What follows is a story about a man – an abdicated European royal and also one of Hollywood’s biggest stars during the era of the 20th century – who sold out the world to a terrifying future.

For several decades, while this man danced and sang on Hollywood’s silver screen, charming his way into America’s hearts and minds, those same admirers remained blissfully unaware of his hidden identity, the clues to which are subtly hidden in the biographical details of the various fabricated character schemes he famously portrayed.

One of the most blatant clues of this famous Hollywood entertainer’s hidden identity as a European royal stares us in the face from the frames of the following pair of images.

Leopold III of Belgium:

Bing Crosby:

While everyone is performing their ocular comparisons between the previous sets of images and, perhaps, begins to wholly perceive the obvious similarities of facial geometry and the identical epidermal contours of the ears, consider also the lyrical content of a once popular song – ‘The Man Who Sold the World” – from the 1970’s, one which was both recorded and performed by one of Leopold III’s (AKA Bing Crosby) most famous relatives – David Bowie AKA Grand Duke (the thin white duke) Henri of Luxembourg.

The Man Who Sold the World:

We passed upon the stair

We spoke of was and when

He said I was his friend

Which came as a surprise

I spoke into his eyes

I thought you died alone

A long long time ago

Oh no, not me

We never lost control

You’re face to face

With the man who sold the world!

Though, upon first glance, those set of song lyrics may seem rather cryptic, nevertheless, if one knows what to look for, a key word contained within the song’s very first line – ‘stair’ – gives away the identity of yet another famous character scheme portrayed by one of Leopold’s royal relatives, Prince Louis of Bourbon-Parma (AKA Fred Astaire/Walt Disney/Al Jolson).

Both the royal host actors identified in portrayal of the Hollywood fabricated character schemes known as “Bing Crosby” and “Fred Astaire” (AKA Walt Disney/Al Jolson), it turns out, are genealogically related to the singer, David Bowie (AKA Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg), of this particular song, ‘The Man Who Sold the World’.

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Prince Louis of Bourbon Parma:



Walt Disney


Fred Astaire:

Walt Disney 

Al Jolson:


Moreover, the line, “I thought you died alone”, when considered within an “official” biographical and historical context, serves as a particularly telling clue about one of the 20th century’s most infamous fabricated character schemes – Adolf Hitler – whom, as confirmed by facial recognition, ear biometric, and image comparison analysis, was portrayed by Bing Crosby (AKA Leopold III of Belgium).

Consider also, the implication of the reply given by the “Man Who Sold the World”: “Oh no, not me, WE NEVER LOST CONTROL!”

The performer of this song, David Bowie (AKA Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg), a royal relation of both Leopold III (AKA Bing Crosby/Adolf Hitler) and Fred Astaire (AKA Prince Louis of Bourbon Parma/Walt Disney/Al Jolson) is allowing you, the listener, to become privy to a conversation which subtly reveals the hidden identities of two of his royal family relations.

David Bowie (AKA Grand Duke Henri) is also attempting to relate a historical truth which contradicts the “official” documented record regarding the alleged ill-fate of Adolf Hitler (AKA Leopold III/”Bing Crosby”).

In essence, the singer is relating that, though his royal family relation – Leopold III (AKA Bing Crosby/Adolf Hitler) – was historically rumored, at the close of WWII, to have died alone in a bunker after suicided by a poison cyanide pill, he, in fact, lived on to sing about a ‘White Christmas’, a traditional seasonal standard with which everyone is undoubtedly still familiar.


Not only that, the singer is imparting a trenchant message, addressed to both his enquirer and to the audience: Our royal family – numbered among the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families and majority owners of the global military/industrial/media/entertainment complex – are still in complete control of the entire world and, in fact, own all of the world’s human and natural resources, a control which we shall never relinquish.

As everyone will soon observe, there are subtle but distinct synchronicities and parallels concerning the comparative details which are contained in the “official” biographical narratives of each fabricated character scheme – “Bing Crosby”, “Adolf Hitler” – relating to the European royal identified as their live-action role player, Leopold the III of Belgium.

But, when one knows what to comparatively look for, each of these narrative details, when held up to comparative and objective scrutiny, suddenly transform into surefire giveaway clues; signposts and billboards on the road to the truth.


First, briefly, before delving into the biographical synchronicities between Leopold III and the pair of fabricated character schemes he portrayed – Bing Crosby, Adolf Hitler – some foundational historical perspective must be established to promote greater comprehension.

