Hollywood has always been about appearances.

But Hollywood, the entertainment capitol of America, has never been what it appears to be.

Hollywood is a grand tool utilized by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families to implement psychological operations.

Its “celebrities” are also merely tools, experimental models used to dispense Pavlovian-styled behavioral modification upon their legions of blind worshipers among the American general public.

Most, if not all, of these “celebrities” aren’t real, and only exist as carefully-crafted personas and well-managed and meticulously designed images – such as the Hollywood filmmaker known as “Tyler Perry” – which are blindly consumed and even admired by the public.

Furthermore, as we’ve learned through the process of in-depth investigation, not only do most of those known as Hollywood’s “celebrities” exist only as fabricated character schemes acted out by live-action role players, many of Hollywood’s “stars” have been identified as royal descendants of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

These families not only own and control Hollywood, but, as well, own and control the US corporation.

Most recently, Hollywood’s prestigious Academy saw fit to bestow “Tyler Perry” with a ‘Humanitarian’ award.

Tyler Perry

Will Smith

Everyone may now be aware, before the commencement of the 93rd (12/21/777/Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code) Academy Awards – Hollywood’s annual ceremony of narcissistic self-congratulation – hordes of homeless vagrants were forcibly removed from the premises of Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles.

Yet, one should expect, those among Los Angeles’s homeless are the very same Hollywood’s “celebrities” claim suffer from a lack of “representation” and “equitable” consideration.

One of those “celebrities”, attending this year’s Academy Awards, was “Tyler Perry”, who, after being called to the podium to accept The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, delivered a rousing but platitudinous speech denouncing “hate”.

As for the plight of the homeless, those forcibly removed from the premises – one supposes, so the pristine red carpet wouldn’t be sullied – they went unmentioned by Perry during his speech.

Furthermore, not one of those among Perry’s fellow “celebrities” – those also remaining unaware of their insufferable penchant for regurgitating honeyed and politically correct buzzwords – seemed to be bothered taking any discernable notice of this glaring irony.

Again, one supposes, acknowledgment of such a glaring irony would only have served to completely peel away Hollywood’s fig leaf of superficial righteousness. 


If there is anyone who still doubts Hollywood’s inherent superficiality, the following quote, taken from an article published at calilforniaglobe.com, should serve to remove all doubt: “On Oscar Sunday, the homeless could not be found anywhere near Union Station. ‘They came to us about a week ago saying that we had to move by Friday 6 p.m. because they were trying to to clean up for the Oscars and they told us if we didn’t move, they were gonna just demolish our stuff,’ says D.J., a man living in a tent in downtown Los Angeles, Fox 11 reported. ‘They forced us to go to the Grand Hotel on 3rd and Figueroa and they kicked everybody out of Union Station so it looks better for the image,’ says D.J.”

Yes, folks, better for the image, indeed.

SEE: https://californiaglobe.com/section-2/hypocrites-in-los-angeles-move-homeless-away-from-oscars-ceremony/

Apparently, “Tyler Perry”, the Hollywood engineered fabricated character scheme portrayed by Will Smith, wholeheartedly agrees with the importance of maintaining an image.

Tyler Perry

Will Smith

According to npr.org, “In a rousing speech, {Tyler} Perry told a story about helping a woman in need buy a pair of shoes, and how it served as a lesson in withholding judgment.”

Rather than attempting to further proselytize concerning the gaping irony between the plight of Los Angeles’s homeless and the ‘humanitarian’ posturing of Tyler Perry’s award’s speech, one will merely provide this excerpt from the speech’s transcript, published at npr.org: “I want to take this Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and dedicate it to anyone who wants to stand in the middle,” he concluded,”…because that’s where healing happens, that’s where conversation happens, that’s where change happens. It happens in the middle. So anyone who wants to meet me in the middle, to refuse hate, to refuse blanket judgement, and help lift someone’s feet off the ground, this one’s for you, too.”

Does such a magnanimous sentiment apply as well to the homeless man known as D.J., “Tyler Perry”?

SEE: https://www.npr.org/sections/live-updates-oscars-2021/2021/04/25//990748108/tyler-perry-accepts-the-jean-hersholt-humanitarian-award

But, surely, everyone noticed, as part of the introduction to the article published at npr.org, a reference to “shoes”.

