or television production.

The action sequence used to que the entrance of “Jack Ruby” is signaled by the bleat of a director’s horn, while the on-scene MSM television anchorman – using a hypnotic technique known as Neural-linguistic programming – calmly delivers the scripted narration or play-by-play.

When these observations are rationally considered, it becomes clear, the JFK “assassination” was a calculated and well-staged television production, designed to induce a traumatic psychological and emotional effect upon the intended audience.

Additionally, if examined from a purely occult perspective, the shooting of “Lee Harvey Oswald” by Dallas nightclub proprietor “Jack Ruby” appears to also have been a cloaked depiction of a time-honored masonic initiation ritual, known as the “legend of Hiram Abiff”.

An article published at further defines the significance of the legend of “Hiram Abiff:”: “The legend of Hiram, the widow’s son, is the foundation of Freemasonry’s ritualistic drama of the third, or Master’s degree.”


However, the surname of “Ruby” harbors yet another occult significance.

Red is the symbolic color of the God of War, Mars, and, particularly when considered in the context of the psychological operation of the “assassination” of “John F. Kennedy”, it also exists as a subtle reference to the red shoes worn by the character of Dorothy in the Hollywood film production of The Wizard of Oz (Hermes/77).

As everyone whom frequents this site has learned, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families love nothing more than to leave subtle clues of their fingerprints at the scene of the crime. Such clues are also left behind to mock and humiliate the child-like trust in authority of the general public, those whom have also not been initiated into the ranks of the ruling families’ global masonic pseudo-religious cult.

As everyone is also well-familiar, the child actress cast in the role of Dorothy was Judy Garland (AKA Shirley Temple Black).

Garland (AKA Shirley Temple Black), of course, as has been previously proved and documented, was also the host actor (live-action role player) behind the portrayal of John F. Kennedy’s first lady, Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis (AKA Marilyn Monroe).

SEE: Over the Rainbow & Back in Black

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirms “Robert Kennedy” (AKA “Jack Nicholson”/Prince Henrik of Denmark), who went on to become a US presidential candidate in 1968, as the live-action role player cast to portray JFK’s avenger – “Jack Rubenstein” – at Dallas’s masonic police headquarters on November 24, 1963.


Jack Ruby

Robert F. Kennedy

Jack Nicholson

Prince Henrik of Denmark


Prince Henrik of Denmark

Jack Nicholson

Though speculations have recently circulated about the health of Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson, nevertheless, this can only mean one thing: His Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark AKA “Jack Nicholson”, the Hollywood legend disguised as the avenging “Joker” who once portrayed both “Jack Ruby” and the “late” “Robert Kennedy”, has surely not yet shuffled off this mortal coil. 

Or, has he?


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  1. Very fascinating article, as usual. I suspect “Jack Nicholson” could also be playing “Thomas Markle”, the father of “Meghan Markle”, whose husband (Prince Harry) is played by David de Rothschild.

    Thomas Markle worked as a lighting director and a photographer in Hollywood, California. His daughter was an actress in “Suits” (2011-19) before she courted and married “Prince Harry”.,_Duchess_of_Sussex

    Meghan and Harry are also cousins. Both are related to the Bowes family, tying them to the Queen Mother, who was a Bowes-Lyon, and to her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, who is the grandmother of the Duke of Sussex.

    1. It seems you’re a step ahead of me. I’ve got an article coming up concerning Miss Markle. Also, I’m not surprised – when it comes to investigating the genealogy of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor) – to learn of what appears to be an incestual nature. Although the MSM would have us to believe otherwise, “Meghan Markle is far from being what the royals refer to as a “commoner”.

      1. Yes, I believe your assessment – regarding the similarities between Markle and Morissette – to be have merit. I also believe, Morisette is related to the late comedian Jerry Lewis, father of Gary Lewis who, in an article published some time ago, I identified as music industry legend “Bob Dylan”. Dylan is also the legendary movie director George Lucas. As for Jerry, I’ve also identified him as “Spiro Agnew”, the former VP of disgraced former US president Richard “Dick” Nixon (AKA Warren Beatty) whose current spouse, Hollywood actress Annette Benning, is the live-action role player behind the public persona of Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren. Again, however, allow me to thank you, in appreciation for your quality research assistance.

