Those belonging to the monopoly criminal cartel of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families just can’t help but leave glaring clues of their malfeasances at the scene of the crime.

One often wonders, could this be due to sheer arrogance, an overwhelming sense of infallibility, perhaps even inscrutability?

Or do they grossly underestimate the perceptive abilities of the general public?

Either way, on this occasion, the perpetrator has been well caught.

Though the true identity of former New South Wales Premiere “Gladys Berejiklian” was most likely thought to be well-hidden, under further scrutiny, a glaring similarity – in the form of a conspicuous epidermal landmark – between the fabricated character scheme and the live-action role player was discovered. Regarding the pair of images posted immediately below, everyone will notice they have both been subjected to degrees of photo shop, particularly in the case of the image to everyone’s left which features the former Premiere of New South Wales, “Gladys Berejiklian”.

The former Premiere of New South Wales – “Gladys Berejiklian” – recently resigned her post due to charges of alleged corruption.

Be that as it may, the former Premiere’s live-action role player is now most likely comfortably ensconced in her royal castle, remaining comfortably insulated from further scrutiny. Alas, under prevailing Admiralty Law, a fabricated character scheme acting under the cover of a pseudonym – someone who doesn’t legally exist as a corporation or person – cannot be held legally accountable for any alleged criminalities. 

But there is one more thing of which everyone can be certain.

Though, in future, the fabricated character scheme known to the public as “Gladys Berejiklian” may indeed be brought forth to dutifully play her role in a formally executed legal hearing – merely some well-scripted piece of staged masonic theater – the live-action role player identified in portrayal of the former Premiere of New South Wales – a British royal and daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and the late Prince Phillip Mountbatten – has remained inconspicuous from the public’s view.

That is, until now.


The capital of Australia is Canberra, in New South Wales which, according to Wikipedia, is a “landlocked federal territory of Australia containing the national capital Canberra and some surrounding townships. It is located in southeastern Australian mainland as an enclave completely within the state of New South Wales.” 

In 1911, Australia was legally transferred to the Commonwealth and governed by a Constitutional monarchy under the rule of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rothschild/Rockefeller) which is now presided over by the reigning sovereign monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. 

Given these facts, is it any surprise a member of the British royal family would be installed under a pseudonym as a political proxy in New South Wales to represent the Queen’s interests and those of her royal family? 

Overall, Canberra is Australia’s eighth largest city and is also, according to Wikipedia, a “planned” city with some familiar architectural landmarks. In the images posted immediately below, everyone will surely begin to notice Canberra’s architectural familiarities consist of a domed structure, a reflecting pool, and a phallic obelisk, symbolic architectural features which are also common to Vatican City, to Washington’s District of Columbia, and to the City of London’s Crown Temple (one-square mile). 


These sorts of architectural structures are symbolic of the global governing sovereignty of the thirteen Jesuit families and of their globally monopolistic criminal commercial cartels. Through the language of occult symbolism, these architectural structures are speaking in the sounds of silence to all and sundry that the rule of Rome – while hidden behind slews of NGO’s (“non-profit” non-government organizations), the UN (United Nations/AKA the Holy Roman Empire), the World Economic Forum, Vatican City (controlled by the Jesuit military order or the Society of Jesus), and the Holy See in Switzerland (SNB/AKA Swiss National Bank) – still reigns supreme over Australia, over New South Wales, and over the entire world.

This reality of Rome’s occult rule is hidden in legalese – as opposed to vernacular – which, also according to Wikipedia, describes New South Wales as “Australian Capital Territory”, an “enclave” within the state.


Wikipedia informs us that “Gladys Berejiklian”, “born 22 September 1970″, is an Australian politician who served as the 45th Premiere of New South Wales and the leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party.” While she assumed the office of New South Wales’s Premiere on “23 January 2017,” Wikipedia also informs “Gladys Berejiklian” had been, “a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly since 2003…”

Is there anyone who noticed anything suspicious about the dates included in Wikipedia’s official entry for “Gladys Berejiklian”?

Certainly, those whom frequent this site noticed more than one numerological marker.

