16 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain of Boris’s Big Top

  1. I think that the feminine essence is linked with the ruler families, as some transgenderism is very common among them as their affiliates It has very ancient roots.
    By the way, I’ve noticed some public figures or dummies, lately started to speak out publicly about alien intelligence are here on the Earth. So I remembered when we talked about the possible next psycho set up of Jesuit organization, the Alien invasion, a hollywood fake invasion, of course. Sounds like they’re paving the way for this further huge hoax.

    1. The idea of transgenderism is symbolically represented by the Baphomet, which King James’s Rosicrucian scholars (including Francis Bacon/AKA William Shakespeare) – the composers of the “New Testament” biblical text – referred to in the Book of Mark: “When the two become one.” This, today, is expressed as the idea of “gender equality” which, in turn, is an implied reference to the mNRA “vaccine”, a covert delivery instrument of the Nanoparticle operating system which, in turn, will facilitate the full implementation and culmination of the “Internet of Things”, a virtual global economic system where the legal status of “persons/human resources” will be transformed to a genderless legal status or “one” with the idea of the symbolic Baphomet. Also, most astutely, you’ve noticed the media is priming the world for the spectacle of an invasion from “aliens” or “ET'”. This event, I believe, will be used as a grand cover for the destruction of the Vatican (referred to by Jesuit scholars as the “fourth beast”) which has been planned to be reestablished under the cover of a “one world religion” (New Holy Roman Empire) overseen by the Jesuit Superior General or “Black Pope” and his minions sworn in blood oath to the Society of Jesus. This event was also referred to by the poet William Butler Yeats – a hidden Jesuit scholar – “What rough beast is our come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be reborn.”

      1. Very interesting, I didn’t know that information about Yeats and his poem. Indeed the time is ripe to change in religion paradigm, too, as in the past it was for paganism.

      2. Another interesting fact about W.B. Yeats: he was also a sworn member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an occult society which, of course, also counted Alistair Crowley (AKA British PM Winston Churchill) among its ranks

  2. Another brilliantly researched, verifiable and well presented revelatory masterpiece from Newsspell.

    Although I do my own research regarding the topic of post modern reality simulation and await each Newspell blog with anxious anticipation I seldom comment, however I wish to add my findings to this installment.

    Having my suspicions confirmed by facial landmark, teeth and ear comparison analysis and also matching both the spouse and two daughters I have proven Willem-Alexander is also Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

    Furthermore it appears other family members may also coincide, however I must verify this in more detail to be certain beyond doubt .

    In addition, I would love to hear The Authors thoughts regarding what appears to be numerous cases of matching characters across timelines which suggest a longevity unavailable and unappreciated by most of even the most dedicated researches ?

    I feel sure, as one unrivaled in this topic, this must surely be an anomaly occasionally noted by yourself?

    Many thanks

    1. Thanks for visiting worldnewsspell.com, and for the kind accolades. I’m pleased to hear you found the published information to be of some benefit and that you’ve chosen to conduct your own investigations. Regarding the disgraced Prince Andrew, I have well considered the possibility of a connection with King Willem-Alexander. But in the meantime, while my own investigation into that particular connection is ongoing, there’s no doubt Willem-Alexander’s younger brother, Prince Constantijn, is the live-action role player behind the fabricated character scheme known as “Elon Musk”.

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