      2. Everyone on tv is a criminal, no question.. u can’t get on tv unless your a part of it.!

      1. Regarding the video excerpt at the link you just kindly provided, I could not help but notice, Markle’s irksome mannerisms are similar to the Hollywood actress Vera Farmiga, who I’ve identified as the actress who plays the current VP, Kamala Harris. Could not help but also notice, how strained and unnatural the interpersonal dynamic between both Markle and the Duke appears.

      2. Yes, “Meghan’s” whole persona radiates artificiality. I am not so sure about the Vera Farmiga/Kamala Harris connection, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true. One thing that is certain, like her mother-in-law “Diana”, “Markle” is a total phoney.

      3. Quite frankly, I’m not certain of the Farmiga/Harris connection either. At this juncture, that is merely speculation. I’ve watched the video in its entirety and, you’re correct. Both “Markle” and the Duke are regurgitating talking points, and their union harbors ulterior motives. The current schism and upheaval – between “Markle” and the British royals – is completely manufactured as a PR feint, likely used as an opaque media cloak. In essence, yes, the Duchess’s demeanor appears to be manufactured and artificial. Clearly, as one would expect, she’s been well-coached.

    2. “Meghan Markle” could also be related to “Angela Merkel”, who is rumored to be the hidden daughter of “Adolf Hitler”. Since the British and German aristocracies have intermarried for centuries, the suggestion is very plausible and possible.

      1. That hypothesis does seem plausible. Research has indicated – according to “royal chat” boards I’ve managed to consult – Leopold III (AKA Adolf Hitler/Bing Crosby”) fathered several illegitimate children. I’ve begun to develop a hypothesis of my own, regarding the presence of the Duke of Sussex and “Meghan Markle” in America. There may be an intelligence angle as to why the story of their estrangement from the British royal family has been so heavily trumpeted by the MSM. Could it be, they’re somehow helping CIA/MI6/FBI to manage or oversee the activities of BLM and other psychological operations?

      2. By the way, I’ve got Bernie Madoff coming up next, who will be exposed as a fabricated character scheme played by a famous Hollywood actor, one who is still very much alive. This actor, when much younger, also portrayed a one-term US president. The very same who was “in office” during the “Gulf of Tonkin” hoax.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful, well detailed article. I believe that I have also seen Jon Voight’s name included in “Jack – the Joker’s” repertoire. I saw Madoff in the news recently. I thought his name was pronounced “mad-off”. When I found it was pronounced “made-off” i couldn’t help but laugh. How fitting since he “made off” with innocent victims money. Like “Epstein”, my first reaction was there is no way he is dead, just his character. Thanks again and please keep up the good work!.

    1. Thanks for, once again, visiting Newsspell. You are quite correct, Sir. Voigt is yet another fabricated character played by “Jack Nicholson” the “Joker” (AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark). How serendipitous, you should mention Bernie Madoff. He’s coming up in my next article. Turns out, the actor posed in the guise of Madoff’s character also portrayed a former US president.

  3. Excellent article and links for comparison ! A dark, sinister tangled web of deciept with Prince Henrik of Denmark. His appearance seems sooo familiar and we now know how deeply this rabbit hole delves. There is no mention of Larry Hagman … they seem very similar, as well.

    Thank you for all you do …

    1. Thanks for taking the time to, once again, visit Newsspell. I also believe Prince Henrik (AKA “Nicholson”/Kennedy/Ruby) and Dennis Hopper (AKA JFK) are genealogically related to Leopold III (AKA Bing Crosby/Adolf Hitler). I wouldn’t be surprised, upon further investigation, if your hypothesis concerning the actor Larry Hagman – a name which fits the prototypical fabricated pseudonym – turns out to have merit, in relation to “Jack Nicholson”.

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