It should be noted that, genealogically speaking, the Belgian royal family, the House of Bourbon-Parma, and the royal family of Luxembourg – to which, respectively, Leopold III, Prince Louis of Bourbon-Parma, and Grand Duke Henri belong – are related by both marriage and, in many cases, by mutual ancestry.

The article, published at the following link immediately below, confirms the genealogical relationship between the Belgian royal family and that of Luxembourg.

SEE: https://royalcentral.co.uk/europe/luxembourg/the-belgian-royal-family-privately-bids-farewell-to-grand-duke-jean-120441/

All three royal houses are, it should also be noted, related to the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Rothschild/Rockefeller) and to the Stuart royal dynasty (AKA Pallavicini), a family which, still, to-this-day, is said to be in control of Hollywood.

These royal family interrelations – particularly as they relate to the “official” narratives of Leopold III (AKA “Bing Crosby”/Adolf Hitler) –  have profound historical implications.

The royal families of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands are also genealogically related to the House of Orange, the royal family which, during the “Glorious Revolution” of the 17th century, established the Bank of England, an institution which, today, also works hand-in-glove with the Crown Temple in the City of London, the Swiss National Bank, and the Federal Reserve.  

SEE: http://www.britishroyalfamilytree.com/house-of-orange/ 


In laying the historical foundation for the story of Leopold III, the royal host actor identified in portrayal of both “Bing Crosby” and “Adolf Hitler”, there is an additional point to be made regarding the Hollywood fabricated character scheme known as “Fred Astaire”, particularly regarding the identity of his sister, Adele. Though Adele was an accomplished Vaudeville performer, her accomplishments during the nascent era of Hollywood entertainment have been strangely omitted.

But, as everyone is about to discern, there may be a good reason why Adele has been largely stricken from the history books.

According to her official biographical entry at Wikipedia, Adele Astaire was married twice. First, to a Cavendish, an English noble gentlemen of aristocratic breeding. Then, according to Wikipedia, Adele was married to a man named Kingman Douglas who, also according to Wikipedia, was employed by the CIA, an organization controlled by the Jesuit order. 

SEE: https://hermoments.com/s/rare-fred-astaire?as+799&asv=1&bdk=0 

According to Wikipedia, “In 1932, after a 27-year marriage partnership with her brother, Astaire retired from the stage to marry Lord Charles Arthur Francis Cavendish, the second son of Victor Cavendish, 9th Duke of Devonshire.” 

Astaire, however, remarried in 1947: “In April 1947,” Wikipedia informs, “Adele remarried, this time to her old American acquaintance from the war, Kingman Douglas. Douglas, who had previously been married and divorced, now worked as an investment banker. He later briefly served as Assistant Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).” 

Added to this pertinent and revealing information, facial recognition and image comparison analysis reveal similarities between Adele Astaire and another famous and legendary American entertainer, Judy Garland.

Adele Astaire:

Judy Garland:

Garland, of course, has been identified as the host actor behind the fabricated character schemes known to American history as former presidential First Lady Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis and Hollywood beauty queen Marilyn Monroe. 

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Garland (AKA Kennedy/Onassis/Monroe) has also been identified as the former Hollywood child star Shirley Temple Black, the mother of Charles Alden Black, a man whom also portrayed several famous fabricated character schemes – Steven Tyler, Freddie Mercury, John Taylor of Duran Duran, Chris Cornell – in the music/entertainment industry.

Charles Alden Black has also been identified as the host actor behind the mask of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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The “official” biographical entry at Wikipedia regarding Walt Disney – the fabricated character scheme portrayed by Adele’s brother, Fred – includes this curious anecdote: “He lived near the Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe Railway line and became enamored with trains.”

‘On the Atchison, Topeka, and The Sante Fe’ happens to be the title of a hit song which was once recorded by Judy Garland.

SEE: https://www.lyrics.com/lyric/54610/Judy+Garland/On+the+Atchison%2CTopeka+and+the+Santa+Fe 

But there exists yet another telling anecdotal gem included in Fred Astaire’s biographical entry at Wikipedia, which reveals the origin of the alleged Astaire family surname: “Fred and Adele’s mother suggested they change their name to “Astaire”, as they felt “Austerlitz” was reminiscent of the Battle of Austerlitz.” 

