While Americans were thoroughly distracted by the recent Academy Awards spectacle involving Will Smith (AKA Tyler Perry/Neil DeGrasse Tyson), other more significant events quietly transpired.

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Space Case Snake in the Grass

Nevertheless, through the occult language of symbolism and predictive programming, the distractive event which occurred at the Academy Awards served as a message to those possessing the wherewithal to peer through the MSM’s veil of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

It is now clear, in retrospect, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families were winding up to assault the American public with the execution of yet another emotionally-driven trauma-based psychological operation involving one of their most loyal and useful servants/Agents Provocateur, a comedian/Hollywood television actor who not only once posed as a US president in “blackface”, but further investigation has revealed, he has now assumed the pivotal role of yet another fabricated character scheme, posing as the “elected” mayor of Sacramento, California under the pseudonym of “Darrell Steinberg”.

While the attentions of Americans and most of the world-at-large were redirected and subsequently consumed with the insipid theatrics taking place at the Academy Awards, delegates of the World Government Summit, scheduled for the 29th and 30th of March 2022 in Dubai, were helping to decide the future direction of humanity.

According to their official website, these delegates of WGS discussed themes such as “Building Cities of the Future (AKA human habitats or “smart” cities), ‘smart’ infrastructure, energy production and consumption, transportation systems, waste management, and citizens’ engagement as partners in driving change.”

SEE: https://www.worldgovernmentsummit.org/events/annual-gathering-2022

Of course, everyone who frequents this site recognizes such themes as synonymous with those included in the seventeen “Sustainability Goals” of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 and, in America, the US corporate government is well-aware, ensuring the American population is thoroughly disarmed would serve to smoothly facilitate its complete implementation.

In the US, for several decades, the state of California has served as a living laboratory for the implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030.

Now, not surprisingly, subsequent to Sacramento’s “gun control” psychological operation, which was recently executed in the downtown region of California’s capital city during the early morning hours of April 2nd, lawmakers at the state house have proposed the quick passage of draconian laws, in addition to those already proposed by California governor Gavin Newsom (AKA Hollywood actor Matt Lattanzi/Ron Goldman).

SEE: https://www.gov.ca.gov/2021/12/29/governor-newsom-highlights-landmark-new-laws-taking-effect-january-1-2022/

Dead Man Governing Golden State?


The staged spectacle at the recent Academy Awards (AKA occult/masonic ceremony) also served to distract from the CDC’s recent announcement concerning Covid-19 “vaccines” (AKA mRNA genetic alteration therapy).

According to their official web page, on April 1st, the CDC recommended the following: “Children ages 5 through 11 years who are moderately or severely immunocompromised should receive a primary series of 3 doses of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to stay ‘up to date’. People ages 12 years and older who are moderately or severely immunocompromised should receive a total of 4 doses of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine to stay up to date. The four doses include a primary series of 3 doses of Pfizer BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine (4th dose).”

The CDC has chosen to make these official recommendations despite the recent revelations that not only are Pfizer’s Covid-19 “vaccines” not “safe and effective” as advertised by the MSM, but it was known beforehand they would cause slews of life-threatening side effects.

SEE: https://phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf

The title of the Pfizer document is curiously labeled “post marketing experience”. In other words, when one finally sees through the bureaucratic euphemism, with the blessing of the US corporate government, with the MSM promulgating propagandizing cover, and without fear of legal reprisal, the corporate executives at Pfizer planned to administer their “vaccine” product to the general public as part of an experimental study to see how safely and effectively – “fast and furious” – they could produce the desired but covert genocidal objective before anyone began to catch on.

As has been pointed out in previous articles published on this site, given that Pfizer and other BIG PHARMA “vaccine” manufacturers have been given legal immunity from all prosecution, due to either vaccine injury or death, from the US corporate government, and given the blindly obedient, apathetic, desensitized and demoralized temperaments permeating the targeted American general public, it seems likely, the company’s executives felt they had nothing to lose in acceding to a court order to be forthcoming and forthwith release the damning documentation.

In addition, as evidenced by another official document, from the World Bank, entitled “Climate Change Action Plan (2021-2025),” it becomes clear, the covert objectives of the Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation were planned to work in concert with and are wedded to the ongoing global “climate change” agenda, with the objective(s) of both – through the implementation of more unlawfully mandated “lockdowns” – slated to come to fruition by April of 2025.

