What follows are not only the results of an investigation into the MSM’s concocted narrative concerning “Bernie Madoff”, it is also the story of one of Hollywood’s richest, most powerful, and influential entertainment executives, and of the many faces and celebrity personas he has adopted throughout his life.

In fact, David Geffen – the son of former Coca-Cola executive Barry Diller (AKA former US president Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower/Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg), and grandson of Prince Tassilo Egon von Furstenberg (AKA former US president Harry Truman/Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart/musician and band leader Glenn Miller) – is a man who, over the long decades, has portrayed some of the MSM’s most high-profile fabricated character schemes.

Barry Diller

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg

Prince Tassilo Egon von Furstenberg

Harry S. Truman

Jimmy Stewart

Glenn Miller

Maj. Glenn Miller standing with hand in pocket. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Suffice to say, while especially considering the chameleon-like track record of his royal ancestors, is it, therefore, any surprise to discover Mister David Geffen has also been identified as a major perpetrator of the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation?

Nevertheless, as everyone is about to learn, in addition to the nearly numberless fabricated character schemes – some famous and, still others, infamous – David Geffen has been discovered as the man behind the mask of “Bernie Madoff”, the alleged mastermind of what – for decades, since 1960 – the MSM claims existed as an abominably vast and grossly criminal Wall Street “Ponzi”-styled financial speculation scheme.

But while the MSM dishes out its tabloid brand of soap opera “journalism”, seeking to dramatize every tawdry facet of “Bernie Madoff” and his infamous “Ponzi” scheme operation, they will never dare to report that “Madoff” himself was nothing more than a fabricated character scheme designed with an entirely ulterior motive in mind.

It could be further argued, the timing of the MSM’s decision to “off” the fabricated character scheme known as “Bernie Madoff” was an attempt to distract the American public from the ongoing Covid-19 psychological operation which, by now, exists as an obvious geo-political cloak for 1.) The covert execution of mass genocide and global population reduction of human resources in lieu of the implementation of AI, robotics, and 5G coordinated digital systems, 2.) The even greater covert efforts to implement the UN’s Agenda 2030 and “climate change” agenda, and, 3.) The global implementation of an experimental blockchain crypto-currency system which has also been designed as a track and trace system using body activity.

SEE: https://medium.com/@ThePixelDoc/most-everything-in-the-coming-years-will-be-managed-by-blockchain-technology-including-physical-1fb71033a083

Shortly, it will, as well, become clear that, from his incipient emergence on the world’s stage, Madoff’s infamous legend was designed and created to distract the general public’s short lived attentions away from the genuine criminals whom routinely devise schemes to rob and economically exploit the American public: the hidden owners of the genuine “Ponzi” scheme known as the US corporation, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.


To most who regularly frequent this site, everyone certainly recalls that Hollywood executive David Geffen has been identified as the host actor (live-action role player) behind the fabricated media-driven persona of “Doctor Anthony Fauci”.

SEE: Meet the Actor Playing Television Doctor

But, in addition to “Doctor Fauci”, one felt it was necessary to, first, lead everyone along the winding investigative trail which, eventually, culminated with pinpointing the connections between Hollywood executive David Geffen and the infamous “Bernie Madoff”. As everyone has likely surmised, the surname of Madoff represents the subversive mockery of a masonic play-on-words: ‘Madoff’, as in, made-off with a criminal heist.

Initially, it was Madoff’s clownish surname which provided the first clue, tipping-off the existence of a thoroughly concocted and media fabricated character simulation.

Everyone may also recall, Geffen was identified as having portrayed the late 1960’s “hippie” counter-culture boogeyman “Charles Manson”, another media-driven character simulation who can be seen performing his scripted act at a 2007 “parole hearing” in the video excerpt posted immediately below.

David Geffen

Doctor Anthony Fauci

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci looks on during the daily briefing in the Brady Briefing Room of the White House in Washington, DC on January 21, 2021. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

David Geffen

Doctor Anthony Fauci

Charles Manson

As one of three powerful Hollywood moguls credited with the founding of SKG DreamWorks – one of the largest and most prominent animation and movie studios in Hollywood – David Geffen, as well, has portrayed a varied array of fabricated character schemes whom are well-known among Hollywood’s music recording/entertainment industry.

Among these, are the artists known to the public as “Greg Allman” and “Willie Nelson”.