According to Wikipedia, “The Battle of Austerlitz, also known as the Battle of the Three Emperors, was one of the most important and decisive engagements of the Napoleonic Wars. In what is widely regarded as the greatest victory achieved by Napoleon, the Grand Army of France defeated a larger Russian and Austrian army led by Emperor Alexander 1 and Holy Roman Emperor Francis II. The battle occurred near the town of Austerlitz in the Austrian Empire (modern-day Czech Republic).”

While contemplating the implications of the previous Wikipedia entry, if one employs their keen perceptions and intuition, long enough to, as it were, read between the lines, everyone will begin to surmise the genuine royal emanations of the host actor (live-action role player) behind the mask of the fabricated character scheme known as “Fred Astaire” and that, throughout his storied entertainment career, he was a key perpetrator of the Post-Modern Reality Simulation phenomenon.    


According to the archivists of Bing Crosby’s legendary legacy as the premiere entertainer of the twentieth century, he attended classes at Gonzanga University, a Jesuit-founded institution. While there on campus, it is unanimously claimed Crosby developed a yearning to enter into show business, rather than becoming an attorney.

As we’ve learned, Hollywood and the entertainment/music/media industry complex have served as an effective propaganda tool to promote political and social agendas and, as those numbered among the ranks of the Jesuit order have always understood, the concept of theater (entertainment/bread and circuses) is merely an elaborate cloak for the covert implementation of psychological warfare.

Beginning at approximately 3:39 into the following video – entitled “Living Famously”, the life and career of Bing Crosby – everyone shall hear a Jesuit priest detail the importance of the concept of theater to those among the Jesuit order.

At approximately 3:49 in the previous video, everyone will also hear the Jesuit priest admit they trained “Bing” to become an entertainer. While at Gonzanga, the Jesuit’s also trained “Bing” in elocution, rhetoric, and in public oration.

Everyone should consider, most of all, that latter point.

“Adolf Hitler”, the infamous fabricated character scheme “Bing Crosby” (AKA Leopold III of Belgium) would later assume, was known as a fiery and engaging orator.

Beginning at approximately 5:16 in the previous video excerpt, “Bing” relates to UK talk show host Michael Parkinson how he gave up “the law” because he was making more money “playing the drums.”

Though “Al Jolson” (AKA Fred Astaire/Walt Disney) is mentioned in the video as an early influence on “Bing”, the video’s narrator and the archivists of Bing’s legacy – one of whom bears a strong resemblance to actor Anthony Hopkins – fail to mention that “Fred Astaire” was also an accomplished drummer.

The Jesuits, and possibly with the help of his royal relative, Prince Louis of Bourbon-Parma (AKA Fred Astaire/Al Jolson), not only prepared Leopold III AKA “Bing Crosby” to become a popular entertainer, they also thoroughly prepared him to fully take on the characterization of the dramatic wartime villain – “Adolf Hitler”.

When examined more closely, the biographical timeline of Leopold III of Belgium – with, of course, some chronological misdirection thrown in – almost perfectly mirrors that of “Bing Crosby”. 

Right around the same period of time Bing Crosby attended Gonzanga’s high school and University – post-WWI and early 1920’s, we discover that Leopold III – in 1915 – was attending undergraduate classes at the exclusive Eton College in Britain.

Subsequent to his time at Eton and just as the ‘roaring’ twenties began, we discover, from the biographical details of an article published at madmonarchist.blogspot, Leopold III continued on with his education on the west coast of America, in California: “After the {first world} war was won and the fighting ended the young Duke of Brabant continued his education at St. Anthony Seminary in Santa Barbara.”

SEE: http://madmonarchist.blogspot.com/2012/03/monarch-profile-king-leopold-iii-of.html?m=1 

As everyone has likely surmised, the biographical details of the host actor (Leopold III) and the fabricated character scheme (Bing Crosby AKA Adolf Hitler) converge in the state of California, coinciding with the period of time “Bing” was said to be on campus, first, at Gonzaga high school and, soon thereafter, on the campus of the nearby Gonzaga University.

These sorts of biographical convergences are not coincidental, for they place “Bing Crosby” and his royal host actor – Leopold III of Belgium – in suspicious geographical proximity on the west coast of America, and during the identical time period.


After leaving Gonzaga – 3 years, according to Wikipedia (EE=33, highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry) – without a degree, we are told “Bing” went to Los Angeles to begin his career in show business. Though over the decades “Bing” cultivated a wholesome image, there now exist several documented accounts which sharply contradict the carefully cultivated family-oriented, all-American public image of the entertainment legend.