When the numerals included in the date of “22 September 1970” are added together – 22+9+19+7 –  they sum to 57/5+7=12. As everyone is also quite well-aware, when subjected to the law of occult mirrored reversal – the occult concept symbolically represented by the reflecting pool observed among the images of Canberra in New South Wales posted immediately above – the number of 12 equals 21 or 3 7’s which, in turn, sum to 777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code.


But that’s not all.

When the second date – “23 January 2017” –  listed in the preceding Wikipedia excerpt is added to the year – “2003” – “Gladys Berejiklian” entered New South Wales’s Legislative Assembly – 24+19+5- we are left with a sum of 48 (4+8=12/21/777).

Added to this, Wikipedia lists the official birth date of “Gladys Berejiklian” as 1970 (19+7=26/2 6’s or 12/21/777).

Turns out, as well, the number of 70 is equivalent to the age of the royal princess who has been identified as the host actor (live-action role player) behind the mask of the politician known to the public as the former Premiere of New South Wales, the disgraced “Gladys Berekjiklian”. 

In essence, having encoded Alistair Crowley’s 777 into an officially published biographical entry, the Jesuit-trained desk jockeys at Langley’s CIA are covertly signaling to the public that “Gladys Berejiklian” existed only as a well-crafted media persona, one which was contrived into a fabricated character scheme and portrayed by a live-action role player, a deliberate perpetrator of the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation. 


Below, from L to R, Gladys Berejiklian, Anne, Princess Royal

While carefully scrutinizing the succession of images posted above, everyone will begin to notice there exists an identical facial landmark in common between the fabricated character scheme known as “Gladys Berejiklian” and her host actor (live-action role player) Princess Anne of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rothschild/Rockefeller).

While directing  attentions towards the facial geometric regions located near the right eyes belonging to both “Gladys Berejiklian” and her host actor, Anne, Princess Royal, everyone will begin to notice – as was discovered to be the case between US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the British royal identified as her host actor, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex – there exists a distinctive, conspicuous, and identically located birthmark in common between them.

Although the epidermal contours along the bridge of the nose belonging to the fabricated character scheme known as “Gladys Berejiklian” has been strategically distorted and donned with latex stippling and her host actor – Anne, Princess Royal – has been outfitted with disguising contact lenses, facial recognition and image comparison analyses confirm the architectural and epidermal structures, dimensions of the chins, lips, and earlobes are identical.


A former Olympic equestrian, Anne, Princess Royal also happens to be one of the most highly decorated among the British royal family. She has also been highly regarded by the BBC (AKA MI7) as one of the hardest working royals on behalf of the interests of the British royal family. As for Princess Anne’s royal decorations, she is numbered among the Knights of the Order of the Garter, an ancient military-styled order of chivalry founded by Edward III of England in 1348. According to Wikipedia, “It {Knight of the Garter} is the most senior order of knighthood in the British honorary system, outranked in precedence only by the Victoria Cross and the George Cross.

In addition to having been knighted into the Royal Victorian Order – a dynastic order of knighthood established by Queen Victoria in 1896 – Anne, Princess Royal has also been initiated into the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle which, again, according to Wikipedia, “is an order of chivalry associated with Scotland” and founded by King James VII of Scotland (AKA James II of England and Ireland).

The thistle, according to, is a phallic symbol comparative to the occult symbolism represented by the obelisks located at the Vatican in Rome, in Washington D.C., and in the City of London’s Crown Temple. As everyone observed among the preceding image(s) posted at an earlier juncture in this article, an obelisk-like structure has also been built in Canberra, New South Wales, the capital of Australia.


As the second child and highly decorated only royal daughter of Queen Elizabeth and the late Prince Phillip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, is there anyone who still suspects it was due to mere coincidence that Anne, Princess royal of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, would be entrusted to execute the genocidal sustainability goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030 on behalf of her mother Queen Elizabeth II while posing under the cover of a political pseudonym – “Gladys Berejiklian” – attached to a  media-driven fabricated character scheme? 

Indeed, certainly not.    


15 thoughts on “Corruption Allegations Unmask Royal Princess

  1. I’m not trying to be dramatic here but I’m genuinely feeling scared right now. It seems that we only have around a decade of civilisation as we know it before the mass depopulation takes place. Additionally every time I go outside there always seems to be a military aircraft following me. I wish it were a coincidence but I suspect intel might be on to me.