Greg Allman

Willie Nelson and sister “Bobbie Lee”


The woman pictured to the immediate left of “Willie Nelson” (AKA David Geffen) in the image posted immediately above, at least according to the image caption provided by Google Images, is purported to be Nelson’s sibling, “Bobbie Lee Nelson”.

EE=33/highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry

“Bobbie Lee Nelson” proved to be somewhat of a connective nexus, which, not only, tied together several of Geffen’s fabricated Hollywood music industry personas, but, also, served to tie together the fabricated character schemes portrayed by other members of Geffen’s family along with their accompanying Hollywood-derived pseudonyms, and, as well, in identifying their role(s) in the serialized “Bernie Madoff” “reality television” melodrama.

In fact, further image comparison examination of “Bobbie Lee Nelson” provided a key clue as to yet another of David Geffen’s fabricated music industry character schemes, “Gene Simmons” of the legendary shock rock act Kiss, and his hidden daughter, former Disney child star Christina Aguilera.

The character simulation known as “Bobbie Lee Nelson”, upon further examination of her biographical entry located at Wikipedia, proved to be a fabricated character simulation portrayed by Christina Aguilera (AKA Ashley Babbitt), one which was well-aged with strategic applications of facial prosthetics, makeup, and lighting angles.

According to Wikipedia, “Bobbie Lee Nelson” was born on January 1, 1931 in Abbot, Texas.

Abbot/”Bobbie Lee”=Ashlee Babbitt?

In English Ordinal gematria, Bobbie Lee Nelson’s full name sums to 136 which, in turn, when summed further (36+1), equals 37, or 3 7’s/777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code. When also summed together, the numbers listed for Bobbie Lee Nelson’s DOB total to 7, a number which is symbolic of the Kabbalah Zayin, the hook or the mind weapon.

SEE: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/777_and_Other_Qabbalistic_Writings_of_Aleister_Crowley

Undoubtedly, “Bobbie Lee Nelson” was created and designed to authenticate the bogus music industry legend of “Willie Nelson” (AKA David Geffen).

Added to this, further investigation into “Bobbie Lee Nelson”, who, Wikipedia alleges, is Willie Nelson’s “elder sibling”, not only led straight on a trail towards Geffen’s hidden daughter, Christina Aguilera, it also led to “Shannon Tweed”, the “reality television” spouse of “Gene Simmons” (AKA David Geffen/Willie Nelson), who proved to be another character simulation portrayed by Geffen’s hidden spouse, Cher Bono.

Gene Simmons

David Geffen

Gene Simmons

David Geffen

Gene Simmons

David Geffen

As everyone can observe, Simmons – like his live-action role player, David Geffen – sports a bald pate. Biometric analyses confirms the comparative epidermal contours and geometrical dimensions of the left-hand ears – between Geffen and Simmons – are also identical.

The mane of dark hair Simmons normally sports while playing the fire breathing character “Gene Simmons” of the legendary rock band Kiss, exists as a character modifying toupee’.

Then, there is the issue of Simmons’s officially listed height which, due to his penchant for donning 8 inch high-heeled boots, exists as a biographical fabrication and, undoubtedly, was custom designed to fit the larger-than-life persona of David Geffen’s famous but fabricated “rock star” character simulation.

According to a message board at celebheights.com, Gene Simmons’s height is listed at a “peak” of “6 ft. 11/2 (186.7 cm).


Rest assured, after encountering that sort of comical biographical qualifier, one suspected something awry.

SEE: https://www.celebheights.com/s/Gene-Simmons-550.html

The site goes on to publish the following quote from Simmons himself: “{Gene Simmons}, American singer from ‘Kiss’, he says on his official site “I’m 6 foot 2 inches tall. I’ve always been used to being the big guy.”

However, while scrolling down the web page located at celebheights.com, everyone will eventually notice, there is a comment posted by “Sean”, an apparent Kiss fan, who states the following: “He’s 5’7, but wears those ridiculous boots all the time that add like seven inches.” Scrolling a little further, and there is yet another comment, providing a link to an image which positively verifies the aforementioned claim. The image, as everyone will observe after clicking the link posted immediately above, consists of both Gene Simmons and iconic Hollywood actor Tom Cruise standing face-to-face.

Given the ocular evidence provided by the content of that image, it should be no surprise to learn that Cruise’s height is also officially listed at 5 ft. 7 inches.