This reference harbors occult and, it turns out, masonic significance.


At an article published at masonicsites.org, a comprehensive understanding about the origins of the masonic Rite of Discalceation, involving the “plucking off of one’s shoe”, is further amplified: “In the Great Light of Masonry, in the book of Ruth, there is a passage that refers to the Rite of Discalceation: the plucking off of one’s shoe.”

The article, available at the link posted immediately below, goes on to further elucidate regarding the symbolism of the masonic “Rite of Discalceation”: “In the Great Light of Masonry some of the symbolism of taking off of one’s shoe and giving it to another was a renunciation of rights or the transferring of rights. It’s interesting that when a shoe was given to bind a bargain, or to renounce a right, each party to the agreement kept one shoe, because the possession of one shoe by each person was evidence of the transaction. To the candidate the absent shoe in the first two degrees denotes that he is forming new ties and taking upon himself new obligations. In the process he is casting off all degrading ties of the past and he is to climb the heights of intellectual love, relief and truth. The symbolism of the candidate is that rights are being transferred to him and their mutual obligations are being assumed.”

In a successive paragraph, the article at masonicsites.org delves even further into the symbolism of this masonic rite regarding shoes: “In one instance it is symbolic of the initiate agreeing to surrender his own will in all that relates to the order and become obedient to its ancient laws; and in another sense the symbolism is of the candidate’s truthful testimony to the Brethren of the Lodge. In addition, the plucking off of one’s shoe Masonically symbolizes sincerity of intentions in entering on an important work. ‘It is a sign of consecration to that work and of a persevering effort to complete it.'”

SEE: http://www.masonicsites.org/discalceationrite.htm


During his Academy Awards acceptance speech, Perry also made repeated references to “standing in the middle”.

Regarding this particular reference, further investigation reveals Perry’s speech harbored even deeper occult symbolism and hidden significance, having to do with the use of geometric shapes – triangles, circles, and squares – and their relation to the transformative power of alchemy, and their relationship to a time-honored occult ritual of ceremonial magic.

“Standing in the middle” is a hidden reference to a magic (Thelemic) ritual devised by the Order of the Golden Dawn, an occult order which was once headed by none other than Alistair Crowley (AKA Sir Winston Churchill).

SEE: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

According to Wikipedia, “The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (or LBRP) is a ceremonial magic ritual devised and used by the original order of the Golden Dawn that has become a mainstay of modern occultism. This ritual is considered by many to be a basic preliminary to any other magical work, so much that it was the only ritual, besides initiation rituals, taught to members of the Golden Dawn before they advanced to the Inner Order.” Wikipedia goes on to explain that, “The Golden Dawn LBRP consists of three main parts, in this order, 1.) Qabilistic Cross, 2.) Formulation of the Pentagrams, and 3.) Invocation of the Archangels.”

SEE: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lesser_banishing_ritual_of_the_pentagram

One is certain, given these occult interpretations, everyone is starting to ascertain the fabricated character scheme known as “Tyler Perry” –  hidden in the guise of a speech which appeared to be an appeal to “humanitarian” concerns – was attempting to appeal to new recruits for the global masonic cult controlled by the Jesuit order at the Vatican in Rome.

Of course, Perry made no mention of the fact the Covid-19 “pandemic” – the global psychological operation executed by Perry’s masonic masters of the Jesuit order and those belonging to the thirteen Jesuit families – is being utilized as a smokescreen for the UN’s Agenda 2030, a well-coordinated plan of global genocide and global economic transformation.

Incredibly, one has recently discovered, the depopulation goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030 were alluded to – back in 1981 – by Jacques Attali, a Freemason and member of the exclusive Bilderberger Group.

“The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population,” Attali is on record as stating, “We start with the old, becasue as soon as they exceed 60-65 years, people live longer than they produce and that costs society dearly. Then, the weak, then the useless that do not help society because there will always be more of them, and above all, ultimately, the stupid.”

But the most revealing quote from Attali – available at the link posted immediately below – is the following which, it would appear, foretells the emergence of the Covid-19 “pandemic”: “We will find or cause something a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment. We will have made sure that treatment is in place, treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots then takes care of itself. You go to the slaughter by yourself.”

How’s that for “hate”, huh folks?