The implications of the document available at the following link are rather stark.

Before the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 can be fully implemented, and most job sectors traditionally inhabited by human resources socio-economically derived from both the working and middle classes can be transitioned to artificial intelligence and robotics, the conspiring thirteen ruling families and the Crown Temple and Swiss bankers want to ensure significant reductions to the global population by 2025.

SEE: https://www.worldbank.org/en/news/infographic/2021/06/22/climate-change-action-plan-2021-2025

However, the ruling thirteen families, the Crown Temple and Swiss bankers are also well aware that before the complete implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 can be smoothly transitioned and fully realized, especially both in American and the West, pockets of potential resistance must be neutralized with further “gun control” measures.

With the already abysmal public approval ratings/poll numbers of US president “Joe Biden” (AKA Brian Williams/Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco) slipping further into the nether realm of ignominy, what better timing could there have been to induce an expectedly affirmative Pavlovian response from his constituents positioned on the false paradigmatic wing of the American political left than to once again raise the specter of “gun control” measures?


According to an article published at latimes.com, in the wake of the “shooting” which took place in downtown Sacramento at 2 A.M on the morning of April 2nd in the vicinity of El Santo Ultra Lounge and London Club, a “reporter” and a local “gun control activist” associated with a member of the Sacramento City Council had already arrived on the scene. As seems to be par for the course in relation to these staged events, reportedly, “police said they don’t know the motive for the shooting.”

Not only is the article – sensationally entitled “Gunfire, scream and terror” – published at latimes.com loaded with numerological coding, the “eyewitness” accounts are rife with several anomalies which appear to be substantially more than coincidental, if not pre-scripted.

According to latimes.com, “Alexandra Arellano was working as a bottle girl at El Santo Ultra Lounge, near the corner of K and 10 streets in downtown Sacramento on Saturday night.” Latimes.com further reports, “Arellano was about to walk outside when she heard a gunshot and then heard ‘around 30 or 50 rounds being shot. After that, everybody started panicking”, she said, “People began running back into the El Santo. When the shooting ended, six people were dead and 10 had been wounded…”

Gematria analyses reveals the following: 1.) 30+50=8/ouroboros/infinity loop/mark of the Jesuit order, 2.) K=11+10 street=21/3 7’s/777/Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code and, 3.) six people dead (3+3) =33/highest degree Scottish Rite freemasonry.

Further investigation into the location in question at https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1000-K-St-Sacramento-CA/20671265/ appears to thoroughly invalidate Arellano’s reported eyewitness testimony.

The details of the image provided by the realtor – Turton Real Estate – to loopnet.com, appears to confirm the property in question, El Santo Ultra Lounge, was not currently opened for business.

Additional information provided by the site towards the bottom of the page listing at loopnet.com – “Last updated on 3/30/2022” – would not only appear to confirm the image of the property is an accurate and current depiction, but also serves to underscore the conclusion that El Santo Ultra Lounge was an establishment up for sale and lease and not currently opened for business on the night of the alleged “shooting”.

These facts therefore invalidate the eyewitness testimony reported at latimes.com, since, if the property has been closed and up for sale since 8/18/2020, “Alexandra Arellano” could not, as the article states, have been working as a “bottle girl” at El Santo Ultra Lounge on the night of the “shooting”.

Furthermore, incredibly, the article at latimes.com indicates “a reporter” and someone known in Sacramento as a “gun control activist” who’d worked with a city councilor was already at the scene of the alleged “shooting” at approximately 2:30 A.M.

The article published at latimes.com further claims that, in the wake of the “shooting”, “Fred Harris said his daughter called him about 2:30 a.m. to tell him that his son Sergio Harris, 38, had been shot to death. ‘She said, put your clothes on and come down here,’ he said. As Harris talked, his daughter Kay and other family members arrived. Kay pulled his father away from a reporter, saying he had talked enough and had been up all night. ‘I loved him,’ she said of her brother. ‘I hope people are brought to justice.’ Other people pulled up in cars. ‘My sister was there,’ one man called through his car window, saying he was desperate for information. Berry Accius, a community activist, arrived on the scene around 2:30 a.m. He received a call from a city council member with whom he’s done a lot of work on gun prevention and gun violence.”