As everyone can clearly observe from the image, “Gene Simmons” – when not donned in escalating 7 or 8 inch heels – is clearly no taller than Cruise, which thoroughly dismantles Simmons’s claim he’s “used to being the big guy.”

Oftentimes, during the course of his long and legendary career in Hollywood’s music/entertainment industry, “Gene Simmons” has been more noted for his business acumen than his instrumental and vocal prowess.

Now, surely, everyone understands why this must be so.

After all, as we’ve just discovered, “Gene Simmons” is but another fabricated character simulation portrayed by music industry executive David Geffen (AKA Charles Manson/Doctor Anthony Fauci/Willie Nelson/Greg Allman), one of the most powerful businessmen in Hollywood.

Turns out, nearly the entire gamut of Geffen’s fabricated character schemes – “Charles Manson”, “Doctor Anthony Fauci”, and Sonny Bono – are officially listed at the identical height of 5 ft. 7 inches.

Also, not coincidentally, according to the following link at wealthyperons.com, the “late” “Bernie Madoff” – the villainous Wall Street robber baron who was recently alleged to have “died” while serving a life sentence in prison – is listed at 1.71 m, which is equivalent, in feet, to – wait for it, folks – 5 ft. 7.323 inches.

SEE: https://www.wealthypersons.com/bernie-madoff-net-worth-2020-2021/#forward

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses also confirms that Bill Aucoin, the manager of Simmons’s legendary rock act, Kiss, was also a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Charles Alden Black, the spouse of Shirley Temple Black and the father of Charles Alden Black Junior, who, as previously documented on this site, has been identified as the live-action role player behind a virtual bevy of fabricated rock star personas.

SEE: Over the Rainbow & Back in Black

SEE: Has Freddie Mercury Kept Himself Alive?

SEE: Chris Cornell’s Jesus Christ Death Pose

SEE also: Tony Blair The Minister of Prime Lies?

Charles Alden Black

Bill Aucoin

Additionally, another existing thread which ties together “Greg Allman” and “Gene Simmons” to Hollywood executive David Geffen is Cher Bono (AKA Celine Dionne), the former spouse of Sonny Bono, the former pop singer, television host, and ‘late” US political representative who – as has been confirmed by facial recognition, ear biometric, and image comparison analyses – proved also to be yet another numbered among the vast array of Geffen’s fabricated character schemes.


Sonny Bono

David Geffen

As everyone has most likely detected from the pair of images, posted immediately above, much like “Gene Simmons”, “Sonny Bono” (AKA David Geffen) was routinely donned in a modifying hair toupee’.

Cher Bono, as alluded to earlier, has also been identified as the host actor behind the backdated Hollywood-simulated celebrity persona of “Shannon Tweed”, the former playboy model and “reality television” spouse of “Gene Simmons” (AKA David Geffen). Facial recognition and image comparison analyses – between Cher Bono and “Shannon Tweed” – demonstrates the epidermal and geometrical contours of both the eyes, brow ridges, noses, lips, and chins are identical.

Furthermore, copious applications of blonde-colored hair dye and the donning of modifying contact lenses have helped to obscure and to distort the ocular perceptions of the public from identifying Tweed’s live-action role player, Cher Bono.




Though Wikipedia claims “Bobbie Lee Nelson” is ninety years-of-age, it is clear to observe, while closely examining the image of “Willie” and his “older” sister “Bobbie” posted above, they are both heavily donned in facial prosthetics, which have been designed to properly “age” the fabricated character schemes and, of course, to also completely conceal the identity of the host actor (live-action role player) beneath the Hollywood-modifying disguise.

Turns out, however, “Bobbie Lee Nelson” possesses a conspicuous epidermal landmark – located just above the left breast to everyone’s lower right as the following images are viewed – which helped to positively identify her live-action role player as Geffen’s hidden daughter, the former Disney child star Christina Aguilera (AKA Bobbie Lee Nelson/Ashley Babbitt).

Everyone should keep in mind while examining the identifying epidermal landmark – a birthmark located just above the left breast in common between “Bobbie Lee Nelson”, Geffen’s hidden daughter Christina Aguilera, and “Ashely Babbitt” – that the artistic process of creating fabricated character simulations – even in the post-modern era of technological advances in CGI motion capture and photo-shop animation software packages – remains better facilitated and remains a much more common practice when youthful live-action role players are “aged” with facial and anatomical prosthetics, strategic applications of makeup, and other such modifying elements.

