The chronicles of history are filled with a virtually numberless array of heroes, saviors, iconoclasts, and rebels (AKA controlled opposition).

And yet, despite their significant historical emergence, the status quo remains.

Nothing has changed.

The global hegemony of the thirteen Jesuit families – Aldobrandini, Farnese, Orsini, Massimo, Pallavicini, Borgia, von Furstenberg, Grimaldi, and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, et al – acting in league with the Crown Temple in the City of London and Vatican City still persists and the proletariat (AKA corporate subjects/human resources) are still legally enslaved by the invisible chains of Admiralty Law.

Every once and a while, though, to keep the infantilized and restless masses pacified, submissive, docile, and appeased, the MSM concocts the emergence of another “hero” posed as a “savior” of the people who claims to represent the people’s interests. Such a tired gambit represents perhaps the world’s longest running con game, a game designed so that the house always wins and the gamblers who “vote” for their favorite cult of personality always lose.

“Doctor Mehmet Oz”, the former reality television star the MSM claims to be a medical doctor and who is now campaigning for a senate bid in the state of Pennsylvania, represents the latest political model molded in this particularly sinister vein.

But as shall be demonstrated, “Doctor Mehmet Oz” is no hero. Rather, he is yet another bogus sham, a cruel hoax promoted by the MSM who, for a short time at least, will restoke romantic visions of the “American Dream”. Only, during the aftermath of his campaign, when those dreams are shattered, the people – confused, misdirected, disillusioned, weakened and perpetually divided as intended – will be left amid the rubble to pick up the pieces as well as the gigantic tab in payment for the entertaining bread and circus show promoted by the MSM and starring “Doctor Mehmet Oz”. 


Lately, the MSM, acting in criminal collusion with the US corporate government, has sneakily maneuvered to alter the definition of economic recession. Certainly, while such a sly maneuver could be characterized as an act of unforgivable cowardice, it is the sort of sordid semantic word game both parties have long engaged in, to not only manipulate, but to control the American public’s collective perception.

While a majority of Americans perched on either side of the ideological political divide expectantly argue over the validity of the definition’s alteration, they remain unaware of the more paramount objective at play.

Not only would both the MSM and the US corporate government wish to stifle – as evidenced by the recent attempted creation of Homeland Security’s “Disinformation Governance Board” – or even to censor discussion or “cancel” even the slightest mention of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 on all social media platforms, but, ultimately, they would prefer for all Americans to remain blissfully unaware that, as legally designated citizens (AKA subjects of the Crown Temple in the City of London) subject to the War Powers Acts of 1861 and 1933 – 12 Stat. 319, 12 USC 95 a, b, Title 50, and UCC 1207 – the United States (AKA Washington D.C.) corporate government has been acting under a permanent state of war since shortly after its founding and, for all intents and purposes, has declared them enemies of the State. 

Since that time, all executive orders of the US Commander-in-Chief have been issued under USC 95 (a) (b), Title 50, and, upon application of the sitting executive’s signature, carry with them the legal implication that all American citizens are to be regarded as foreign enemy combatants.

Most if not all “elected” US presidents – FDR (AKA Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg/Fred Astaire/Jimmy Stewart/Glen Miller/Henry Fonda/Walt Disney/Al Jolson/Harry Truman) included – have proved to be fabricated character schemes hiding deep genealogical connections to European royal families pledged in fealty to Vatican City controlled by the Jesuit’s Society of Jesus while acting under carefully chosen American sounding pseudonyms.

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As shall be demonstrated, “Doctor Mehmet Oz” is not a doctor, but a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a well-regarded Hollywood and television actor, the hidden son of a current US senator from Florida and administrative head of NASA, a former Hollywood actor/pop singer, renowned entertainer, and one who was also once the face of the Playboy magazine empire. 


“Doctor Mehmet Oz” is a former reality television star who, according to Wikipedia, with the help of Oprah Winfrey, launched and hosted his own eponymously titled highly rated talk fest from September 14, 2009, until January 14, 2022.

How his former elevated status in American popular culture qualifies “Doctor Oz” for the US senate is anyone’s guess, but, one supposes, such is the spellcasting magic power of television to thoroughly bedazzle the American public, cementing perception into material reality.

Furthermore, it seems a bit puzzling how “Mehmet Oz” became eligible to enroll in Pennsylvania’s Republican senate primary, since he holds no recorded residency there.


An article authored by Annie McCormick for points out that “Doctor Mehmet Oz”, “the celebrity heart surgeon and host of the ‘Dr. Oz show’ is being criticized for not holding residency in the very place he aims to represent.” Fortunately, Oz’s campaign managers had an answer: “Oz’s campaign team tells 6abc he has rented a home in Byrn Athyn, Montgomery County for the past year and voted there too.”

According to McCormick and, “His wife’s family has lived in Byrn Athyn for decades.”

Clarifying legalities, Chris Borick, “a political science professor and director of Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion”, informed, “You could meet the legal standard fairly easily by renting a residence and establishing you’re getting mail there and registering to vote. Convincing the public that you are truly a resident of the state and care about the state and are vested in the state is a different thing.”