38=11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin

2:30 a.m.=2 3’s/33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry

SEE: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-04-03/gunfire-screams-and-terror-witnesses-describes-mass-shooting-in-downtown-sacramento

It should be noted, that latimes.com doesn’t bother to positively identify the “reporter” in question who, according to eyewitness testimony, had somehow incredibly appeared at the scene of the crime immediately after the “shooting”, ostensibly to interview “witnesses”.


Another article published at abc10.com, features images of the six alleged shooting victims, including 38-year-old Sergio Harris and Yamile Martinez-Andrade. However, upon closer examination, preliminary facial recognition analyses between images of “community activist” Barry Accius and alleged Sacramento shooting victim Sergio Harris appears to indicate it is very likely they may be one and the same, while the image observed immediately below depicting alleged shooting victim “Yamile Martinez-Andrade” appears to be a photo-shop rake/crop of the facial geometry belonging to Mai Vang, the city council member from whom Accius “received a call” on the morning of the alleged shooting and “with whom he’s done a lot of work on gun prevention and gun violence.”

Below, L to R: Sergio Harris, Barry Accius, Yamile Martinez-Andrade, Mai Vang

download (4)[5213]images (4)[5208]download (5)[5211]download (3)[5210]

SEE: https://www.abc10.com/article/news/local/sacramento/downtown-sacramento-mass-shooting-monday-april-4-updates/103-bf5d9a80-ec55-4dad-b52f-6a440d820c7e


Also, regarding the photo shopped/raked image which claims to depict Sacramento “shooting victim” “Yamile Martinez-Andrade”, everyone surely noticed the symbolic presence of the Nero’s cross or the pentagram, symbol of the Jesuit/masonic black mass. While this symbol is more commonly known to those not familiar with the occult as a “peace sign”, it also commonly known that, during his lifetime, this particular occult symbol was frequently demonstrated by British PM Winston Churchill (AKA Alistair Crowley).

download (6)[5215]

SEE: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

Thanks for the Memories, Your Highness

SEE: https://thestrangerfiction.com/breaking-down-the-occult-meaning-of-the-v-sign-or-the-peace-symbol/

More in-depth investigation into Sacramento’s current sitting mayor – “Darrell Steinberg” – uncovered a stunning revelation – the face of a former television comedian who once portrayed a US president while donned in CGI “blackface”.


According to Wikipedia, “Sacramento is a major center for the California healthcare industry, as the seat of Sutter Health, the world-renowned UC Davis School of Medicine.”

In 2012, however, the “world-renowned” reputation of UC Davis School of Medicine was irreparably stained with what was termed as a “Human Research Scandal”.

Regarding this, Wikipedia reports, “In 2012, it was revealed that two doctors had performed untested medical treatments, amounting to ‘serious and continuing noncompliance’ with federal regulations. Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services investigators released a report criticizing the hospital for its failures. The federal regulators went so far as to write that the hospital ‘lacks the capacity to render adequate care to patients’.”

According to its official website, UC Davis has also begun to implement “Telehealth Services and Innovation” and has established what it terms a “Digital CoLab” where, school administrators claim, “We collaborate with technology companies, entrepreneurs, and community organizations to develop, implement, test and validate digital innovations that improve health care.”

This information confirms the coinciding relationship between the sociological, economic, and behavioral shifts resulted from the Covid-19 psychological operation, the digitization of the health care industry, the global implementation of a cashless/digital crypto currency/surveillance system based on body/brain activity (ID 2020), and neuroscience research which has been carried out since the 1960’s by Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) with the intent, according to Darpa’s official web page, to “Bridging the Bio-Electronic Divide.”

Pertinent to the preceding information, it should be noted that it was the administration of former US President “Barack Obama” – a fabricated scheme portrayed by the identical host actor (live-action role player) identified in the role of Sacramento mayor “Darrell Steinberg” – which partnered with DARPA and presided over the implementation of what was termed the “Brain Initiative”.

SEE: https://www.darpa.mil/program/our-research/darpa-and-the-brain-initiative

According to Darpa’s official web page concerning details of the “Brain Initiative”, the program “seeks to enable unprecedented visualization and decoding of brain activity to better characterize and mitigate threats to the human brain, as well as facilitate development of brain-in-the-loop systems to accelerate and improve functional behaviors. The program has developed CLARITY, a revolutionary tissue preservation method, and builds off recent discoveries in genetics, optical recordings and brain-computer interfaces.”