However, it should be noted, due to the rapid technological advances in CGI motion capture and photo-shop animation, the reverse – transforming an older live-action role player to appear in the guise of a much younger fabricated character scheme – is now also quite feasible.

LUCK, TEXAS – MARCH 13: Bobbie Nelson performs in concert with Willie Nelson during The Luck Banquet on March 13, 2019 in Luck, Texas. (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)


According to Wikipedia, “Bernard Lawrence Madoff (April 29, 1938 – April 14, 2021) was an American fraudster and former financier who ran the world’s largest Ponzi scheme. He was at one time non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market before being revealed as the operator of the largest financial fraud in history, worth about $64.8 billion.”

Yes, folks, “Bernie Madoff” was, indeed, a fraudster. Just not in the way the public is being told what to believe.

The location of the prison – Federal Correctional Institution Butner Medium near Butner, North Carolina – where “Bernie Madoff” was alleged to be serving out a life sentence is also geographically situated, according to masonpost.com, in proximity with Butner Lodge #697.

SEE: https://masonpost.com/nc/butner697/profile.html

Surely, everyone noticed the numerological significance of the sum of 64.8 billion – 6+4+8=18/3 6’s or 666?

Furthermore, certainly, there are those left pondering – as was I – what exactly Wikipedia means by the term “non-executive chairman”?

Again, according to Wikipedia’s official entry, the term “non-executive director or chairman” is defined as follows: “A non-executive director, independent director or external director is a member of the board of directors of a company or organization, but not a member of the executive management team.”

What, generally, as so stated, are we then to make of the implications of that particular definition of terms, and, more specifically, when considered within the larger context of the MSM’s infamous legend of “Bernie Madoff”?

In essence, Wikipedia is admitting Madoff’s official title at NASDAQ served no executive or policymaking function and that, for all intents and purposes, his position was merely created for public spectacle, set up as an ersatz executive, a  strawman, one who, most likely, did not even regularly attend board meetings.

Indeed, to judge from Wikipedia’s definition of Madoff’s title, the fabricated character scheme known to the public as “Bernie Madoff” was intended to operate as a well-promoted scapegoat, someone to take the fall as a public face for the gross criminality which routinely takes place within America’s casino of financial speculation known as Wall Street, the ultimate den of venomous vipers, conmen, and thieves.

As for the rest of Madoff’s official biography, it is merely more spectacular scenery for the public to gawk at and, ultimately, to be distracted with.

As to the fabricated substance of Madoff’s media-created legend, superficially, it is nothing more than ridiculous bread and circus styled entertainment, a myth promoted by the MSM to serve the ulterior and covert purposes of the ruling thirteen Jesuit families, the story of a fictional conman, created to conceal the crimes of the genuine and more rapacious criminals who have ruled over humanity since imperial Rome, families such as the royal Von Furstenburg/Pallavicini to which Hollywood executive David Geffen – the host actor behind the fabricated character scheme known as “Bernie Madoff” – genealogically belongs.

On a deeper level, Madoff’s tragic story and “death” could also be interpreted as the last demise of the American Dream itself, a symbolic morality tale of the rise and fall of yet another once mighty empire toppled into the infernal dusts of history.

The following video excerpt – a 60 Minutes interview with “Ruth”, the “widow” of “Bernie Madoff” – exists as a prime demonstration of the utilization of Neural-Linguistic Programming.

When fast forwarded to the 2:27 mark, everyone will begin to notice the interview is conducted in a hushed but steady rhythmic cadence.

At exactly 2:27, the 60 Minutes host asks “Ruth”, “Was he emotional in any way?”

“I don’t remember that,” “Ruth” replies, then, adds this qualification, “He must have been.”

Yes folks, “Bernie Madoff” may not have been emotional about being cast in the starring role of yet another tawdry piece of masonic theater. Nevertheless, for Hollywood executive David Geffen, it seems likely, playing out his serialized role as “Bernie Madoff” was tantamount to just another day at the office.

Bernie Madoff

David Geffen

Bernie Madoff/David Geffen

On the other hand, when it comes to considering the Jesuit-controlled minions employed by the MSM, they would certainly wish for those among the American public to become emotionally invested and psychologically distraught.