In fact – as several accounts, heard in the previous video excerpt, verifiably testified – Crosby was oftentimes possessed of a libertine temperament, demonstrating penchants for the consumption of alcohol and even the smoking of marijuana. 

“Crosby wasn’t hard to work with,” claims one account from the previous video, “but, sometimes, he was hard to find!” 

Sometimes, as yet another account from the previous video put it, Crosby was found “passed out under tables”, incidents which resulted from all-night exertions of carousing and boozing with the likes of legendary musician Louis Armstrong.

Undoubtedly, the Jesuits used Crosby’s libertine tendencies against him, perhaps, even for the purposes of blackmail.

After all, to the cleverly manipulative men at the highest ranks of the Vatican’s Jesuit order, men possessing such overt weaknesses are often found to be the most covertly useful. 

According to an article published by the Los Angeles Times, “Decades before Paris Hilton and voracious media hordes anxiously awaited her release from County jail,” the Los Angeles Times article informs, “aspiring crooner Bing Crosby was quietly jailed with nary a mention in the newspapers. And after he became a star, his arrest and court records just as quietly vanished. Crosby, then 27, crashed his car in front of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in November 1929 after a night of drinking. This was during Prohibition, when liquor was illegal.” 

SEE: https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2007-jun-24-me-then24-story.html

According to “official” biographies, Crosby was born in 1903 which, in 1929, would have made him 26 years-of-age.

26=2 6’s/12/21(law of occult mirrored reversal)=3 7’s/777/Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code.

But this is merely one example of the biographical misdirection which, time-and-again, is utilized by MSM sources.

In this case, it would appear, the purposeful misdirection – after-the-fact – with both the timing and subsequent coverup of Crosby’s drunken car crash – through creating chronological confusion – was clearly deployed to hide the identity of the royal host actor – Leopold III of Belgium – in portrayal of Bing Crosby, the fabricated character scheme. 

This is also a blatant mockery of the general public’s ability to focus their mental intention and concentration long enough to penetrate through such absurd biographical inconsistencies and contradictions. 

According to Wikipedia, Leopold III was born on 3 November 1901.

According to the online date calculator, on the very day listed for Crosby’s drunk driving infraction – November 16, 1929 – His Royal Highness, Leopold III would have been 28 years-of-age plus 13 days. When summed together, 28 and 13 equal 41, a number which, when subjected to the occult law of mirrored reversal, equals 14 or 2 7’s/77.

Add to 77 the sum of Leopold’s birth date (3+11+20=34/3+4=7), and we, again, arrive at 777, or Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code. 

In the following video clip from 1966, everyone will notice – right from the outset – both the interviewer and “Bing Crosby” seem overly obsessed with the number of 7 and with Alistair Crowley’s 777 code.


This represents but one example of the MSM’s deceptive method of operation – blown cover as cover, as it were – in revealing such glaring and conspicuous clues. 

Turns out, according to an article published at royalmusingsblogspot.com, Leopold III – on August 29, 1935 – survived a fatal car accident which killed his royal consort, Queen Astrid of Sweden.

SEE: http://royalmusingsblogspotcom.blogspot.com/2008/08/queen-astrid-killed-in-car-crash.html?m=1


If examined with a keen eye, we begin to see the biographical chronologies of both Leopold III and his Hollywood fabricated character scheme “Bing Crosby”, during the era of the WWII, begin to converge even more closely. 

According to the article at madmonarchist..blogspot.com, cited earlier, during the time of the Nazi invasion of Europe’s low countries at the outset of WWII, there existed a growing consensus among the Belgium peoples that their reigning king, Leopold III, may have been a Nazi collaborator. As most everyone, at this juncture, has likely surmised, Leopold III was much more than a collaborator. The article goes on to explain that both the king and his family were taken prisoners of war, “kept under close watch by the Nazi authorities while the fate of Belgium remained in limbo.”

Not so coincidentally, during the identical span of time, “Bing Crosby” is discovered to have, once again, been in geographical proximity with his host actor, Leopold III. According to Wikipedia, “During the Second World War, Crosby made live appearances before American troops who had been fighting in the European Theater.”

Surely, everyone noted Wikipedia’s suspicious utilization of that telltale description – “Theater”. 

Regarding Crosby’s entertainment of the American troops, Wikipedia goes on to most suspiciously report, “He {Crosby} learned how to pronounce German from written scripts and read propaganda broadcasts intended for German forces. The nickname “Der Bingle” was common among Crosby’s German listeners and came to be used by his English-speaking fans.” 


