Never considered why the public, time and again, has been so easily duped by the MSM?

Over successive decades, the MSM in combination with the well-organized, systematic, and strategic deployment of the internet’s digital algorithms have served to incrementally and psychologically condition humanity and its perceptions of “reality”.

The MSM, consisting of format standardized corporate mainstream radio, television, magazine and book publications, is owned and monopolized by historically ancient Jesuit families such as the Orsini, Aldobrandini, Farnese, von Furstenberg, Grimaldi, Savoy, Borgia, Massimo, and the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor, Rockefeller, Rothschild) who have pledged an oath of fealty to Vatican City in Rome controlled by the Superior General of the Jesuit order or Society of Jesus whom monitor and control the narrative content broadcasted by the MSM.

To what end?

To not only foster the perception of social confusion, political division, and societal chaos which can only be resolved by the authoritative order of corporate “governments” presiding over countries (AKA exploitable commercial markets), but to also condition humanity to the idea there are no moral or intellectual absolutes other than what “AUTHORITY” has decided to rigidly define at any given moment.

This is routinely done so that the thirteen ruling Jesuit families, through the enactment of laws and ratified treaties, can more completely bolster and solidify their control over human and natural resources and the means of global commercial/industrial production.

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This unfolding incremental process, in combination with the deliberate and theatrical simulation of what are reported as “news” events, is how the solipsistic philosophy of post-modernism has come to prevail over the “common” man in modern times. To the point where, as of late, no one, not even those in positions of so-called “AUTHORITY” is able or “allowed” to adequately define the concept of gender or of objective reality itself.

However, once the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 (AKA depopulation/population control) and the “Internet of Things” have been implemented and globally standardized, the concept of “gender” will be legally redefined.

At that point in time, human reproduction will be legally subject to a globally standardized licensing process and human DNA will have become the sole ownership province and property of the STATE.

The MSM – known as a repeated perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation – will have played a key role in bringing this state of “REALITY” to ultimate fruition.

Historically, when it comes to manipulating the perceptions of the general public, one of the MSMs chief methods of operation is through the promotion of “war.”

Case in point?

An article published at on April 13, 2022, reported the following: “A bright, talented Ukrainian journalist signed up to help Fox News cover the war. Two months later she was dead.”


But as usual and without exception, what are generally perceived to be unquestionable “facts” reported by MSM sources turn out to be dubious, and ultimately false.

For one, upon further investigation, the “bright, talented Ukrainian” to which refers was not a “journalist” but a film producer.

Secondly, it turns out, “she” – “Oleksandra ‘Sasha’ Kuvshynova” – is far from “dead”.


In fact, one’s investigation into this particular news story proceeded towards a dizzying array of connections between Fox News, Ukrainian film studios, a New York City modeling agency, and a Hollywood actress who has already been identified as a perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation in relation to the “war” in Ukraine.



According to her Facebook page at, “Alexandra Kuvshynova” attended Harvard University and has been employed in an administrative and executive production capacity by Radioaktive Film company, a Ukrainian film studio.

Radioaktive, which, as everyone shall soon learn, specializes in making “war” simulation films.

Not only that, but it has connections to other Ukrainian film studios and, by virtue of the company’s clients listed at their web site, connections to Hollywood, more about which will be revealed a bit later in greater and expansive detail.

It is recommended everyone should keep those facts in mind, comparative to the “official” biographical and narrative details relating to “Alexandra Kuvshynova” as reported by MSM sources, and as more investigative details are divulged throughout the course of this article.

In particular, to the mention of Harvard University.

Turns out, this connection to Harvard undermines the MSM’s reported biographical details relating to Fox News “journalist” “Alexandra Kuvshynova” as well as the MSM’s “officially” reported narrative leading up to her “death”.

Kuvshynova’s connection to Harvard also proved to be a key investigative clue in discovering her genuine identity and to linking her connections to not only a slew of Ukrainian independent film studios, to Hollywood, but also to a prestigious multi-national modeling agency, headquartered in New York City.

Nevertheless, every “official” MSM source has uniformly reported that “Oleksandra Kuvshynova” – “‘Sasha’ to all her knew her,” claims – “died in Ukraine on March 14 at the age of 24.”

Surely, there are many, those who regularly visit this site, who recognize, the latter portion of that last sentence contains a familiar occult numerological marker: (14+24) = 38 or 3 8’s/888, the Ouroboros, triple infinity loop, or the snake.

As everyone may recall, the occult symbolism of the Ouroboros was also discovered during the course of an investigation into “Doctor Bryan Ardis” (AKA Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, David de Rothschild).

Could the presence of the Ouroboros, once again, represent a covert signal the thirteen Jesuit families believe their centuries long dream of establishing an unchallenged global technocracy is close at hand?


While the headline of the article published at describes “Alexandra Kuvshynova” as a “journalist”, the article’s opening paragraph describes her as a “news producer”.

“News producer”?

“Oleksandra Kuvshynova – Sasha to all her knew her – always surprised her parents with her quiet independence,” trumpets.