    Anyways, it’s surely not too long before the covid vaccine concentration camps open and the vast majority of people haven’t woken up to the truth yet. What should we actually do? Do we try to stay silent and stay off the radar of global intelligence and prepare for the worst, or do we aggressively push the truth and risk being bumped off by intelligence agencies?

    1. As I’ve attempted to explain on numerous occasions, the only way out of this scenario is for the people to stand in a united front and to withdraw their legal consent to the unlawful mandates. Mandates are not laws, but this is the semantical tool the perpetrators wish to use against the people to trick them into surrendering both their free will and their legal consent. Paramount in counteracting this eventuality is for those aware of the truth to stay the course and, with both compassion and empathy, continue to expose the sinister nature of the masonic perpetrators. Though that course of action is not without risks, on the other hand, committing to doing so can only serve to hasten the people’s growing awareness.

      1. I’m merely curious, Why do you prefer to remain anonymous with no gravatar or any semblance of a profile? Surely, you realize that’s very suspicious. Are you working with NEMLAC?

      2. Honestly I’m a little suspicious of you to be honest. You seem to know… quite a bit. I wonder how you got to know this information. Regardless, no, I’m just a common man who cares about truth, although one in your position has no reason to believe me.

      3. The voluminous information published at this site has been compiled through exhaustive and extensive research, most of which has been footnoted with reams of links to a myriad of corroborative sources such as books, periodicals, and published articles. To address your “honest” suspicions, I think you’ll find my authorial history – both here on Word Press and on Amazon – has been digitally well-documented.

      4. I think that the Jesuits are letting the truth out now so they can figure out who the dissenters are. Oh well too late for me. Guess I’m heading off to the concentration camps.

  2. I’m not trying to be dramatic here but I’m genuinely feeling scared right now. I suspect that we only have around a decade of civilisation as we know it before the mass depopulation takes place. Additionally every time I go outside there always seems to be a military aircraft following me. I wish it were a coincidence but I suspect intel might be on to me.

    Anyways, it’s surely not too long before the covid vaccine concentration camps open and the vast majority of people haven’t woken up to the truth yet. What should we actually do? Do we try to stay silent and stay off the radar of global intelligence and prepare for the worst, or do we aggressively push the truth and risk being bumped off by intelligence agencies?

  3. All these people or actors in this item, belong to the same family for sure. The same genetic pool. Unfortunately most of the world populations in their total ignorance, are giving their legal and individual consent to these criminals, and their disunity is absolute too. In other nations instead, where people are united and compact against this plot, there are still free from restrictions ad so called vaccines, as is it in some eastern European nations especially.

    1. Thanks for once again visiting newsspell. The Jesuits are undisputed masters of psychological warfare. They’ve used the MSM much like a maestro would conduct a symphony orchestra and, in so doing, have tricked the majority into not only consenting to be subjected to a potpourri of sinister psychological trauma, but have managed to convince them into actually imagining the criminal perpetrators are protectors, guardians and, what’s worse, even saviors. More remarkably, the Jesuit’s genocidal agenda isn’t even hidden and yet, most choose to remain blind to it. Nevertheless, I am heartened to observe there appears to be a growing minority, here in the US, who are becoming incrementally aware of the gross criminality perpetrated against them.

  4. I’m going to be annoyimg and give a plot with no names but i got so excited to see you outed Gulag Gladys i had to comment straight away. After reading a comment here regarding Jodie Foster aka Julia Gillard i went looking at pics of Jodie and stumbled upon an interviee with a man and older woman who were connected with Foster in this movie. If ive got it right the movie was something about a guy who was held for years as a prisoner but was innocent – maybe Guantanimo?
    So i think the guy being interviewed was the real guy who was locked up and the older woman acted in the film.

    The two looked immediately familiar to me. The woman looked a lot like Helen Mirrim but the nose seemed bigger than Helens. I found the actresses name, not Helen and the name was unfamiliar to me, but I knew that nose and face, and her hand gestures looked familiar. She stopped speaking to allow the guy to speak and right then she made a particular movrment of her head…she slightly tilted her head to the right and jutted her chin and whole head forwards towards him in a listening gesture. Straight away i realised it was Gladys…Gladys does the exact same gesture, you see it in her press confrences when she is asked questions by reporters and the hand gestures are the same. So then i compared photos of the two and found both have a small mole on the left side of the neck in the same position. Im sure its the same person. I only had screen shots of her face from the one interview and she is sitting side on so didnt have a clear front on view of her face to fully compare with Gladys but I’m convinced.

