Who is “Henry Kissinger”?

While often referred to as the bugbear of “conspiracy theorists”, assuredly, everyone, at one time or another, has observed the famous prosthetic mask which hides the face of the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of Kissinger’s fabricated character scheme.

On many occasions, to be certain, everyone has seen the golem countenance observed in the image posted below prominently featured on both television and computer screens, as well as appearing on the front cover of the prestigious Time magazine and upon the front pages of respected periodicals such as the New York Times.

Perhaps, on occasion, some of you may have even bothered to tread through some of the turgidly composed newspaper columns, or one of the many ponderous self-aggrandizing tomes which have been published and attributed to Kissinger’s authorship.

But such publications – larded with opaque ideological generalizations, historical canards – merely represent more colorful but distractive, disposable scenery, created for the public to gawk at, to admire, and for those throngs of useful dupes desperately wishing to vicariously obtain some measure of intellectual legitimacy while simultaneously pretending to have read or to have even understood their execrable content.

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 13: Henry Kissinger interviewed by Charlie Rose as they Mark The 70th Anniversary Of VE Day at Museum of Jewish Heritage on May 13, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Mack/Getty Images)

In fact, everyone who frequents this site – by now – has become well-familiarized with the Hollywood executive who, for decades while donned in strategically-layered prosthetics, has portrayed this master of geopolitical disaster.

Though “Heinz Kissinger” is better known as a geopolitical chess master of global diplomacy, his host actor is also one of the world’s greatest actors now living.

He is also, respectively, the hidden grandson, son, and sibling of a trio of men – Harry S. Truman (AKA Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart/Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg), “Dwight D. Eisenhower” (AKA Hollywood executive Barry Diller/Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg), “Richard M. Nixon” (AKA Hollywood actor Warren Beatty) – who served as “president” of the US corporation.

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Behind Kissinger’s carefully crafted public persona as a geopolitical mover and shaker hides a powerful Hollywood executive who, throughout his life, has worn many masks and donned a myriad of famous disguises, a man to whom the theatrical execution of Post-Modern Reality Simulation has become second nature.


During the opening minutes of 1973’s Executive Action, there exists a scene which perfectly synopsizes the covert goal of the “diplomatic” negotiations conducted in Paris between “Henry Kissinger” and high level officials representing North Vietnam.

Though the plot of this particular Hollywood production, while taut and well executed, sought to whirlpool a hoaxed historical event – the “assassination” of US president “John F. Kennedy” (AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper) –  into the muddy waters of some half-baked and historically distracting convolution, nevertheless, the following video excerpted from Executive Action points viewers in the direction of a genuine diamond buried in the waist-high rough. 

Though historians regurgitate the cliched mantra that gaining a full and comprehensive understanding behind America’s involvement in the Vietnam conflict remains “complex”, this turns out not to be true. In fact, an objectively lucid analysis avails a comprehensive and rather simple understanding of the nature of the Vietnam “conflict”.

Such analysis reveals two key purposes for America’s involvement in the “war” in Vietnam: 1.) to secure market  exploitation and monopolization of useful and profitable human and natural resources and, 2.) to experiment and perfect the testing and tweaking of population control methodologies which would later be deployed elsewhere, namely, here, in the West.

The dialogue everyone heard in the preceding video excerpt – though it is presented in the guise of “fiction” – perfectly encapsulates the UN’s ongoing efforts to achieve the “sustainability” goals of Agenda 2030.

Under the guise of manufactured crises such as “climate change” and the Covid-19 “pandemic”, the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families, in cooperation with the Vatican controlled by the Jesuit order, plan to reduce and limit global population growth.

The remaining population sectors whose reproductive growth rates have been favorably stabilized will then be subsequently herded and compacted into “smart cities” and symbiotically enjoined with the “Internet of Things”, a blockchain digital operating system based on human body activity which is administered via gene therapy (AKA “vaccine”).

But this global plan also conceals yet another ulterior geopolitical motive: profitable commerce. 

A digital operating system implanted in human resources and based on body activity will efficiently enable and facilitate directly targeted corporate advertising and also better facilitate profitable efficiency in terms of business cost/benefit analyses on a global scale.

Meanwhile, however, the current testing and technological tweaking of this digital operating system containing graphene Nano-particles and designed for installation via “vaccine” within human resources is expected to create collateral damage.

