Steve Bannon’s Transparent Political Theater

Steve Bannon’s Transparent Political Theater

The primary job of the MSM is to help maintain the global hegemony of their masters – the thirteen Jesuit families – over the proletariat or the great unwashed masses.

Routinely, the success of the MSM’s psychological operations relies on two primary elements: strategically targeted mob coercion and psychological manipulation at the hands of fabricated but influential cults of personality.

In terms of the latter, cults of personality don’t get much more influential among the demographic they’re targeted towards or, for that matter, more animatedly colorful than Stephen Bannon.

After all, the degree of public influence exerted by such fabricated character schemes is often directly proportional to the skill of the actor portraying them.

Turns out, in the case of “Steve Bannon”, deeper investigation reveals the man behind the mask of his public characterization is portrayed by a highly skilled and veteran Hollywood actor, a hidden intelligence asset of the Jesuit controlled CIA and one well-familiar to the American general public.

How do we know for certain “Steve Bannon” is an intelligence asset and psychological operations specialist?

Because, for one, the CIA/Jesuit-trained cubicle ridden desk jockeys composing the “official” biographies which appear at Wikipedia have admitted as much.

In fact, not only does Wikipedia admit “Steve Bannon” once sat on the board of directors at Cambridge Analytica, a company which used psychological profile targeting – “the practice of extracting people’s psychological profiles from their digital footprints (e.g. their Facebook Likes, Tweets or credit card records) in order to influence their attitudes, emotions or behaviors through psychologically informed interventions at scale,” informs Wikipedia – to influence and ultimately control the direction of public discourse and political perception and opinion, but, Wikipedia also informs, the Hollywood actor identified as his host actor (live-action role player) is “a member of the Council on Foreign Relations”, a Jesuit-controlled think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international relations.

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Honesty Not Harry S. Truman’s Best Policy

Honesty Not Harry S. Truman’s Best Policy

Turns out folks, 33rd US president Harry S. Truman was likely someone other than what American history texts claim. In fact, it also turns out, Ronald Reagan was not the first Hollywood actor to serve as US president. But, as loyal readers also know, Ronny Ray Gun wasn’t exactly who or what he claimed to be either (Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XI). 

In fact, regarding the former small-time haberdashery proprietor who was transformed into history’s most unlikely epic figure, merely observing the number 33 in the opening sentence of this installment likely signals to those among the most astute of one’s loyal readers there may be something truly amiss about the late Harry Truman.

They would be correct.

On this occasion, not only did the trail of one’s research wind back to our old friend, Hollywood mogul Barry Diller, but lead straight to Mister Diller’s father, Michael.

The first clue that Harry S. Truman was not who history claims, existed with an inherent problem with his middle initial, which according to established, mainstream biographies apparently stands for – wait for it folks – absolutely nothing of any significance whatsoever.

From there, one began to reason that yet another actor in history’s grand stage play had been identified, and that the entire moniker of Harry S. Truman may be a manufactured pseudonym.

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Actors in history’s grand stage play (part VI)

In the wake of the JFK assassination, would soon arrive the seemingly perfect anecdote for America’s malaise. In 1964, four charismatic lads allegedly hailing from a dank and gray overcast port called Liverpool, appeared on the popular Ed Sullivan show and proceeded, armed with rough hewed guitars and sunny melodies, to pluck euphoria from the oak strong grip of sorrow, holding captive America’s hearts as well as their imaginations.

However, after more than sixty years since that eventful night on American television, cracks are starting to appear in the media sorcerer’s wall of spells.

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Some reading my posts will discover the central thrust or theme here at this  blog is in exposing the mainstream media as a cabal of modern day sorcerers. As has been mentioned before, the chief role of the media, is to cement the idea of grand myths in the public mind, myths that can later be exploited for profitability, often accompanied by some social or economic propaganda agenda. This time, we shall explore the larger ramifications of the Crown Temple bankers and their corporate cohorts, and their perpetual stranglehold over humanity, in not just coveting wealth and power, but in maintaining a dominant influence over the masses and their perceptions of reality itself.

The question most often posed by those not accustomed to thinking outside of normally accepted parameters, is why would the media purposely mislead the public using psychological manipulation? Well, the bible, is a perfect example of psychological operations aimed at the global populace, a prime tool used by the elite in keeping the prevailing pyramid shaped power structure intact. It isn’t exactly a profound revelation to state, the establishment of religion serves as population control mechanism, one that has stood as an impenetrable Bastille, since seemingly time immemorial. It is important to note, that with regard to the bible as a holy book, there are in fact two interpretations; the esoteric and the exoteric.