SEE: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/mq7vo8/jacques_attali_predicted_2020_in_1981_2014_he/

The full text – translatable from French into English –  of the 1981 interview with Jacques Attali, during which his provocative and visionary comments were made, is available at the following link.

SEE also: https://straight2point.info/the-1981-michel-salomon-jacques-attali-interview/

By the way, the following CDC/FDA document – available at the link displayed below – an internal memo published in pdf format, admits the premise of a global health emergency in the form of “Covid-19” is not as advertised and, in essence, is completely fraudulent.

The document clearly states no samples of a virus called Covid have been isolated, nor have any samples been collected, analyzed, or tested by any known scientific method(s).

In essence folks, a large percentage of America’s population – save those among one’s loyal readers who frequent this site – have been thoroughly duped, deceived, and bamboozled.

The Covid-19 “pandemic” – like the fabricated Hollywood character scheme known as “Tyler Perry” – is a complete and total fraud.

SEE: https://fda.gov/media/134922/download


Voice print comparison analyses – along with extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses – confirms the host actor (live-action role player) behind the portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as filmmaker “Tyler Perry” is Hollywood actor Will Smith.

However, facial recognition and image comparison analysis also confirms that “Gayle King”, the news anchor personality observed interviewing “Tyler Perry” in the previous video excerpt, is also a fabricated character scheme portrayed by an alleged “dead” woman, the “late” pop singer Whitney Houston.

Gayle King

Whitney Houston

As everyone is also likely to be aware, “Gayle King” is a close relation of Oprah Winfrey.

Turns out, “Oprah”, too, is also a fabricated character scheme, and the identity of her host actor will shortly be revealed, in an upcoming article!

44 thoughts on “Oscar’s ‘Humanitarian’ Forgets Hollywood’s Homeless

  1. Even more ironic is the fact that these “celebrities” are owned by the same people who is responsible for creating the homeless crisis to begin with (rising property prices, housing bubbles, foreclosures, etc.), just like every other major crisis in history. That’s how twisted it is.



    1. This fellow “Perry” strikes me as really quite irksome and, also, quite transparent. He’s yet another fake celebrity trying to sell the victimhood narrative.

  2. Another very interesting item. By the way, I think what’s happening in India these day is another jesuit psychological set up, similar to that of Wuhan. Another great hollywoodian show for decerebrated masses of covidiots driven towards vaccination with their sewage called vaccine.

    1. Thanks, as always, for taking the time to visit Newsspell. Though I believe your assessment, regarding the MSM’s Indian Covid propaganda, to be quite correct, I also think it’s clear, at this juncture of the game, the Jesuits – skilled at planning and executing a multiplicity of contingencies – are fully prepared to utilize every weapon of psychological warfare at their disposal. As we both know – to those at the highest levels of the Society of Jesus – the ends always justify whatever means. As for the ‘decerebrated masses of covid idiots’, I also believe, no matter what contradictory evidence presented to them, and no matter how well-articulated, they will continue to fall prey to the MSM’s sinister propagandizing, particularly when it regurgitates from the mouths of their worshipful Hollywood puppets.

    1. I’m well-familiar with those organizations, both of which are well-connected to freemasonry and, by extension, to the Jesuit order in Rome. I have first-hand knowledge, family members of those numbered among these organizations are routinely recruited as informants for the masonic police guilds.

  3. My name is Manisha Shah. I live at 27 English Oak Rd, Simpsonville, SC. My murderer is Bill McClintock who lives across the street at 32 English Oak Rd. He must be Scottish Rite (32). I’m sorry to keep posting on ur page but this is the only way anybody will know what happened to me. They will delete my website once I am gone. It’s crazy to know that I have nobody in my life. Everybody who surrounded me was lying to me to maintain this “spell”. All my relatives are stone cold sociopaths. Nobody will blink an eye when I’m gone because they are helping to participate in my murder. You and your readers are the only ones I can find who are not liars. Please keep up the good fight. Your posts really do matter. This is my final post. Thank you for having shattered the spell I was under and helping me see the truth.