While Leopold III was alleged to have been held in captivity by “Nazi authorities”, Wikipedia has this to report regarding Leopold’s capitulation to the Nazis: “After Leopold’s surrender, the British press denounced him as “Traitor King” and “King Rat”.

Apparently, in a show of righteous indignation, Leopold III was also denounced by the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill (AKA Alistair Crowley).

SEE: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

Apparently, however, also according to Wikipedia, Adolf Hitler aided the disgraced monarch in saving face. 

“The Germans held him {Leopold} at first under house arrest at the Royal Castle of Laeken. Having since June 1940 desired a meeting with Adolf Hitler in respect of the situation of Belgian prisoners of war, Leopold III finally met with him on 19 November 1940. Leopold wanted to persuade Hitler to release Belgian POW’s, and issue a public statement about Belgium’s future independence. Hitler refused to speak about the independence of Belgium or issue a statement about it. In refusing to publish a statement, Hitler preserved the King from being seen as cooperating with Germany, and thus engaged in treasonous acts, which would likely have obliged him to abdicate upon the liberation of Belgium. The {German} Chancellor saved the king two times.” 

Rather a magnanimous gesture from a 20th century historical figure whom has been unanimously judged an abhorrent monster, huh, folks?

However, when one realizes – as has been empirically confirmed by facial recognition, ear biometric, and image comparison analyses – Leopold III was the royal host actor in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known to history as “Adolf Hitler”, the conclusions as to why, “The {German} Chancellor saved the king two times,” should be well obvious to everyone. 


It has been well-documented that one of Bing Crosby’s favorite pastimes was playing rounds of golf.

The following image proves the enjoyment of the game of golf is something Leopold III and “Bing” certainly had in common.


But there is also another trait both Leopold III and “Bing Crosby” had in common: an identically receding hairline.

Referring to the video excerpt displayed earlier, if fast-forwarded to the 19:05 mark, everyone will hear the Crosby archivist divulge that Crosby often wore a toupee’, or hairpiece. This hairpiece modification is one of the key elements Leopold III (AKA Bing Crosby) used to create the fabricated character scheme known to history as “Adolf Hitler”. 


At the close of WWII, after entertaining the allied troops overseas, “Bing Crosby” brought back a technological innovation – the AMPEX recorder – which revolutionized both the radio and television industries.

According to Wikipedia, “Ampex’s first great success was a line of reel-to-reel tape recorders developed from the German wartime Magnetophon system at the behest of Bing Crosby. Ampex quickly became a leader in audio tape technology developing many of the analog recording formats for both music and movies that remained in use into the 1990’s.”

After its wide implementation during the era of the 1950’s, AMPEX made such technical innovations as multi-track recording, slow-motion, and instant playback television as well as a host of other advances possible.

Undoubtedly, when considered in retrospect, such technical innovations facilitated the weaponization of the media/entertainment complex for the purposes of psychological warfare, making it possible to simulate the assassination of a US president in 1963 and, still later in that decade, beginning in 1969, for Disney (with Prince Louis of Bourbon-Parma AKA Fred Astaire/Walt Disney as their spokesperson) to help NASA simulate the Apollo moon landings.

Historically, these represented paradigm-changing events, which also facilitated the greater criminal perpetration of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, a sinister phenomenon which, as we’ve learned, has served to significantly blunt if not utterly destroy the perceptual faculties of the general public.

This stands as an acutely troubling neurosis which, over the passage of decades since, has rendered the public completely reliant on the authority of the MSM and officials of the US corporate government to spoon feed them what defines “reality” and “truth”.

Take that into consideration, folks, the next time you happen to hear “Bing” crooning ‘White Christmas’ while blissfully sipping your eggnog.             