After all, such a state of affairs would certainly help to lift the MSM’s plummeting ratings out of the doldrum depths.

Facial recognition and image comparison analyses confirms that “Ruth Madoff” – like her infamous “late” husband “Bernie Madoff” – is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by “Shannon Tweed”, the “reality television” spouse of “Gene Simmons” (AKA David Geffen).

Ruth Madoff

Shannon Tweed

Cher Bono

In summary, the entire “saga” of “Bernie Madoff” was designed to distract the public, just long enough to make them forget it is they – rather than Madoff’s alleged investors – who have been routinely robbed, exploited, lied to and, now, because the ruling elite thirteen Jesuit families have decided most of those among the proletariat aren’t needed anymore, both systematically and covertly eliminated.

44 thoughts on “Bernie Made Off But Still Alive

  1. I find it interesting that he “died” on April 14, 2021. April 14 is a significant date in history and in the occult. The Titanic “sank” after hitting an iceberg on April 14. The Lincoln “assassination” took place on April 14 at Ford’s Theater. The selection of that day is appropriate considering the significance it entails for this fake story.




    April 14 is also the day America’s first abolitionist society was established and it was founded by “founding fathers” Ben Franklin and Ben Rush (ironically, both owned slaves). It was created in 1775, just a week before the battles of Lexington & Concord which began the “War of Independence” in the thirteen colonies. Very convenient timing, eh?



    1. This is yet more evidence his “death” was scripted well in advance. You can bet he never spent a single second in prison, like Charles Manson. I am surprised they didn’t stage multiple high-profile interviews with Madoff like what they did with Manson for many years.

  2. Is it possible “Bernie Madoff” was played by “Robert De Niro”? They look very similar.



    De Niro could be a variant of Nero, as in Emperor Nero, who ruled the Roman Empire. Since the names come from the same region (Mediterranean countries), it’s likely he’s related to Nero.





    1. De Niro did play the character of Madoff in a made-for-television production. I did, initially, consider the possibility, but ear biometric analyses didn’t quite match with most of Madoff’s images and there was also a height discrepancy. De Niro was, however, the host actor behind the mask of US president Lyndon Baines Johnson. Warren Beatty (AKA Robert MacNamara/Richard M. Nixon) was the live-action role player who portrayed his Secretary of Defense.

    2. By the way, that video of Madoff’s “death” prediction was a great discovery – truly, a gem. In my next article, I will demonstrate that both Richard Pryor and Whitney Houston faked their deaths. Also, the trolls are at it again. But, as they say, if you’re not taking flack, you’re not flying over the target.

      1. You’re the most welcome. Yes, I known for a long time Whitney Houston faked her death. I am sure it’ll make a very interesting article.

      2. Here’s a hint: Houston is portraying a high-profile news anchor and, so it is claimed, this news anchor is a friend of Oprah Winfrey’s. As for Pryor, he went on to become a popular game show host.

      3. For the first one, I suppose you are referring to Oprah’s girlfriend Gayle King. Since “Oprah Winfrey” herself is a fake (played by Erin Moran, who is rumored to be a Rothschild), it makes perfect sense that her friend would be a “fabricated character scheme”, too.



        As for the second one, you’re probably referring to Steve Harvey, a famous game-show host known for his TV series Family Feud.

        Richard Pryor with Johnny Carson (go to 0:27):

        Steve Harvey with Barack Obama (aka Jerry Seinfeld):


        For comparisons, here are the interviews of WH and GK:

        Whitney Houston with Rosie O’Donnell:

        Gayle King with Stephen Colbert (also rumored to be playing Obama, btw):

      4. I should know better than to provide such obvious hints. As for Pryor, he’s Steve Harvey, the former host of Family Feud. There will also be another revelation: Frankie Lymon, the former child star who – as it turns out – is also still alive. He is now an iconic Hollywood actor who was Jesuit educated – Fordham. This actor is also a famous musician who claims to be suffering from blindness.

      5. As for Oprah, you’re correct, I believe she has been portrayed by Erin Moran and, possibly, Penny Marshal, the spouse of Rob Reiner (AKA Al Gore/Doctor Wayne Carver/Doctor Robert Redfield of the CDC) caucasian host actors performing black face

      6. I believe Moran has also portrayed Pat Benatar, the former 1980’s pop star. As they say, you stole my thunder. I was saving Oprah for another occasion.