Comprehensive analysis of the preceding information would appear to conclude that Pfizer’s BioNTech Covid-19 “vaccine”, which Pfizer’s own executives have admitted is nothing more than a delivery device for a genetically altering digital operating system consisting of graphene oxide-based spike proteins now still in the experimental testing phase, would eventually be utilized – per the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 in cooperation with the World Bank’s “Climate Action Plan” – to facilitate the implementation of a global transhuman “body/brain-computer interface” to surveil and to control the social and economic activities of the population.

Still think any of this is “conspiracy theory”?

The preceding analysis is empirically supported by the existence of other officially published documents. One such document, published by the UK government in cooperation with the German Bundeswehr Office for Defense Planning, is entitled “Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm.”

SEE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/human-augmentation-the-dawn-of-a-new-paradigm

Many who regularly visit this site may recall, the current British PM, “Boris Johnson”, was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. His royal relative, Prince Constantijn, was recently identified as the host actor (live-action role player) behind the mask of billionaire entrepreneur “Elon Musk”, the co-founder of Neuralink Corporation, a neurotechnology company that develops implantable brain machine interfaces (BMI’s).

Lately, the MSM reported that “Elon Musk” is now the majority shareholder of Twitter, and, at the moment, the MSM is also attempting to position Musk as some sort of revolutionary maverick, tantamount to a heroic savior intent on restoring “free speech” to the popular social media platform.

SEE: Behind the Curtain of Boris Big Top

Canadian Convoy Smells Like Royal Musk

Yet another article published at globalgovernmentfintech.com, entitled “Bank of Canada and MIT ink digital currency link-up,” reports, “The Bank of Canada and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are to collaborate on a 12-month research project on central bank digital currency (CBDC).”

SEE: https://www.globalgovernmentfintech.com/bank-of-canada-and-mit-ink-digital-currency-link-up/

Of course, the MSM and the US corporate government wishes those numbered among the common proletariat to remain obediently incarcerated by the collective perception this is all some conspiracy theorist’s sick fantasy.

But theories become facts when supported by empirical substantiation.

The document published at pubmed.gov exists as case in point and explains why “compulsory bio-enhancement” of the global population is better implemented incrementally and on a “covert” basis.

SEE: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30157295

Given all of this, is there still anyone who refuses to believe such an intrusive and sinister interface, while secretly implemented but designed to globally connect human bodies and brains with a technocratic digital/computer operating system, is also covertly intended to be weaponized by the thirteen, ruling Jesuit families to quash or even to completely eliminate pockets of political dissent?

Certainly not.


According to Wikipedia, “Darrel Steven Steinberg (born October 15, 1959) is an American politician and attorney who is the 56th mayor of Sacramento, California since December 2016 (avoiding a runoff). Before that, he was California Senate President pro Tempore and the leader of the majority party in the California State Senate from 2008 to 2014.”

Surely, everyone noticed the timing of the mayoral “election” of “Darrel Steinberg” in 2016, which was subsequent to when “Barack Obama” became a presidential lame duck and was readying to vacate the White House (AKA Hollywood movie set). This particular time period in 2016 also happens to converge with the installation of “Kamala Harris” (AKA Hollywood actress Vera Farmiga) in the US senate and when the incipient grooming for her present position as Vice President likely transpired.

Immediately, in the wake of the “shooting” which was alleged by the MSM to have taken place on the morning of April 2nd in downtown Sacramento, Mayor “Darrell Steinberg” became widely visible on several MSM outlets, predictably shilling the usual talking points concerning “gun control” measures.

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition (identical geometrical architectures of the brows, eyes, chin, and teeth), and image comparison analyses confirm Sacramento mayor “Darrell Steinberg” is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by comedian/television actor Jerry Seinfeld who also portrays the fabricated character scheme known to the public as former US president “Barack Obama” (AKA Osama bin Laden).

America Protests California Police Reform

images (2)[5201]download (1)[5206]635509520985626377-JERRY-SEINFELD[5200]


large_uWVS6egqNn3LWQkUZsigVKsj_zQVsqjptYWMdHwgIJ8[5219]images (2)[5201]



The video excerpt posted immediately below demonstrates how Jerry Seinfeld (AKA Darrell Steinberg/Barack Obama/Osama bin Laden) so readily transitioned into “blackface” before recently appearing at the White House in the guise of his more well-known character scheme fabrication.

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