After announcing his senate candidacy on Fox News with Sean Hannity (AKA Prince Pavlos of Greece/Denmark/George Clooney/Jay Leno/Antonin Scalia/John F. Kennedy Junior/Michael Cohen/John Kerry/Steve Bannon), “Doctor Mehmet Oz” went on record, stating, “Pennsylvania needs a conservative who will put America first, bravely fight for freedom and tell it like it is.”

Despite his strident confidence, someone should tell the good doctor that, soon after his “election” victory, he can start his “fight for freedom” by introducing a senate bill repealing 12 Stat 319, 12 USC 95 (a) (b) under Title 50, and FDR’s UCC 1207 under the War Powers Act to return the US to a peacetime footing.

Hypothetically and legally speaking, the successful passing of such a momentous bill would effectively end the US corporate government’s colossal expenditures for the Covid-19 “pandemic” and for its ongoing proxy “war” in Ukraine, both of which are merely Trojan horses for the implementation of the “Sustainability Goals” of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050.


But would “Doctor Oz” ever endeavor to do so and dare to become a real American hero?

No, he certainly will not.

And why?

Because, for one reason, it is a lot easier to just play a fake hero on television than bravely risk becoming a real one.

Secondly, such an historically bold political maneuver would mean the complete dismantling of the US corporate government’s profitable military/industrial complex, a paradigm shifting event the thirteen ruling families, the Crown Temple bankers, and the Jesuit’s Superior General at the Vatican would surely never allow to ever transpire.


Gematria analysis of the name “Mehmet Oz” revealed rather predictable but interesting results. In both English Ordinal and Full Reduction “Mehmet Oz” sums to 105 and 42, both of which reduce to 6. In Reverse Ordinal and Reverse Full Reduction “Mehmet Oz” sums to 111 and 30. Both ciphers reduce to 3. When these four ciphers are combined, they total 3 6’s or 666.

According to Wikipedia, “Mehmet Cengiz Oz (born June 11, 1960), known professionally as Doctor Oz, is a Turkish-American television personality, author, professor emeritus, and retired cardiothoracic surgeon.”

But as everyone shall shortly observe, “Doctor Mehmet Oz” is a professional con man rather than a medical practitioner.

Not only is he a shill for the pharmaceutical/medical complex, but he is also a perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, a fabricated character scheme driven by a Hollywood live-action role player, one who is more familiar with the execution of psychological operations designed to influence and to manipulate public opinion and perception than performing lifesaving “cardiothoracic” surgical procedures.

Concerning Oz’s formal education, Wikipedia claims, “Oz was educated at Tower Hill School in Wilmington, Delaware. In 1982, he received his undergraduate degree in biology at Harvard University. He played safety on Harvard’s football team and was a goalie on the men’s water polo team.” As has been the case with most investigations, more oftentimes than not, Harvard University seems to be actively involved with falsifying the professional and academic bona fides of intelligence trained fabricated character schemes.

For example, to date, there is no one who can positively corroborate that former US president “Barack Hussein Obama” (AKA Jerry Seinfeld/Jeffery Epstein/Harvey Weinstein/Anthony Bourdain/Osama bin Laden) attended Harvard or, for that matter, ever stepped foot on the campus. Despite this, the MSM still claims that Obama was once the chief editor of the Harvard Law Review.

Nevertheless, regarding Oz’s alleged academic certifications to practice medicine, Wikipedia goes on to inform, “In 1988, he obtained MD and MBA degrees from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Penn’s Wharton School. He was awarded the Captain’s Athletic Award for leadership in college and was class president and then student body president during medical school.”

The latter portion of the preceding biographical entry is an obvious attempt on the part of the CIA employed hacks writing for Wikipedia to establish the political credibility and electable viability of “Doctor Mehmet Oz”.

While obviously realizing he otherwise lacks any semblance of discernable qualifications to serve in the US senate, nonetheless, Wikipedia’s official biographical entry desperately attempts to convince the public “Doctor Mehmet Oz” possesses the requisite characteristics of a potential political leader, one who stands worthy of their “vote”.

But “Doctor Oz” is neither a politician nor a doctor.

He is merely a Hollywood actor cast in high-profile television roles.


As everyone shall bear witness to in the following video clip, “Doctor Mehmet Oz” is nothing more than a shill for Big Pharma.

Despite Pfizer’s recently released documentation listing the mind-boggling myriad of side effects related to their graphene oxide ridden mNRA “vaccines” (AKA genetic transformation) and despite no evidence “Covid-19” has been properly isolated under laboratory conditions, “Doctor Mehmet Oz” continues to pose himself as a fast-talking prevaricating salesman dedicated to fattening the profit margins of Big Pharma.

An article published at confirms that “Pfizer has reported a 92% operational growth in revenue to $81.3 billion for the full year 2021, compared with $41.7 billion for the full year 2020.”

Perhaps, in exchange for his valiant sales efforts on behalf of Pfizer, this is why Oz has been gifted with a mantle filled with dust collecting television Emmy awards?


Though, up until now, the facial geometry belonging to the fabricated television character known as “Doctor Mehmet Oz” has been sufficiently modified to hide positive identification of his host actor (live-action role player), the rather conspicuous epidermal architecture and dimensions of his nose give him away.