      7. Speaking of the Rothschilds, the Morans do appear to be Frankish Jews who settled in Ireland after the Norman Conquests of the 1060s-1080s. The coat of arms is very revealing with the hexagrams – symbolic hints to the Judaic origins of this bloodline. Another intriguing fact: the Latin motto on the Moran family crest (lucent in tenebris) means “they shine in darkness” in English. How appropriate.





        The Rothschilds were directly involved in the “Irish Famine”, which some say was a premeditated culling of Ireland by Britain so the ‘Crown’ could hoard their abundant foodstuffs (though it’s likely that was faked, too. They always fake these famines so as to create the illusion of scarcity and to exploit public sentiment for financial and political gain. You see the same trickery being used in the marketing of the “Armenian Genocide” half a century later):





      8. “They shine in darkness” harbors quite a bit of occult symbolism: masonic black and white duality, the arrival of the visible light of Lucifer sent from the invisible black sun/prism/pyramid star of Sirius. I quite agree with your assessment of the Irish famine. It seems the identical method of operation which was utilized to create that “crisis” of scarcity is now being executed with the Covid-19 operation, only on a much grander and global scale, and with much greater and strenuous propaganda and, as well, traumatizing psychological force.

      9. Also, “they shine in darkness” could also be a subtle hint to the dual celebrity personas Moran assumes. One was a relatively-famous white television actress, the other is a well-renown black multi-billionaire TV show host. “Shine” = White, “Darkness” = Black.

      10. In addition to Winfrey and 80’s pop singer Pat Benatar, I also believe Moran has portrayed other celebrity characters – perhaps, even Suzi Quatro, the short-lived made-for-television rock star.

  3. In continuing this discussion of “dark” and “light” (Masonic duality of good and evil), the concept of “Satan” as being the source of all evil in the world actually goes back to the “Black Plague” during the Middle Ages. Before that, “the Devil” was little more than a naughty jester in contrast to “God” or “Yahweh” and was inspired by the deities of Ancient Egypt – Bes and Set.


    Since I believe the “Black Plague” was probably a hoax (like the present Coronavirus), is it possible that one of the reasons for this massive psyop was to mold religious public opinion in favor of Europe’s power elite who wanted to suppress dissent through the Church as well as the State? By turning “Satan” into the embodiment of all evil and implicating everyone into his “dark” web during a time of (manufactured) crisis, they created a convenient scenario for them to use religion as an excuse of ostracizing their opposition and realizing their political and economic agendas.

    For more information on the “Black Plague”, see:



    Fear always equals control.

    1. Absolutely – religious dogma has always been used a weapon of psychological warfare. In the same sense, finance or commercial trade is tantamount to a loaded gun and politics is the conniving and maneuvering hand – oftentimes concealed – that pulls the trigger.

      1. The WHO was preparing the masses for the Coronahoax in 2017. History repeats itself because it has the same authors.

      2. Yes and, perhaps, long before then. I have some information, derived from an international banker, which was first divulged back in the early 1980’s about the depopulation agenda as it relates to vaccinations, coming up in the next article. Also, in that article, there shall be a link to an internal memo, posted in PDF format on the CDC’s site, which largely admits, the vaccinations are, in fact, a big-pharma depopulation bio-weapon.

      3. Wouldn’t control me. Who controls medicine controls the people.

      4. As for me, I’m quite proud to stand in the minority – if not alone – against the tide of imbeciles willing to risk suicide, not only from oxygen asphyxia inducing masks but against the hordes of those subjecting themselves to what has been admitted is an experimental gene therapy (lethal) injection. These persons are nothing more than animals being led to their own slaughter.

      5. I feel exactly the same. That’s why I always feel irritated when I see people wear masks around me 24/7/365, even in places where they’re not required to. Such people always grate my nerves.

      6. Retail enforcement of mask wearing is, at this point, to anyone with a properly functioning cerebral cortex, a classic example of Pavlovian behavioral modification performed on a mass scale. The entire exercise, quite frankly, reminds one of the Stanford Prison experiments.

      7. Oh, I’ve identified another fabricated character scheme for the next article: The actor known as “Tyler Perry”, there can be no doubt, is portrayed by Will Smith.