In other words, one interpretation is offered to the masses of a literal nature, and then there is the metaphysical, or hidden interpretation, held close by the elites running this planet. The true ramifications of the latter interpretation are paradigm changing once revealed, and when I finally reveal what that is, it can readily be seen as to why it has been perpetually concealed under layers of empty sermons, liturgy’s and elaborate ritual. In terms of the Crown Temple Bankers, they are the money changers referred to in the new testament, particularly those chapters of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John the apostles, who in fact never existed, their value merely symbolic. The archetypal character of Jesus was drawn in the form of a rebellious nature by those Roman authorities, an aristocratic family known as Piso, the true authors of the original texts compiled into the New Testament, in order to demonstrate the futility of insurrection against the Roman, or Babylonian banking system holding iron fist dominion over this physical plane since the dawn of mankind. Indeed, the character of Jesus was  anthropomorphic myth, representing an astral theological allegory. One will note the bible is not immune from the utilization of numerology coding, one reference is particularly noteworthy as it relates to the age at which Christ was crucified; 33 (the number of angels descended from heaven with the expelled Lucifer, also the highest degree attainable in the Scottish rite of the masonic order).


The exoteric or literal interpretation of the King James bible is the one most proffered by priests, pastors and prelates, while the esoteric perspective has remained carefully concealed by the elite power structures for a very specific purpose, that is until now. If one knows what to look for, possessing the eyes to see and the ears to hear, then for those, the esoteric is no longer hidden or concealed, and ceases to remain classified as the occult. For the longest time, the occult, at least inside the catholic and Christian faiths, has been classified as evil, the pursuit of which shall lead to the eternal detriment to one’s soul.

But this is merely a psychological tactic to keep public minds locked inside a very narrow scope of perception, for if the masses were to ever discover the true secret found within the bible itself, it would mean the grand transformation of society, leading the elites to tumble out of their ivory towers to their certain death. Then, there would be no need for the prevalent control systems of governance, or economic banking complex. Armed with this one secret, each man would be able to feed, clothe, house and transport himself, equally and with little or no effort, absent the need to rely on so-called public officials and consumer markets to provide daily sustenance or lawful guidance. Suddenly, there would be no need for popes, presidents, premiers, kings, queens or any other leader one wishes to name. The elites, the Crown Temple bankers and Zionist Vatican cohorts in the form of the Jesuit order, know full well if this knowledge were to made generally known, their days of global rule would be indeed numbered.

The catalyst in terms of what stimulated interest in writing about this particular subject, at this point and time, was my recent viewing of a History channel expose about the historical significance of the bible and its true origins. It must be remembered that the History channel is owned and operated by the Hearst empire, began by none other than early 20th century media titan and sorcerer himself, William Randolph Hearst. Hearst, as has so often been pointed out by movie critics, was the protagonist appointed the fictional moniker of Charles Foster Kane, represented in the cinematic classic Citizen Kane, starring Orson Welles as the reclusive media titan, locked away in his immense castle. Many movie critics, including cinema buffs, have speculated as to the true significance of the snow globe and the meaning of the name scrawled on the bobsled ‘Rosebud.’ These occult themes presented in this classic piece of cinema are pertinent here, in so far as they firmly relate to the general allegory hidden in the bible concerning Christs crucifixion, death, and ultimate resurrection. The snow globe in the final scene where Kane lies on his death bed, clutching the item in question, represents the transformation of a very special part of the human anatomy termed ‘the third eye’ or the pineal gland. The name Rosebud uttered by Kane during his dying exhalation of breath is related to the transformation of the pineal gland filled by the elixir of life, or Christ oil, traveling up the spinal column  on its way to the optimal thalamus, or cerebral cortex, therefore offering as stated in the bible, everlasting life. That the entire televised expose  presented by Hearst’s History channel represented disinformation at best, wasn’t wholly surprising. Taking an intriguing subject and twisting it into the form of some historical pretzel is what the media sorcerers do best.