One simply has to marvel at how the MSM repeatedly but cynically chooses to manipulate the sentimental sympathies of the public by anchoring their fabricated narratives with such a heart stirring tone.

Obviously, the “tragic” but concocted story of Fox News “journalist” (AKA “news producer”, as in news fabricator) “Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Kuvshynova” proves no exception. then reports, “In February 2014, she disappeared from home in Kyiv as it was gripped by the Euromaidan revolution which ousted the government and changed Ukraine forever. It almost got her killed, her father, Andrey Kuvshinov told Insider.”

Leaving aside for the moment that the MSM has managed somehow to thoroughly brainwash everyone, including the editors at, into accepting without question the curiously recent alterations which have been made to both the traditional spelling and pronunciation of Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev, but why, in addition, has seen fit to so conspicuously alter the surname of Kuvshynova to Kushinov?

Could this be yet another example of the MSM drawing attention to one of their numerous sly occultic references, existing, while left ironically conspicuous, as a covert signal to their Jesuit/masonic masters?

Numerologically speaking, the letter of “Y” is equivalent to the number of 25. Of course, elementarily, when two and five are summed, they equal 7, a number which, in purely occult terms, represents the Kabbalah Zayin, or the mind weapon.

The letter “Y” is also symbolic of the hexagram or Polaris, the North Star, the masonic all-seeing eye perched at the summit of the masonic square and compass.


Everyone surely noticed, too, that omits the letter “A” as well as “Y” from the surname of Kuvshynova, altering it to Kushinov.

In terms of gematria – the art of translating letters into numbers – “Y” (25) + “A” (1) = 26, 2 6’s or 12.

Of course, as everyone who regularly visits this site understands, when subjected to the law of occult mirrored reflection or reversal, 12 also equals 21, 3 7’s, or 777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code.

This additional numerological discovery isn’t surprising.

After all, for all intents and purposes, this particular news story involving the “death” of Fox News “journalist” “Alexandra Kuvshynova” exists as nothing more than a sinister instrument of psychological warfare, executed to serve the objective(s) of an ulterior or hidden agenda.

At any rate, goes on to report, “‘Twenty-four hours later, we found out that our daughter – who was still a schoolgirl at the time – was at the media center, helping with her friend to translate texts,’ he {Andrey Kushinov} told Insider.”

What texts? We aren’t told. Was “Sasha” some sort of precocious scholar? Nevertheless, that appears to be the sympathetic impression the MSM wants to pathetically instill regarding “Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Kuvshynova” in the general public’s collective mind.

In the very next paragraph, goes on to inform about how, eight years ago, “Sasha” managed to return home and escape death, “The building, the Trade union Hall in central Kyiv, burned to the ground a few hours after she got home, and 22 people died. Eight years later, Russia invaded Ukraine and Sasha again found herself helping to tell the world, this time as a field producer working with Fox News.”

A “field producer”?

Turns out, got one thing right.

Well, sort of – in the MSM’s usual fashion of delivering misinformative propaganda, that is.

“Sasha” was “helping to tell the world.”

But rather than reporting on a “war”, she was helping to create it through the art of cinema and filmmaking.


After clicking the Facebook link provided earlier, everyone will observe, “Alexandra Kuvshynova” was employed by Radioaktive Films, an independent film production studio which, as shall become evident when accessing their website, has been known to create “war” simulation films with cutting edge film production technologies such as green screen, motion capture, and CGI.

Below is an excerpt from a Radioaktive promotional short which was posted to You Tube.

As everyone will surely also notice from her Facebook page, “Alexandra Kuvshynova” also has connections to Limelite, yet another Ukraine-based movie/television production studio.

Referring back to the article at, “Sources citing people close to the situation told Insider that the Fox team was not accompanied by security personnel the whole way, and that they were dropped off at an earlier stage. A Fox News spokesperson told Insider: ‘Our security team knew exactly where they were. We knew where we dropped them off, where they were going, and where they ended up’.”

According to, “their destination was Irpin, a town northwest of Kyiv that had come under attack in recent days, according to a Telegram post by Anton Gerashchenko, ad adviser in the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.”

Despite, according to their unnamed spokesperson, Fox News was well aware one of their news crews would potentially face imminent danger, they were not “accompanied by security personnel.”

Then, quotes the rather odd statement made by Andrey Kushinov upon learning of his daughter’s “death”: “All I know is hearsay,” he said. “So I’m hoping she’s alive.”


Does that make any sense to anyone?

It does, if “Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Kuvshynova” was not, as all MSM sources uniformly claim, a Fox News “journalist”, but, instead, serving in a directorial/consultant capacity to Fox News personnel while employed by an independent Ukrainian cinema production studio known to specialize in the creation of “war” simulation films and her “death” was deliberately staged as part of a psychological operation executed by the MSM, specifically Fox News.


It is noteworthy that Radioaktive Film, according to the client listing visible on their web page, also has connections to Zero Point Zero, another independent film studio located in Ukraine, and to Universal studios in Hollywood.

According to, “Universal Studios Hollywood studio and theme park has served as a former filming location for Disney films.”