28 thoughts on “The Man Who Sold the World

  1. Another spectacular article. Just imagine the implications of German Royalty posing as American “entertainers”‘. What better way to spy? I am sure , just like the British Throne, the Germans infiltrated the American “throne” probably all the way back to the days of George Washington, who is rumored to be Weishaupt. I am sure most of our “presidents” were German or European Royalty in disguise. Instead of America, we should be called “New Germany”. I appreciate you mentioning how “entertainers” are trained in “elocution” and “”rhetoric”, aka “propaganda, aka “psychological programming. I would like to add “inflection” to that list, as in the case of our MSM “newscasters”. How anyone could watch them without puking is beyond me. It is fitting that the Black’s Law definition of “Actor” is “One who acted for another; one who attended to another’s business; a manager or agent. A slave who attended to, transacted, or superintended his master’s business or affairs, received and paid out moneys, and kept accounts.” Back in the days of the Greek and “Shakespearean” “tragedies, all “humans” were required to attend the traveling plays, even the slaves and lower class, it was mandatory, just like the TV in the book “1984” Orwell is probably rolling in his grave knowing instead of being forced to watch TV, we pay to watch it. The ingenuity of European Royalty at its best. It is funny that you mentioned a resemblance to Anthony Hopkins. He is one of “Bing’s” 13 children, most of who also infiltrated “Hollywood” under closer to 50 pseudonyms. The list is much to long to add, but includes the Brady Bunch Dad, who supposedly “died”, Gene Wilder, and Michael Caine. By the way, add Groucho Marx as one of “”Bing’s” aka’s. Thank you, your article is spectacular and very informing, just like all of your articles. I cant wait for one on “Bing’s sidekick, Mr. Bob, “Thanks For All The Memories” Hope!

    1. Thanks for, once again, visiting Newsspell and I’m gratified you found the content informative. I believe you’ve also made a number of both astute and accurate observations, particularly regarding those considered to be American entertainers, the nature of the spy trade, the legal definition of “actor”, and the historical nature of both Greek and Shakespearean theater. I will look further into the list of entertainers you’ve mentioned and, regarding Bob Hope, that is, indeed, a most excellent suggestion.

    2. “I am sure , just like the British Throne, the Germans infiltrated the American “throne” probably all the way back to the days of George Washington, who is rumored to be Weishaupt.”

      Weishaupt was portrayed by Joseph II, who I previously discovered to have played George III, the antagonist of the American Revolution hoax. This further proves that the Enlightenment and secret societies like the “Bavarian Illuminati” were creations of the European aristocracy and their crypto-Jewish banking proxies who funded them, which they weaponized to infiltrate and weaken grassroots movements popping up across Europe and the Americas and to topple regimes they didn’t like or had no use for any longer (like what happened in France ca. 1789). The royal dynasties of Germany and Britain descend from the bloodline families who ran the Holy Roman Empire and previously the Ancient Roman Empire.



      1. I’m inclined to agree with your analysis, regarding “George Washington”. There’s no doubt he was “farmer” George III, and like the French “Revolution”, the stories of the American “Revolution” were historical fabrications. “Adam Weishaupt”, who, research has demonstrated, was educated by the Jesuits, was also a European royal. The National Socialist regime of “Adolf Hitler” (AKA American entertainer “Bing Crosby”/Leopold III of Belgium) used the symbol of the iron cross, which is also the pyramid seen on the American dollar bill. I believe you’re correct, these royal bloodlines can be traced to the same families who ruled the Holy Roman Empire and ancient imperial Rome and, possibly, even to those of ancient Egypt, and their descendants whom still rule over us.

      2. Yes, indeed, just as they have engineered every noteworthy social and political movement since that time. I’m working on a hypothesis that, during the “Protestant Revolution”, it was Cardinal Thomas Woolsey and Thomas Moore – a trained barrister and author of ‘Utopia’ – who were running the affairs of state in England while King Henry VIII – who was educated as a churchman and was too young and inexperienced to yet handle such matters – may have been acting in the guise of “Martin Luther”, the protestant reformer. This hypothesis falls in line with the time-tested method of operation which – historically – has always been employed by the Jesuit order: playing both sides against the middle to achieve a preplanned and desired outcome.

      3. Interesting idea. I wonder if you’ll also cover the six wives of king Henry VIII? Starting with Anne Boleyn, for instance. She played a huge role in the development of Protestantism in England and in the kingdom’s alleged split from the Catholic Church. Historical legend claims that Henry VIII separated himself from the Church of Rome so he could be able to divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, and marry Boleyn and make her his queen-consort. She was “executed” in 1536 by her royal husband for high treason, adultery, and even incest (reminds me of the incest allegation the French revolutionaries used to discredit “Marie-Antoinette” at her alleged trial centuries later). Possibily another fake death, and I suspect other killings done under Henry Tudor’s reign were faked as well to create fear in the mass populace. The “English Reformation” would later pave the wave for the “Reign of Terror” in France.