    But the guy was still bugging me, like the woman, i felt sure i knew him but furthermore his persona was “off”, I watched him a couple more times then realised he was the real prisoner not an actor which was even stranger because he seemed to be acting, and badly at that. I was pondering over him the next half hour when it suddenly struck me…he is the singer and guitarist Johnny Diesel, originally Johnny Diesel and the Injectors an Australian singer and band. Kind of a blues rock outfit. They were huge in the 80’s.

    I thought to myself “how bloody ironic” those two together, both supposedly aussies and both playing this role together!

    I am anxious to have your thoughts on this?
    Unfortunately i am not home atm and am struggling on my phone writing this – I’m old school, the phones for calls and text, i use my computers etc for computer i have screen shots on my tablet at home but stupidly didnt write down the movie name or any names so i have to reinvestigate and get back with more info. That may take a day or so. Possibly you will know what movie im refering to. I think the story of this mans release was on the news in America not to long ago.

    Ps: I read the other comments and i hope you dont think I’m suss for not having a pic. I never have on any forum, told you, I’m old school from the dark days of dont let your details out on net lol..Anyhow, Im female, live in Glady’s precinct the communist state of NSW about 3 hrs sth of Sydney in a small rural village on the east coast
    surrounded by beach and bush. We are currently banned from interacting with or travelling to the Sydney region due to “the bug”. Gulag Gladys extended the Sydney boundary to include Wollongong for “the bug” which has never been a part of the Sydney region! It has always been its own town then city, the first large coastal town completely seperated from Sydney areas by mountains bush and the ocean…and thats where my family are. So because Gladys changed the rules i havent seen my family for months but at least my lifes been fairly normal solely due to where i live…(well apart from the sheeple lining up for their jabs like its a beer injection and thinking they shall surely die without the infusion straight into their blood stream)….and my name is Selina.
    Be back soon as i can hopefully with more info.

    1. Thanks for graciously taking the time to visit worldnewsspell, Selina. You needn’t apologize. Though your description of the production in question is rather vague, I shall attempt to look into it. While there’s no doubt Julia Gillard (AKA Jodie Foster) was a fabricated character scheme, the man now in charge of Victoria – Dan Andrews (AKA Matthew Broderick) – is also a Hollywood actor in disguise. The phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation is primarily perpetuated to shield the perpetrators from prosecution and accountability. On the other hand, I’m certainly glad to hear your life hasn’t been completely upended by the tyrannical edicts of former New South Wales Premiere “Gladys Berejiklian” (AKA Anne, Princess British royal).

  5. Princess Margaret is played by the same actress who portrays Helen Mirren, famous for playing Margaret’s older sister in the 2006 blockbuster “The Queen”, a docudrama about Queen Elizabeth II’s reaction to the “death” of her ex-daughter-in-law, Princess Diana (how convenient).

    As for Australian MP Gladys, it’s hard for me to say if she’s played by either Princess Anne or her “late” aunt, although she does share a similar facial symmetry and the nose could be a prosthetic add-on concealed by layers of make-up, much like the rest of her face, presumably. She could, however, be distantly related to them, and is probably a fictional character who is as “real” as *Donald Trump”.

    1. I did consider the late Princess Margaret as PM Gladys and, upon further image comparison analyses, her facial geometry is very similar to former NSW PM “Gladys”, particularly when considering the epidermal architecture of the nose bridge and the philtrum. However, while performing more in-depth facial recognition and image comparison analyses between “Gladys” and Anne, Princess royal, it became clear they shared an identically located facial landmark in common. Therefore, it seems most likely, the fabricated character scheme known as PM “Gladys” was modified after the image of Anne’s mother, Princess Margaret. As for Trump, upon further investigation, there’s no doubt he’s portrayed by Hollywood actor “Martin Sheen”, who is merely another fabricated character scheme in the rather extensive theatrical repertoire of the “late” Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco. Thanks for providing information concerning the docudrama and the actress Helen Mirren, both which I plan to examine further.

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