Interesting to note, that a typical aspect of such productions is to first pose intriguing questions about the subject matter, only in so far as to keep the viewer occupied long enough until the next commercial break arrives, without ever completely offering any concrete conclusions. Promising fantastical notions, then never delivering anything outside of the established perceptions, is par for the course when encountering such productions. Often there was only superficial gloss, but little in the way of solid substance. To truly acquire an understanding of the historical development of the Holy Bible, one must hark back to the Roman empire and the reign of the emperor Constantine. In the fifth century, the emperor gathered all notable prelates from around the empire, ostensibly to assemble an amalgam of old pagan faiths into one universal doctrine that would later develop into what came to be known as the Catholic religion, with Rome as the centrifugal ecclesiastical hub. This select group of hand picked imperial clerics took every care to omit those portions of the holy texts which made any allusion to resurrection, physical immortality, any passage that would reveal the one secret compromising Rome’s imperial hegemony over the people. The story of Jesus life and crucifixion at the hands of the Judea governor Pilate is a cleverly coded myth, a carefully concealed allegory describing the biological transformation into immortality.The very fact detailed by historians that the Roman empire expired in the sixth century, is itself yet another crafted myth. Historians would have millions of public school children believe the Roman empire split into two capitals during the third century, divided between Rome and the eastern portion of what is today known as Istanbul. But that is  yet another monstrous lie propagated, for Rome merely changed it’s identity, or in 21st century parlance, it re-branded itself, from an identity established with the might of warring legions, to that of a seemingly benign ecclesiastical priesthood donning robes. One can observe the pagan iconography still utilized by the church, itself hiding the allegorical secret of the holy book known as the bible in plain sight. Knowing most of the masses are blind to this fact, they flaunt the secret  right before the eyes of the world, for the very architecture of the Vatican, as well most of the classical architecture of old medieval Europe, is representative of the occult symbols that both ironically conceal as well as reveal. The clever deception of inspiring mankind to look outward for salvation, to accept the idea that only the priesthood of Rome has a direct hotline to the divine essence, when the secret is hidden within their very own anatomies, represents the tragic shroud blinding mankind from the ultimate enlightenment.


The reworking of the biblical texts correlated with the development of the printing press, and the elites were becoming afraid, particularly the pope and his robed minions in Rome, that this invention might stimulate the masses of people to demand direct access to the holy book, rather than relying on the hierarchy of church priesthood to translate it for them. This growing threat, Rome decided, had to be controlled from within, to curtail at all costs any genuine religious revolution. As the elites have done so often before throughout history, a controlled opposition had to be created.

History records the formation of the Jesuit order, that grew to have administrative and political control in over 112 nations throughout not only Europe but the entire globe,  to be established by Ignatius Loyola, Francis Xavier and Peter Faber in 1534. After a papal bull was issued shortly thereafter in 1540 by Pope Paul III, making the establishment of this new religious order official, they moved to plant the controlled opposition movement, or what came to be known as the Reformation, lead by Jesuit mole Martin Luther. It has long been admitted by historians that the Jesuit order soon after establishment conceived the counter-reformation, but this information is merely misdirection, for the elite secret societies have always controlled both sides of every struggle throughout history. In this way, the outcome of historical record is always synthesized precisely in the manner desired, while the masses of the world remain mere pawns in this dialectical game of divide and conquer. The Jesuits claim to be an ecclesiastical order, but this is not so. Their legendary founder, Ignatius Loyola, was himself a warrior and private mercenary, and those inside the Vatican order refer to the organization as ‘the company’. One’s ears should perk at the mentioning of that description, for America’s very own CIA, is often referred by the same name. In fact, most of CIA’s founders were Jesuits, including director of the forerunner organization OSS, ‘Wild’ Bill Donovan, and most recently before his publicized disgrace, General David H. Petraeus. The Jesuits are in fact a military organization disguised in ecclesiastical garb, and are also known as ‘warriors of Christ’, or ‘marines of God’. The Jesuits, along with the Crown Temple bankers in London, are at the very top of the pyramidal system of global governance, and are also intimately involved with keeping the grand secret of the biblical text hidden from the masses. In terms of military tactics, their primary weapon of psychological warfare against the worlds masses is the utilization of what came to be known as the Hegelian dialectic, or posing two seemingly disparate foes against one another, in order that out of this conflict might be brought a desired culminating synthesis. As long as two factions within the followers of the church were fighting one another over two completely fabricated religious doctrines, they would never bother to explore the true doctrine expressed in the holy book.

Further efforts at such obfuscation were established with the reign of King James 1, a Scottish nobleman and knight of the garter. At the behest of the church, James went on to employ the services of 47 scholars, (note the significance of that number, representing master apprentice within the Scottish rite masonic orders: 4+ 7=11). Among these, was the renown Francis Bacon, a Rosicrucian and rumored among scholarly circles to be the ghost writer behind the pen moniker of William Shakespeare.

Now, regardless of the spread of literacy among the common populations of Europe, the grand secret of human immortality would be found buried still further under an avalanche of clever figures of speech, metaphor and allegory, culminating in what came to be known to contemporaries as the King James bible. This re-working of the holy bible merely added another clever layer to the exoteric interpretation of the holy book proffered to the masses, one that has been almost solely adhered to without great variation ever since. In the next installment of this post, we shall examine various excerpts from both the old and new testament of the holy bible, excerpts which hide the grand secret of the ages right in plain sight!