Below from L to R: Doctor Mehmet Oz, Charlie Sheen

While closely making ocular comparisons between the pair of images posted above, everyone will begin to notice the dimensions of the respective noses – both in length, contour, and in epidermal and structural dimensions – are identical. It also appears that in most images of “Doctor Oz”, the ears have been strategically raked with photo shop to distort the public’s ocular perceptions and to better hide the identity of the Hollywood live-action role player behind the portrayal of his fabricated character scheme.   

In the next pair of images posted immediately below, upon making ocular comparison, it shall become increasingly evident the dimensions of the epidermal structures and dimensions of the philtrum, bridges, and nostrils are also identical. As well, in both sets of images, it becomes apparent that the rather thin epidermal dimensions of the lips and bone structure of the chins – between “Doctor Mehmet Oz” and the iconic Hollywood figure identified as his host actor, Charlie Sheen (AKA Corey Feldman) – are comparatively identical.

While looking still more closely at both sets of images, everyone will notice there are conspicuous epidermal lines appearing to run parallel from the bottom right of the chins towards the nasolabial folds and cheekbones. Extensive ear biometric and image comparison analysis between “Doctor Oz” and “Corey Feldman” (AKA Charlie Sheen) appears to confirm both the external and outer structures of the ears – respectively termed Pinna and Auricle – are identical.

It appears the fabricated character scheme known to the American public as “Doctor Oz” was modified from “Corey Feldman”, a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen, the hidden son of Hollywood legend Pat Boone (AKA Hugh Hefner/Florida Senator & NASA chief Bill Nelson).

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It should also be noted that Pat Boone (AKA Hugh Hefner) was identified as the live-action role player behind the portrayal of 1960’s counter-culture guru Timothy Leary, a self-proclaimed acolyte of Alistair Crowley (AKA Prince George, Duke of Kent, Winston Churchill, Bob Hope, Jack Benny), who the MSM claims was a tenured professor at – wait for it, folks – Harvard University, the same ivy league institution from which Wikipedia claims “Doctor Mehmet Oz” received an undergraduate degree in biology. 

Coincidence? One should certainly think not.

Below: Corey Feldman, Doctor Mehmet Oz   


Though both images of “Doctor Oz” posted below have been heavily photo shopped – particularly strategic cropping of the chins – a closer examination and extensive comparison analysis of the geometric alignment/structure of the teeth prove both sets are identical. Further and extensive facial recognition and image comparison analyses indicates alignments of the cheekbones and geometric proportions of the brows and eyes are similar if not identical.  

Throughout his Hollywood career, Charlie Sheen has been closely associated with director “Oliver Stone” (AKA Hollywood executive Barry Diller/Ike Eisenhower/Alfred Hitchcock/Robert Shapiro/John Avery/Prince Eduard von Furstenberg Hohenlohe) with whom he worked on such seminal film epics as Wall Street and the Vietnam period piece Platoon.

Lately, “Oliver Stone” was seen making the rounds on the Joe Rogan (AKA Ron DeSantis/Prince Alexander von Furstenberg) show/podcast to ostensibly discuss his continuing “research” into the JFK “assassination”.

Though “Oliver Stone” knows well the “assassination” of JFK (AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper) was a staged psychological operation, a well-coordinated hoax, while he continues to make a hefty profit from documentaries, he also well knows it is his primary job to prevent a majority of the American public from ever realizing they’ve been bamboozled into believing a colossal lie.

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As for “Doctor Mehmet Oz” (AKA Charlie Sheen/Corey Feldman), woe be it to anyone who takes the Big Pharma poison he’s prescribing.         

5 thoughts on “Doctor Oz Goes to Washington?

  1. In a number of the pictures above the actor is wearing a silicone mask. If you carefully scrutinize the eyelids, it is usually apparent. Trump has extremely good masks where it is almost indiscernible apart from the difference in skin color. It seems that almost all top politicians in western countries are silicone masks. The Norwegian prime minister is a silicone mask. The U.N. secretary general is a silicone mask as is Ursula Von Der Leyen amongst countless others.

    1. You’re quite right to point out that, in many cases, the facial geometry of the actor or live-action role player has been modified in such ways with silicon stippling or masking. Oftentimes, too, as in the case of the character known as “Jay Leno”, who appears with prosthetics strategically applied to the area of the chin. On other occasions, CGI animation and motion capture, photo shop rakes, lighting angles, and other television production trickery is utilized to hide the actor portraying the fabricated character scheme.

  2. Hi. I believe we are on the right track with “Charlie”, but Cory would have come first having worked with Spielberg from an early age. I believe Corey Haime, (Jon Cryer) is part of the package.

    1. After having performed a more extensive ear biometric analysis, I believe there can be little doubt Sheen (AKA Corey Feldman) is the actor portraying “Doctor Oz”. Though Charlie is believed to be the “son” of Martin Sheen (AKA Donald Trump), extensive facial recognition and ear biometric analysis demonstrates he is most likely the hidden biological offspring of Pat Boone (AKA Hugh Hefner/Timothy Leary).

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