  4. Forgot to also post that my father Gautam P. Shah born on March 13, 1945 faked his death on December 19, 2017. He was “cremated” at Mackey Mortuary (probably named after big Freemason Albert Mackey). I am 100% sure he has moved back to the flat in Mumbai that he and his sisters claimed they sold in 2005. I know of other Indians who have faked their deaths by looking them up. Looks like they are moving from the US back toIndia to help prepare for the commercial shift to the East. My mom is just waiting for me to be gone before she joins him. That’s why she claimed she would be dead in 15 days right before I discovered your site in April and discovered the truth and fled my house. I was already so darkened and weakened by the microwave weapon she had been using on me by then.

  5. I figured out yesterday that Mahabone must refer to the Great Bone Idol (maha means “great” in Sanskrit), which refers to the lingam, like the shiva lingam. The oldest natural lingams are mountains. In fact all the old temples were built in the form of lingams, including Stonehenge. That is why they always talk about the wise gurus who are to be found high up in the mountains finding enlightenment. Also refers to the lingam shape of the star cluster known as the Pleiades which has some natural life force. I think that is where the key lies to immortal life.

  6. In fact there was a Danger Mouse pilot that never aired called The Great Bone Idol in which he is on a quest to find the idol as it has the power to control every dog in the world. Mirror image of dog would be god. Since god is in everyone, I believe that the lingam has the power to control every person on the planet.

  7. As I noted on my http://www.pennymedic.com website, looks like I was given a reprieve since I called out the responsible party on your site. Sorry to have to use you and your readers as witnesses to what is going on with me, but this is a game of chess. Let’s see how long I make it.

    Anyway, I think you and you your readers should know about my encounter with George H. W. Bush in 1992 when I was in high school and he had come to the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport to campaign for his re-election. At the time, he should have been 68 years old. I remember being very surprised when I shook his hand because I was expecting to feel a papery, weathered bony hand. Instead his hand was soft and clammy like a young person. That stuck in my mind this whole time until I came across your website. That is how I know you are 100% right that these presidents are being portrayed by other people.

    1. I happen to know, there are low-level freemasons who visit this site and comment under other names connected to fake accounts. Several times in the recent past, these individuals have also paid informants to drop insipid comments and foolish ad hominem in response to my published articles. I am also aware of the hidden identities of some of these informants, who’ve been recruited through non-profit organizations such as YMCA and NEMLAC, a non-profit police organization. As to your story concerning “George H. W. Bush”, I’m not the least surprised to hear of a first-hand account confirming the premise of my findings.

  8. I’ve been gangstalked ever since I fled my house in April and am living everyday in hotels. They harass me by constantly slamming doors in the hallways.

    I am a lawyer and discovered in 2015, when a shady client came to me to defend his gas station from foreclosure, that all gas station properties and other properties belonging to chemical companies are all contaminated and the groundwater as a result is contaminated with cancer causing chemicals. I went to the fbi and quickly realized they were part of the coverup. In my court case, the judges were suddenly holding my hearings after all of the other lawyers were gone and making unlawful decisions. That is how I knew the EPA, FBI and the courts were bogus but I still didn’t have the full picture. Your explanations about the flag in the court, etc. provided me with the complete picture.

    It is very scary how fast we are moving to the New World Order. I feel that we must do something as soon as possible. Time is running out. They are killing off the innocent people. Pretty soon we won’t have enough allies to fight back.

    1. Truly, it is a very precarious position in which, as you say, innocent people have found themselves. On the other hand, unfortunately, many of those same innocents seem contented to forfeit their free will and have willingly given themselves over to the sinister will of the state. Barring any effective legal action against the US corporation, which, as an attorney, I’m certain you’re aware, is unlikely to be successful, since the pharmaceutical giants distributing the “vaccines” have been granted immunity from prosecution, the hopeful prospect of mounting any “fight back” against what appears to be the machinations of a well-orchestrated genocidal program appear to be rapidly dimming. Given that, let’s be realistic, one should never foolishly endeavor in attempting to save those who don’t want to be saved and have – in many cases, proudly – consented to their own demise. Nevertheless, I’m not afraid to die to secure and defend my individual sovereignty and, if necessary, I plan to go down swinging.