      4. Yes, compared with mainstream historical accounts, the proposed hypothesis is unorthodox, if not controversial, to say the least. I’m still looking into the French Revolution, and considering all of the information you’ve kindly shared in the previous year. This investigation will take time. But, in the end, I will discover the truth and publish my findings. Perhaps, the published works of Jesuit scholars – many of which are still accessible – will hold many clues and empirical substantiation. One thing is certain, during the earliest years of Henry’s reign, Woolsey and Moore, who were both very clever men, were also in close communication with the papal throne. If memory serves, Woolsey and Moore were also “executed” by Henry. But, as well, it is not out of the realm of possibility the historical accounts of their deaths were also fabrications.

      5. According to Wikipedia, Adam Weishaupt received help from the Saxe-Gotha-Altenburgs (House of Wettin), which is a huge clue as to the true identity of the famous Illuminatus. That bloodline spawned Augusta, Princess of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg (alias Maria Theresa, Holy Roman Empress) who married Frederick, Prince of Wales (alias Francis Stephen of Lorraine, Holy Roman Emperor) and sired many children with him, including King George III (alias Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor). George III/Joseph II also played Weishaupt.

        This means that he was assisted by his royal relatives (Hanovers/Habsburgs/Wettins) and their ‘Jewish’ court bankers (Rothschilds/Bauers, etc.) to set-up the Bavarian Illuminati for the purpose of expanding the order’s vast influence by secretly infiltrating and corrupting Freemasonry and using the Masons to subvert or create populist movements and revolutions all over Europe in order to foment social chaos, destroy or overthrow rival power groups, and establish upon the ashes of the old orders a new order in Europe (a precursor to the European Union in modern times) – all part of their agenda of centralizing control over the continent and, by extension, the entire world, into their grips.





        Adam Weishaupt fathered several children throughout his career as the Illuminati’s leader. One of his offspring became the lieutenant general of Bavaria, the birthplace of the Bavarian Illuminati. As someone once said, “they don’t die, they multiply.”


      6. Thanks for, once again, providing links to a host of superlative information. I’m also wondering if Princess Augusta wasn’t named in honor of Augustus I, Julius Caesar’s nephew and made the first of the Roman emperors after the fall of the Republic. I’ve also been collecting any information available concerning Joseph II and his royal ancestry. Burke’s peerage – I couldn’t help but notice – has been scrubbing their site of certain royal bloodlines. Therefore, your gracious research assistance is most appreciated more than ever.

      7. You are the most welcome. It seems plausible that Augusta was named after Emperor Augustus I, perhaps in honor of the ancient royal ancestors of her family who ruled the Ancient Roman Empire, before they assumed new identities and went on to rule the Holy Roman Empire (and today the European Union, which is really the resurrected Holy Roman Empire). Louis XVI’s full birth-name was Louis-Auguste de Bourbon. He was the husband of Marie-Antoinette, who descended from this bloodline that played the Hanovers, the Habsburgs, and the Wettins. Her mother, the Empress Maria Theresa, played Princess Augusta, as I said before.

        August is the eighth month in the Gregorian calendar, and the number 8 is an important occult symbol. It is always referenced in many of the stories we have uncovered. So that name is a huge clue in itself. So is the possibilty that Augusta was played by a Holy ROMAN Empress, which is another reference to Rome. Antoinette was known as the “Daughter of the Caesars”, another big clue. The German “Kaiser” means Caesar. “Tsar” is Russian for Caesar. The sun never setted on the Roman Empire.

        As for the scrubbing of prestigious genealogies in places like Burke’s Peerage, they always do that so as to cover their tracks. If you have done any research into the family backgrounds of famous people, you’ll find that they often scrub those too. I suspect that they already sensed what was to come (us discovering who these royals really are and the truth about their involvement in many of these fabricated historical events), so out of retaliation they are obfuscating into concerning the bloodlines of the ruling families and their spawns.

      8. Yes, the number of eight, as we’ve noticed, seems to play a ubiquitous role in the execution of these psychological operations, and in the official historical annals. You’re quite correct, such sites are being scrubbed while still others try to obfuscate the true emanations of some of the royal families of Europe, hiding them under alternative names. I recently discovered an older BBC radio program which features information about the history of the British monarchs, called the Art of Monarchy. While listening to some of the MP3’s of their broadcasts, I was stunned to discover some of the revealing information some of the experts, scholars, and academics let slip. For example, some of them admitted the name of Windsor is a pseudonym which was used to hide the genealogical origins of the current royal family and to dissuade notions of a connection to either the German Hanovers or to the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. One scholar even admitted to the role of the current monarch as the head of the freemason Order of the Garter and to the role of one of the queen’s nearest relations as the head of the freemason Grand Lodge in London.