      8. That’s why I rarely wear masks when possible. Even in stores or eateries, I don’t wear a mask when nobody’s noticing or care to notice and stop me.

      9. Frankly, whenever possible, I avoid going out in public, unless it’s absolutely necessary. I can’t stomach observing the parade of masked zombies, which makes one feel as if they’re an extra in some Wes Craven horror production.

      10. Another observation: No one seems to wonder how the seemingly endless supply of “plexiglass spit guards” as well as millions of masks were produced and distributed so alarmingly fast nationwide, and to all retail outlets, or from where they came or who or what company may have been able to produce these items with such alacrity. When considered, that fact , alone, clearly represents evidence of foreknowledge.

      11. Of course! And I am sure those who are manufacturing those products are such rapid rates are rapidly making bank off of the sales.

      12. And who you think paid for it all? We did. We’re basically paying to fuck ourselves. One of the largest recipients of this theft is Honeywell International, involved in mask production. During the pandemic, they made billions off of such scams, among other things. That’s why they’re all for “free”: because they already robbed the masses blind without many of them even realizing why. That’s the beauty of it.


        “Honeywell International, Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate that operates in aerospace, building technologies, performance materials and technologies, and safety solutions. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Honeywell converted its manufacturing facilities across the United States and Germany to produce supplies of PPE for frontline healthcare workers. In April 2020, Honeywell started production of N95 masks with an aim to produce nearly 20 million masks a month and other facilities were converted to make hand sanitizers for government bodies.”


        And look at who else benefits from this financial rape: the politicians who sold out the people to such conglomerates, many of them own shares in that company. That’s why they were so willing to sell off such private/public partnership schemes. Not to mention that we directly pay their salaries and benefits, so it’s an extra steal for them. There are always strings attached when it comes to who gets what from the steal.

        According to Open Secrets, the shares held by all the politicians mentioned on that list ranges from $1,000 to $250,000. Altogether, the investments are $7.1 million. It’s probably much more than that, as I’m sure there are far more “institutional investors” (in this case American politicians) who made much higher sums from the company. (And the latest numbers presented below here are 2018 figures. Imagine how much they made now.)


        And it’s not just here in America. It’s a worldwide taxpayer grift. For example, Emergen Research mentions that one of the large mask manufacturers (3M Company) made a multi-million-dollar deal with the Canadian “government”, which is currently under the “stewardship” of Justin Trudeau. That company also entered lucrative deals with U.S. federal agencies across America.

        “3M signed a CA$70 million deal with the federal government of Canada and the Ontario provincial government for the production of N95 masks at their manufacturing plant in Brockville, Ontario.” – Top 10 Leading Facemask Manufacturing Companies in the World (Emergen Search)

        Here are the deals made in the United States. Overall, the corporation made a whopping $491 million from 50 federal contracts in the sale and distribution of COVID-19 masks. If you go back, the first deal struck was on March 5th, 2020, just six days before the WHO declared the Coronavirus a pandemic (see link #2). Nice, eh?



      13. You’re merely underscoring one of the prime points of my last several articles regarding the sinister nature of this Covid-19 psychological operation. The working and middle classes in the West are unwittingly financing their own extermination. As I’ve documented on several occasions, with the advent and rapid development of both robotics and AI, there is no longer a need for human workers in several job sectors, many of which historically employ those emanating from the working and middle classes. For further reinforcement, one will no doubt note, I included the quote from none other than Henry Kissinger in two recently published articles, regarding what would occur if humanity ever accepted mandatory vaccination. In an upcoming article, I shall demonstrate that not only is CDC director “Rochelle Walensky” a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a member of the von Furstenberg family who is related to both Hollywood executive David Geffen (Anthony Fauci/Bernie Madoff) and to Barry Diller (AKA former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower), but I shall reveal more about a damning pdf document from Pfizer which details a virtual laundry list of vaccine side effects.

      14. Absolutely. It’s all about privatize massive wealth, and therefore control of resources (or vice versa), and socializing costs to the taxpayers and/or consumers in their controlled economy. In that way, they can always guarantee perpetual control over humanity.

      15. You did make a salient point in one of your last comments regarding the perpetual “con” game of the ruling families. As I’ve discovered and as extensive research has indicated, all aspects of society are carefully and cleverly designed to trick the proletariat into giving over their legal consent and acting against their own interests.

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