  9. I don’t believe that a lot of people willingly consented to their own demise. A study from the Wisconsin institute of Technology in 2014 had found that 1 in 3 Americans had rfid implants without their knowledge. Most of the chips were found in tooth fillings and dental implants. Others were found in screws for knee or hip procedures. That means the number of unknowingly implanted Americans must be substantially higher by now. In fact, I went out with a “friend” to a restaurant in 2014 who had them put something in my burrito bowl that cause my molar to crack. My dentist wouldn’t do anything until it totally split and then removed the entire tooth. Luckily I was short on cash so I didn’t get an implant. Now I know how they had set me up. I was even noticing since the last year how many dental offices and medical buildings have suddenly sprung up.

    These people are all being mind controlled. It’s not possible that so many people can have the same sociopathic personality. I was noticing my mom also had a look in her eyes that wasn’t normal and would move in slow motion at times. Sure enough, those are signs of mind control. Then I remember her saying that her dentist had put in a needless tooth filling at least 25 years ago.

    The true victims are located in the mental institutions and jails. As a lawyer, I used to represent them in hearings at the institutions. Too bad I didn’t know about V2K and remote neural monitoring back then.

    This fight cannot be won in the courtrooms because that is their turf. It must be won in the streets. I am not here to be anybody’s savior but I am here to try and win the fight because I am so angry. I will also go down fighting till the end and will NEVER commit suicide. Not worth living in this world if we have to live in this horrific bondage. I would rather cause them as much damage as possible before they take me out.

    1. Of course, you’re correct about the courts existing as their “turf”; an Arm of the State weaponized against the interests of the people and a mechanism designed to protect those interests of the people’s legal owners against legal scrutiny or prosecution. Nevertheless, on the other hand, merely consider the following: As an attorney, I’m sure you’re aware, the only leverage ‘these people’ possess – under the prevailing legal system of admiralty law – is their consent which is often legally represented by the signature of a person/corporation on a document. If enough well-informed persons chose to withhold their consent from unlawful mandates – a refusal to don masks in commercial establishments, for example – and refused to affix their signature to “vaccine” waiver forms, the opposition would be forced to reconsider their overall strategy or, at the very least, forced into a less desirable contingency. Organized protests, which can be easily infiltrated with government sponsored insurgents and trained agent provocateurs, or, as I believe you put it, ‘fighting in the streets’, are both ill-advised strategies which ultimately play right into the hands of the ruling elites, giving them the impetus to declare Martial Law and stricter lock downs. A commitment to withholding or withdrawing legal consent would bide the people precious time to organize greater and more effective methods of oppositional operation.

      1. I already tried to not wear mask and glove at hotel breakfast area and I got thrown out and they threatened to call police. When I requested that they call the police they wouldn’t follow through on the threat. But this won’t work because we don’t have numbers. There is only strength in numbers.

        I don’t understand how you think you will make it past the next couple years. When they crash the economy and devalue the existing “currency” it will be worthless. How do you expect to keep living if you can no longer pay for electricity, water, sewage, etc.? You won’t be able to even afford food. I don’t see how any of us will make it past the next 2 years. I just keep wracking my brain but I don’t see any ways out of this.

        From the number of cats with occult stocked, license plates, and mirror hangings as well as store employees and customers having occult symbols on their attire, tattoos, and jewelry, I get the feeling that they comprise 75-80% of the US population. That means we have nobody on our side. We are just bugs waiting to get crushed.

      2. Cats? Odd choice of words for a practicing attorney. Furthermore, I am not a ‘bug’ or any insect of that sort, but a sovereign man who has more than adequately planned , with contingencies, for making the transition to a digital economy. Be that as it may, on the one hand, if memory serves, you stated a majority of the population couldn’t be labeled as ‘sociopathic’, but, on the other, contradictorily claim ’75-80%’ of the US population display material accessories indicating their occult indoctrination. As an attorney, surely you’re aware that unlawful ‘mask’ mandates from boards of health and the proposition of bills passed into law via bicameral legislative process are not synonymous. The former cannot be legally enforced or adjudicated, while the latter, on the other hand, can be legally enforced and prosecuted. However, these are the semantical conflations or covert wordplay – between mandate and law – which are often used to confuse and bamboozle the public. In many states, research indicates, there are still laws on the books which prohibit the wearing of face coverings in commercial establishments such as convenience stores, etc. etc.. Furthermore, as indicated in my last published article, the fact that a sitting governor of Ohio – “Mike DeWine” (AKA Matthew Broderick) – would ever consider rewarding state residents one million dollars to accept the Covid-19 vaccine demonstrates the position of the ruling families, at present, is growing desperate and even weak. Considering, also, the president’s (Joe Biden AKA Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi/Brian Williams) recent statement regarding the “growing threats” of “domestic terrorism”, this, in particular, serves to underscore the MSM’s Covid-19 propaganda efforts are on the verge of faltering. Therefore, I will reiterate, any notions of ‘fighting in the streets’ or inciting armed conflict plays right into the hands of the state. If I may enquire, given your present predicament, how is it you have managed – as a licensed attorney – to elude disbarment?