In other words, kill people with graphene lipid Nano-particles which – according to a recent document issued by the Australian government and available for viewing in pdf format at the link displayed below – are not only classified as a lethal “poison” but have been legally authorized to be administered to the public.

But don’t, however, expect the teleprompter reading robots employed by the MSM to “report” any of this information.

Unless, they “report” such information while spinning it as “Qanon” propaganda.

Of course, ironically, while regurgitating their assigned talking points regarding “Qanon”, the MSM is indirectly telling the public from where their propaganda derives: the Vatican, which is controlled by the Jesuit order or the Society of Jesus.

According to the Catholic encyclopedia, the letter “Q” is a reference to the logia, a term which, translated from ancient Greek, was used in reference to oracles who utilized divination, a concept which, today, is conceptually synonymous with the occult and the high-degree freemasonic/Jesuit practice of black magic (psychological operations).

The letter “Q” also relates to the Qabalah which, in turn, is also synonymously related to the writings of Alistair Crowley (AKA Winston Churchill) and the numerals 777.  

SEE: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/777_and_Other_Qabalistic_Writings_of_Aleister_Crowley    


Rest assured, it is to the fruition of the UN’s declared “sustainability” goals (Agenda 2030) which the long and distinguished career of “Henry Kissinger” has been wholly dedicated.

Therefore, the usual superficial details the MSM promotes to lionize the career accomplishments of “Heinz Kissinger” merely represent so much smoke, mirrors, and dramatic misdirection.

But why would “Henry Kissinger” become so dedicated to implementing technocratic business efficiency and profitability on a global scale?

Because “Henry Kissinger” is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by one of Hollywood’s most powerful executives whose job it is to maximize the profits of shareholders and investors.

The man identified in portrayal of Kissinger’s host actor is also genealogically related to the von Furstenberg, of Swabia located in Germany, a genealogical branch of the Pallavicini (AKA Stewart) family, a royal dynasty whose lineage can be traced to the founding of imperial Rome, and to the founding of the Holy Roman Empire, the protector of the Vatican Papacy controlled by the Jesuit order. 


According to an article published at altamontenterprise.com, the Club of Rome created the myth of global warming or climate change to “eliminate national sovereignty.” The article goes on to detail the number of global luminaries which attended the Club of Rome’s first meeting in 1968, including “Henry Kissinger”. 

The article also quotes from sociologist G. William Domhoff’s book, “Who Rules America”: “{public policy} begins informally in corporate boardrooms, social clubs, and discussion groups, where problems are identified as ‘issues’ to be solved by new policies. It ends in government, where their policies are enacted and implemented.”

But perhaps most tellingly, the article goes on to pinpoint from where the “initial impetus” and subsequent financial resources for such “issues” as “climate change” derives.

“The initial impetus for policy change and initial resources for research, planning, and formulation,” writes author Victor Porlier, “come from corporate and personal wealth channeled into tax-free foundations, universities, policy-oriented think tanks, and non-governmental organizations in the form of endowments, grants, and contracts.”

SEE: https://altamontenterprise.com/09252019/elitists-have-created-myth-climate-change-eliminate-national-sovereignty  

In view of this, it becomes clear, those such as “Henry Kissinger” merely act in the role of sales representatives and high-level promotional conmen.

In essence, internationally renowned figures such as “Henry Kissinger”, and others of his ilk, while themselves assuming the mantle of intellectual gravity, are able to easily persuade others inhabiting the halls of academia and government who may wish to, by virtue of their association with renowned figures such as “Henry Kissinger”, vicariously don the appearance of enlightened probity and intellectual legitimacy.


Are Henry Kissinger’s vaunted intellectual faculties genuine, or are they fraudulent?

Does the man known to the American general public as “Henry Kissinger” deserve his place in the pantheon of renowned intellectuals, or is he merely a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a highly-skilled actor?  

Throughout the following video excerpt, while close attention is paid to Kissinger’s eyes as he answers the questions posed by the host, everyone will soon notice Kissinger’s vision often pans downward to fixate for prolonged periods upon a teleprompter hidden from the camera view.

When the following video clip is watched in its entirety, it will become apparent to everyone that, much like the current president of the US corporation, “Joe Biden” (AKA George W. Bush/Brian Williams/Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco), “Henry Kissinger” is nothing more than an actor following a prepared script. 