Universal has also held ownership connections to Dream Works Animation, established by Steven Spielberg, Jeffery Katzenberg, and David Geffen, the son of Hollywood executive Barry Diller (AKA Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg/former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower), and the grandson of Walt Disney (AKA Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg/former US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt).

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FDR: Americas Royal Hollywood Fraud

While investigating, listed under “News”, one discovered the company has worked with IMG, a modeling agency headquartered in New York City. Turns out, one of the models employed by IMG is Miranda Kerr, the former girlfriend of Orlando Bloom (AKA Chester Bennington/Volodymyr Zelensky) who, reportedly, was also once romantically linked to Kierra Knightley, his co-star in the Disney film franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean.


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Ukraine War Scenario Hollywood Production

Also, according to their web page at, model Chrissy Teigen, one of  Miranda Kerr’s professional colleagues at IMG, starred in “Fries”, one of the company’s major film productions which premiered in 2021.

Upon conducting an objective analysis of what appears to have been a deliberately manufactured scenario, a psychological operation, the following hypothesis appears more than plausible.

Thinking strategically, in terms of not only additional revenue from online newspaper subscriptions but an uptick in television ratings and further manipulating the American public to accept the US corporate government’s further expenditures to aid the “war” effort in Ukraine, Fox News executives undoubtedly observed the opportunity, through the fabrication of yet another emotive news narrative involving the alleged “death” of one of their own “journalists”, to, all at once, cynically serve the ends of profit-making and propagandistic motives.


Upon further investigation, it turns out, not only has the “late” Fox News “Journalist” “Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Kuvshynova” proved to be still alive, but, as confirmed by extensive facial recognition (identical geometrical architectures of the noses, chins, brows, and lips) and image comparison analyses, she is also a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood actress Kierra Knightley, who was also identified as the live-action role player cast in the role of Ukrainian parliamentarian Kira Rudyk.

Below: Kierra Knightley, Kira Rudyk, Alexandra Kuvshynova

Below: Alexandra Kuvshynova, Kierra Knightley


image[5286]download (2)[5268]4184[5289]





Upon performing even further facial recognition and image comparison analyses, it was discovered that Kierra Knightley (AKA Kyra Rudyk, Alexnadra ‘Sasha’ Kuvshynova) and Hollywood actress Natalie Portman (identical geometrical architectures and contours of the eyes/cheek bones/lips/chins) proved to be one and the same.

As most who frequent this site may recall, before developing into a bankable Hollywood commodity/star during the era of the late 1990’s, Portman also played a starring role in the Branch Davidian religious cult psychological operation staged by the US corporate government in Waco, Texas, which also starred Hollywood actor Perry King (AKA Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg/David Bowie/William Jefferson Clinton).

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Doc Kildare Promotes Kill Shot Propaganda

Below: Kierra Knightley, Natalie Portman


After starring in the US corporate government’s theatrically staged gun control psychological operation in Waco, Texas, and while still enrolled in high school, Portman (AKA Kierra Knightley/Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Kuvshynova) was cast in the Star Wars prequel trilogy directed by George Lucas (AKA Gary Lewis/Bob Dylan).

SEE: George Lucas and his Death Star Deception

According to Wikipedia, Portman, like “Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Kuvshynova”, “attended Harvard University.”


One should certainly think not.

After being cast in the role of Padme Amidala, “She {Portman} worked closely with the director George Lucas on her characters accent and mannerisms, and watched the films of Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn, and Katherine Hepburn to draw inspiration from their voice and stature.”

Why did Natalie Portman (AKA Kierra Knightley, Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Kuvshynova) so closley study film performances of Audrey Hepburn?

It turns out, not only was “Audrey Hepburn” a Hollywood fabricated character scheme portrayed by Princess Ira von Furstenberg (AKA Barbara Walters), she and Portman are genealogically related.

Below: Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Walters, Princess Ira von Furstenberg

images (1)[5299]tumblr_mvjct3n6IM1rn8ya7o1_640[5298]images[5296]

It is also noteworthy that “Audrey Hepburn” starred opposite Cary Grant in 1963’s Hollywood production of Charade.

Wikipedia reports, “Charade was praised by critics for its screenplay and the chemistry between Grant and Hepburn. It was described as ‘the best Hitchcock movie {that} Hitchcock never made’.”

Facial recognition and image comparison analyses confirm, Hollywood actor “Cary Grant” was yet another in the repertoire of fabricated character schemes – “Alfred Hitchcock” among them – portrayed by Hollywood executive Barry Diller (Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg/former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower).

Below: Cary Grant, Barry Diller

images (2)[5300]

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    1. If the substance of the world bank’s “climate action” document serves as any guide, the testing/experimental phase of the crypto currency/body surveillance digital operating system, both in the West and Europe will soon be complete. From 2025 onwards, there will be a succession of “climate lockdown” psychological operations culminating in 2030. By then, one would imagine, the ostensible purpose of social media as a tool of psychological warfare and population conditioning will no longer be necessary.

      1. The content of the next article will be more expansive regarding the objectives of “climate lockdowns”, “green zones”, and “rewilding”, terms which are also synonymous with the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 “Sustainability Goals”.

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