      3. Looks like they again discharged my copper penny I’m wearing through electromagnetism for responding to you. I’m again going down in a death spiral. I’m a very vulnerable target. Don’t know if they will allow me to get access to charged copper anymore or not. Anyway this is their way to murder me.

  10. Thank you for the insightful article, feedback and for identifying Mr. “Perry’s” host actor. It doesn’t surprise me that it would be someone so well established in the film industry. I have heard that Bill Cosby is the father of Will Smith. As much hidden nepotism as there is in Hollywood, it wouldn’t surprise me. Apparently Nelson Mandela is Cosby’s father, Morgan Freeman’s father and Dick Gregory’s father. Dali Lama is supposedly Laurence Fishbourne’s (The Matrix) father.

    I would like to share a Post Modern Reality Simulation story that hits close to home.

    I had a high school friend, Fordham educated, named George Jackson. I knew him since grade school, always making wise cracks, always the life of the party. His big dream was to be a film producer. He died prematurely in 2000. I felt he died way too early. I was looking at his profile on the Movie Info from a TV sitcom, and he reminded me of someone else. That is because it was one of the few pictures he was smiling in. He always looked so “sirius” in most of his photos, but that wasnt his true nature: https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSWvO2zZ11MdRKjNcoptm9gqqJ51x14pG_MyPoEVVASMBFvB5m7.

    I couldn’t figure it out right away, but then it hit me. “Cedric the Entertainer” was his dead ringer. Not only does Cedric have the same personality, but he is also now coincidentally a film producer. I checked “Cedric’s filmography and his first movie was in 1998, a low budget movie set in Harlem, George Jackson’s hometown. 2 years later George Jackson died and that same year, out came Cedric’s second and third movies, and his career took off. Too much of a coincidence that his career started when George’s ended. They are same age, size and weight. I know George Jackson personally, I know his smile and his mannerisms and his high intellect, and nothing will convince me that he wasn’t “reincarnated” after a faked death as “Cedric the Entertainer”. You can tell by Cedric’s with that he aint no backwoods country boy as his profile makes him out to be. Thanks again for the fine work, and I agree with Money, where else can we go to share and hear the truth?

    1. Thanks for sharing your stunning first-hand testimony. If memory serves, I believe Denzel Washington also matriculated at Jesuit Fordham, majoring in drama. Washington – I’ve observed, at times – feigns what could be described as a “ghetto” patois, in his manner of articulation when conducting interviews. Remarkably, this tendency does not appear evident from interviews conducted much earlier in his entertainment career, during the era of the 1980’s or 90’s. Though I have yet to conclude research, there exist strong indications, Washington is Frankie Lymon, the former pop/doowop singer alleged to have died at the age of 26 from a heroin overdose. Washington may also have portrayed the pop singer known as Stevie Wonder.

  11. Since your site is a lot about royal elite families and their lies, I thought you and your readers will find my story interesting.

    There is a legacy royal family of Moorhead (variations include Morehead and Moorehead). They are ubiquitous throughout the eastern US. John Motley Morehead was governor of NC and had Morehead City named after him. His son, James Turner Morehead, founded Union Carbide in 1898, which was later acquired by Dow Chemical Company in 2001.

  12. Meanwhile in In SC, extensions of the Morehead family going by the name Moorhead started up gas stations and convenience stores throughout the upper state. In particular, Ken Moorhead owned 2 companies: Moorhead Oil Co., Inc. and Ken Moorhead Oil, Inc. In the early ‘90’s, Moorhead Oil Co, Inc. announced that all of its gas station properties were contaminated and tried to sue Federated Mutual Insurance Company to cover the cleanup costs under their policy. Based on the outcome of this case, the Moorheads were required to remediate the properties at their own expense since the state went back and amended the laws to protect the insurance company.