      9. Additional info on Adam Weishaupt and the French Revolution for your future research. I am sure you are aware that much of the Bavarian Illuminati was structured after the Jesuit order. Three years earlier, there was the “suppression” of the Jesuits in Europe, which is mentioned below the two links.



        In 1773, the Papacy officially suppressed the Jesuit order. Earlier, several European monarchies, including France, expelled the Jesuits from their kingdoms for their trouble-making on the continent. This is very important as it led to events that forever changed the face of European history, such as the French Revolution. It was only in 1814 that the Jesuits were finally permanently restored to their former glory by the Vatican and the western powers after reaping the dire consequences for daring to challenge the Society of Jesus.



  2. And to think, I used to like Neil Young and David Bowie. Now I get sick at the thought of them. I sure hope we dont find out members of the Grateful Dead had host actors. LOL, Take care!

  3. Thank you for another very informative article and I would also add George H. Walker Bush, former 43th US President, to the list of characters Mr Charles Alden Black Jr has portrayed. The rabbit hole is very deep indeed

    1. Yes, indeed, and when you descend to the bottom of that ‘rabbit hole’, it is always the same families – genealogies which trace back to the historical period of imperial Rome – discovered to be residing there.

  4. I’m sorry when you’re taking your information from Wikipedia you’d better investigate who’s behind it..Bing Crosby and Adolf Hitler – the same person??? May be you could explain how he changed his voice and his ears??? (Two times 3 questionmarks makes??? three times 3 questionmarks…what you’re gonna make out of this…) exactly the year of the iron ox! all the best alice

    1. As to Crosby’s voice alteration – a subject, I believe, which was explained in greater depth in the subsequent and follow-up article – Crosby was trained as a skilled voice artist, and was once hired by Disney to perform the voices of three animated characters in a single production. This voice alteration process is known as vocal sub-harmonics. Now, in the 21st century, such voice altering can be performed during the post-production editing process. To address your other point concerning the ‘ears’, that factor was also further explained in the article “More Secrets from History’s Bunker”. The images of Hitler (AKA Crosby/Leopold III of Belgium) have been routinely altered with reverse photo-shop rakes and other photo-shop animation/paint techniques. As Carroll O’Connor, the structure of Crosby’s facial geometry were altered with prosthetics, makeup, and distorting lighting angles, therefore accounting for the viewer’s skewed and distorted ocular perceptions. Also, as one can comprehensively ascertain from the published content of both articles regarding the fabricated character scheme known as “Bing Crosby”, Wikipedia was not utilized as a source of authoritative information, rather, it was simply used to point out the anomalous and comparatively contradictory and, therefore, in an ironic sense, unwitting revelatory nature of its biographical content as a faulty source reference. In addition, one is also well-aware, Wikipedia’s entries are often composed by AI and specialized algorithms which are programmed and overseen by intelligence operatives and private military contractors.

  5. Back to Anne Boleyn:

    We’re told that her execution took place near where a jewelry store now stands within the complex of the London Tower – rather than the spot where executions normally take place – which is rather odd. But the most odd thing about her fake death was the suspicious lack of ceremony that surrounds her burial. Allegedly, she was interned in an unmarked grave inside a church on the grounds of the prison fortress, along with her brother George Boleyn, etc., etc. This makes no sense, given her notoriety in English high society. Some may argue that this was part of Henry VIII’s campaign of removing Anne’s existence from history postmortem, in which he almost successfully destroyed any contemporary reference of his disgraced 2nd wife that could get his hands on. But at least her family could’ve intervened to claim her body and bury her on their family plot, if she really did die. Again, all the usual markers of a fake.

    “She was then buried in an unmarked grave in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula. Her skeleton was identified during renovations of the chapel in 1876, in the reign of Queen Victoria,[154][155] and Anne’s grave is now identified on the marble floor.”


    So what really happened to Anne Boleyn if she wasn’t killed? Before her entrance into the English court, Anne spent much of her time in France, where she received her training at the French court. There, she was femme-de-chambre to Queen Claude. I suppose she retired there after she cut any direct ties with King Henry and faked her death. The same also likely happened to Mary Stuart decades later, who too faked her demise.

    It’s also likely she returned back as one of Henry VIII’s later wives.

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