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While carefully and very closely examining the following image of “Henry Kissinger” displayed immediately below, with particular attention paid to the upper left-hand region of the face, everyone will begin to notice, extending from the left eye and descending towards the left cheekbone, there are a series of elongated but parallel crows feet or distinctive facial landmarks.

Everyone will also observe these facial landmarks to be identical and consistent while examining the subsequent image of the Hollywood executive displayed immediately below Kissinger’s.

Further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses demonstrate that Hollywood executive David Geffen has been modified into the fabricated character scheme who, for decades, has been known to the public as “Henry Kissinger”.  

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 13: Henry Kissinger interviewed by Charlie Rose as they Mark The 70th Anniversary Of VE Day at Museum of Jewish Heritage on May 13, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Mack/Getty Images)

While performing ocular comparisons between the pair of images displayed immediately below, everyone will begin to see identical similarities with both the facial architecture and with the contours and epidermal architectures of the ears.   

Accordingly, further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses between myriad sets of such images conclusively demonstrates that Hollywood executive David Geffen is the chameleon host actor who, for decades, has been modified into the portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known to the public as ‘Henry Kissinger”. 

L to R: Henry Kissinger, David Geffen 

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 13: Henry Kissinger interviewed by Charlie Rose as they Mark The 70th Anniversary Of VE Day at Museum of Jewish Heritage on May 13, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Mack/Getty Images)


Hollywood executive David Geffen is also the brother of Warren Beatty, who, as proved by ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis, portrayed the disgraced president of the US corporation “Richard ‘tricky Dick’ Nixon”. 

L to R: Richard Nixon, Warren Beatty 


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  1. Thank you for another insightful article!. Your article brings to mind a video I recently saw that corroborates your statement about a digital operating system administered through gene therapy. I find minutes 2-4 very interesting because it mentions genocide as a reason, but a secondary reason, which in itself is dismaying:


    I want to share this with your readers. I hope they can watch it through. Remember, this is from 2014, but predicts current events and demonstrates the Hegelian Dialectic at its best.

    1. Thanks for graciously taking the time to, once again, visit Newsspell. Your insightful comments and the link to the revealing video are also well-appreciated. Families like the Pallavicini mentioned in the article have ruled over humanity since the time of imperial Rome. I think it has become clear, with the development of digital technologies and robotics, they no longer need vast amount of human resources in helping to sustain their global hegemony. I think it has also become clear that dissent – political or otherwise – will not be at all tolerated once their global technocracy is completely implemented.

  2. turns out Bogart played Ed Sullivan.>>who looks alot like nicom
    here’s one for you.>I just realized my favourite preacher Derek Prince is
    creepy actor Christopher Lee.>same voice

    1. Thanks for taking the time to visit Newsspell. Yes, Humphrey Bogart AKA Frank Sinatra. Both were fabricated character schemes portrayed by a European royal, Prince Felix Marie of Bourbon-Pharma. Felix’s relative is Prince Louis of Bourbon Pharma (AKA Fred Astaire/Walt Disney). “Humphrey Bogart” is the hidden brother of Bing Crosby (AKA Adolf Hitler/Carrol O’Connor), also a fabricated character scheme whose live-action role player turned out to be another European royal – King Leopold III of Belgium. Both of these royal families can be genealogically traced to the ancient Roman Pallavicini and to the Farnese dynasties (Pope Paul III/Jesuit Cardinal Alessandro Farnese), along with the Grimaldi who began their history in Genoa. Speaking of the Grimaldi, I am soon to publish another expose concerning Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi (AKA NBC newsman Brian Williams/ Joe Biden/George W. Bush) and his spouse the Duchess of Hanover (AKA Jill Biden/Laura Bush). Turns out, Prince Stefano – alleged to have died in a boating accident – is very much still alive and hiding underneath another royal title. Stefano is genealogically related to George III of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. If you know anything about “Farmer George”, not only was he also “George Washington”, the American republic’s first “president”, towards the end of his reign, historical accounts allege George III suffered from senility and dementia. I will demonstrate that the constant public “gaffes” committed by “Joe Biden” are merely an act aping the behavior of his centuries-old royal relative so that a woman president can be ushered in to carry out the latter stages of the UN’s Agenda 2030 and its program of global “sustainability”.

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