  13. Through a client who came to me for legal representation for 1 of the properties he had bought from the Moorhead’s, I was able to find that all of the properties are still contaminated, which means none of the properties were ever cleaned up. I also printed out DHEC’s registry that they were either showing “server error” or falsifying data for the contaminated properties. Upon discovering this, I went to the FBI and US Attorneys office. Around the same time, on April 19, 2015, almost all traces of Moorhead Oil Company, Inc. were wiped out from the SC Sec of State’s office, several county register of dead offices, the Internet, and my computer hard drive. They also broke into my office that same day to replace a check I had made out to that name. I saw later that they had simply inserted the name “Ken” in front of the company name to confuse people with the other company they owned. I am not sure if they can find the wiped out name in the Wayback machine.

  14. The reason this was important is that I was able to get a groundwater report to show the groundwater was contaminated with benzene, toluene and other cancer causing chemicals. They also wiped out affiliated companies like Moorhead Construction and put the name “Don” in front. This was done all on April19, 2015 in the states of GA,SC and NC. You will find that the Moreheads/Moorheads/Mooreheads hold many positions of leadership through out these states. I believe that somebody should investigate this criminal family as well as Union Carbide and Dow because they are responsible for a lot of the cancer that is happening in the eastern US.

    I know this is long, but I can tell you that my discovery was instilling fear in a lot of people connected to this case. The fact that I could openly see the fear means something and I sincerely hope somebody pursues this. I also noticed that there is a Moorhead Masonic lodge located in Minnesota.

  15. I just saw your reply to my previous post so let me respond:
    1. I had written cars but it was autocorrected to cats.
    2. Even though there are laws on the books, they don’t mean much when establishments or police are not going to enforce them regarding the refusal to wear masks. Similar to my experience in court. The judges simply sidestepped all of the case law and forced my client into foreclosure. They made sure to do that after all of the other lawyers had already left the courtroom. There was nowhere else to turn after that.
    3. I am not able to ascertain whether the sociopathy is coming from them being mind controlled through implanted chips or through their natural personalities.
    4. I think you have taken my “taking the fight to the streets” too literally. I don’t mean physical violence. I meant to try to get as many people aware of the true reality so that they can start defecting. Basically to try and divide the masons – same as their strategy (divide and conquer).
    5. Disbar me on what basis?? I haven’t done anything illegal. And even if they did, it wouldn’t make much difference since I practically shut down my practice after what they did to me in 2015. I am just living off of savings.

    1. You wrote “it must be won in the streets”. How else, without offering further clarification, did one expect that to be construed? Nevertheless, I’m happy you took the time to further explain what you meant, and to, as well, further elaborate on the other points.

  16. I just remembered something else that is extremely important as to the Moorhead story. Before I discovered the secret to that company, that name was out in the open and people would freely say the name of the company. As soon as I discovered the secret, nobody would even utter the name and you could see the extreme fear on everybody’s faces including my dad, who worked at cryovac, and my uncle who worked for the Pennsylvania state environmental agency. He even admitted to me that they would measure around the contaminated areas to such a degree that they could come up with a no contamination result. I also had a toxicologist whose company contracted with the EPA admit that they would only dig down 50 feet even though they were supposed to dig 100 feet just so that they could come back with results of no contamination. If anybody did dig 100 feet down, they would get in trouble. I quickly realized that the contractors were issuing bogus environmental phase 1 reports and banks were knowingly lending to those property owners based on non-contaminated values. This is true for all chemical and oil properties across the US. Nobody would turn over their Phase 1 reports to me. If this information were to come out, this would cause a domino effect of loan defaults because property values would be worth only 1/3 of what they are shown to be worth. Banks would suffer crushing losses. Not to mention the environmental liability that would flow to property owners as well as lenders.

    I also know that any new gas station owner was required to buy 3 months worth of fuel from Moorhead Oil Co., Inc. before they could buy from anyone else. Based on everybody trying to hide those invoices from me, I realized this was a blood oath for them.

    1. I’ll attempt to look into this further, time permitting. Based upon the narrative you’ve supplied thus far, this appears to be one very deep and dark rabbit hole.

      1. It is a massive nationwide scheme that also involves most insurance companies and law firms. I see this as a major way to hurt the elites and legacy royals and banking families. Especially if one has the requisite lab equipment to test groundwater and compare those results to what the state environmental and EPA data. It will be proof of their lies.

      2. As to the tissues of lies regurgitated by the MSM regarding matters such as this, specifically law firms and insurance companies, I believe, over the course of several published articles, sufficient and ample empirical proof has already been provided.

  17. As more proof to all of you, I encourage anyone to look up CH Polymers, LLC on the SC Sec of State’s website. I have known the owner for over 10 years. He is currently a commercial broker but he had told me that he was originally from Virginia and worked at Dow as a chemical engineer. Then he moved to SC and started his own company and then became a commercial broker. When I started discovering this scheme in 2015, I told someone who I thought was a friend that the owner was behaving really weird. As you can see for yourselves, he abruptly shut down his company in June, 2015, which was just a couple of weeks after I had told my “friend”. I now realize that owner is also a legacy family that goes back to the founding of this “country”.

      1. By legacy family, I mean those whose lineages go back to the founding of the country. I believe they are all related to the royal families. I know that you have proven that the Supreme Court is comprised of actors, but the judges at the lower levels (magistrate courts, probate courts, circuit courts, etc.) are all from those families. They pretend that they have openings and anybody can run for those positions, but it is not so. They are all royals.

        There was 1 girl who was my age and a lawyer who came into my life pretending to be a friend. Even though her dad was Mexican with surname Suarez, she mentioned several times that he was of European descent. She also said that 1 of his brothers was a famous soap opera actor in Mexicali and that another was the CEO of Mission Foods. Her cousins were professional soccer players and another cousin was a professional singer. She also alluded to family trusts. Then she pretty much dropped me. Now I am discovering that she is actually part of the royal family. She had inserted herself into my life to just to fill my ears with lies and maintain the illusion. I have other stories of the same. That is why I say that I have no friends or family.

  18. Not Mexicali but Mexico. Please ignore the autocorrected words. I hope you look at my substance and not form. That is what is most important at this point.

    I also realize that you and I are in very different situations. I did not mean to insult you when I was referring to bugs. But I really am one. As you can see from my drivers license photo that I put up on my profile, I was born on 12/21, which might have made you think I was a troll or joker but I was really born on that day. I always thought it was cool that my twin brother and I were born on the day of winter solstice. But now after having learned about the occult, I have discovered why I am a target for death.

  19. Winter solstice is one of the times that is celebrated through human sacrifice. I have realized that the first mason in my family was my grandfather who I never met. My dad would often tell me how his dad had become an orphan but then went on to become a very successful businessman and astrologer to the celebrities. He was also heavily involved with SRF (self realization fellowship – paramhansa yogananda) and homeopathic medicine. These are all related to Freemasons. The logo of SRF is Baphomet.

    I read about how in becoming a Freemason, you then owe a blood debt and these are intergenerational. Now I realize why my dad’s sister would pretend to read my palm as I was growing up and tell me many times that I was going to die young. My cousin also gleefully suggested 7 years ago when I was 38 that I should make my will and put her kids in it. That’s how I knew that my dad intentionally gave me lariam because it would kill me.

    I have been posting like a mad person because i have been trying to get as much info out as possible. I am deteriorating because these masons are refusing me access to charged copper. I went to Dunkin Donuts yesterday to try and get change but all of a sudden they would only accept credit cards or exact change. So then I went to Walmart but they gave me discharged pennies.

  20. I realize the mind games these people are playing with me. They will purposely bring down my copper and weaken me so that I post about my impending death and then bring everything back up again. I will no longer post about this anymore because they are trying to get me to keep crying wolf. I’m not playing this game anymore. Every single thing they do is to mess with the mind. I even realize now that my penny advice might be bad for people because of the zinc that is the core. My mom and another friend purposely showed me “cysts” that suddenly developed on their finger or wrist a couple of years ago so that I would suggest that they wear pennies. Then “miraculously” their cysts would start shrinking and disappear. This made me believe that zinc actually fought cancer. Now from one of your cancer articles, I realize that zinc might actually be really bad!

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