Recently, in response to what was perceived as the dubious content of an official briefing given by State Department spokesman Ned Price, Matt Lee of the Associated Press said, “This is like crisis actors – really? This is like Alex Jones territory you’re getting into now.”

From there – as everyone shall observe in the following video clip – the exchanges between Lee and Price proceeded to degenerate into what can only be described as comic hilarity.

What Price wouldn’t dare tell or admit to either Matt Lee or to the American general public, on pain of immediate dismissal from his cushy job and career ending public disgrace, is that the execution of such psychological operations/Post-Modern Reality Simulation (AKA false flags or hoaxes) – as they relate to establishing a reason to prosecute a war – is nothing new in the annals of American history.

The truth is, the sinking of the Maine in 1898 to begin the Spanish-American war, the “assassination” of Archduke Ferdinand which caused US military intervention overseas in WWI, the Japanese “attack” on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 which precipitated the US’s involvement in WWII, the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” in 1965 which escalated US military incursions in Southeast Asia, and the controlled demolition of New York’s twin world trade centers and building #7 on September 11, 2001 which led to the US invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan, to name but just a few instances, all were deliberately staged psychological operations which were utilized as justifications for war.

In addition to the fact State Department spokesman Ned Price was trained at Georgetown University, a Jesuit founded military fortress, according to his official biography published at Wikipedia, Price has also worked at the CIA, yet another Jesuit controlled arm of the international intelligence octopus.

In essence, Price is merely the latest in a long line of Jesuit trained prevaricators and spin masters employed by the US corporate government in service to the interests of the Jesuit Superior Genral at the Vatican.

Here’s something else Ned Price is sure to never relate to the American public either: Russian Premiere “Vladimir Putin” is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by an award-winning Hollywood actor.


Though to a majority of the American public, most of whom have yet to become initiated into entertaining such ideas, the very notion of “false flags” (AKA psychological operations/Post-Modern Reality Simulation) mentioned during an official government briefing given by a State Department spokesman may seem conceptually radical or even absurd, nevertheless, when considered in the grander context of geopolitics on the world’s stage, their predominance as a traditionally effective instrument of American foreign policy is not such an incredible or novel idea.

But to what end, does the staging of psychological operations ultimately serve?  

As stated in this article’s introduction, the US corporate government, presented through varied formats beginning in the early 20th century such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, has harnessed the authoritative and influential power of the MSM and the internet (AKA Jesuitical Ratio Studiorum) to execute psychological operations, to the effect of thoroughly manipulating and to even ultimately controlling public perception and consensus opinion which, within the last decade particularly, has quickly manifested into a virtual collective hive mind.

Those working at the highest levels of the US corporate government have always known, when the public can be steered towards supporting a war overseas against a perceived enemy – enemies which have always existed only as tools of government propaganda, Osama bin Laden (AKA Barack Obama/Jerry Seinfeld) existing as a prime example – they are acting in the interests of the international bankers of the Crown Temple in the City of London who own the US corporation, with the intent of influencing the thoughts and behaviors (hearts and minds) of its citizens, behaviors which will subsequently, unwittingly but perpetually drown them in financial debt.

Having strategically used the concept of war to create a new order out of a state of chaos and while causing the people to desire security and safety from perceived enemies at the expense of personal liberties, government officials can always much more easily exert control over citizens, totalitarian control which they never hope to renounce or to ever relinquish.  

Since the era of the 1930’s, with the passage of UCC 2107, the War Powers Act, the US corporation has been officially bankrupt, meaning, each human resource (person or corporation) has been bonded as collateral against the debt owed to the Federal Reserve, a private subsidiary of the Crown Temple (AKA one square mile)  in the City of London which, in turn, is connected to the Vatican bank (AKA Holy See), and to the SNB (Swiss National Bank). 

SEE: FDR: America’s Royal Hollywood Fraud

With the current rate of US monetary inflation already mounting to unprecedented levels, the Crown Temple bankers remain all-too-well aware, in tandem with the political and financial chaos generated by the convoy/protests taking place in Canada, staging a war between the US and Russia will effectively accelerate the financial decline of the West and relegate America to essentially permanent third world status. Despite, for now, human resources have managed to retain their free will over how their commercial behaviors are directed, very soon, unless they collectively choose to withdraw their legal consent, this comfortable reality to which they’ve become accustomed will inevitably grind to a crashing halt.

Soon, within less than a decade, per the UN’s Sustainability Goals of Agenda 2030, with the global implementation of the graphene oxide blockchain crypto currency/brain surveillance interface financial system based on body activity (AKA Covid/Certificate of Vaccine Identification) under the guise of “climate change” and the Covid-19 “pandemic”, human resources will find themselves no longer able to exercise autonomy or free will over how they choose to spend their finances. 


As the article available at the link displayed above explains, “nanotechnology was found in five vaccine types by researchers in Argentina. Since then, nanotechnology – consisting of a carcinogenic substance graphene oxide with the intent of implementing an experimental brain link digital interface – has been found in Pfizer’s Comirnaty ‘vaccines’ by New Zealand scientists. And, in a laboratory in the UK, scientists have found undisclosed ingredients, for example graphene, in Covid injections.”    

To paraphrase the words of WEF chairman Klaus Schwab (AKA King Harald V of Norway), everyone will own nothing while made to believe they are still happy – or else!

How did this grim reality come to fruition?

The answer: the Jesuit’s Ratio Studiorum (AKA the MSM/the internet) and a phenomenon called Sentient World Simulation (AKA Post-Modern Reality Simulation).


According to an article published at, Sentient World Simulation is a “program based out of Purdue University’s Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulation Laboratory.”

Reportedly, SWS is a governmental unit of the NSA (National Security Agency) which gathers boundless amounts of information on Americans under the guise of fighting crime “by predicting criminal behavior before it is committed and to predict behavioral responses to propaganda and government-inflicted terror.” The article at goes on to detail, SWS relies “on keeping tabs on citizens and gathering data by tracking phone calls, credit card receipts, social networks, GPS tracks, internet searches, Amazon purchases and E-Z pass records.”

Though this may not appear as profound news to those who frequent this site, the extent of SWS could certainly serve to genuinely alarm those who never previously considered the greater extent of intrusive government-based citizen spying. 

“The program {SWS},” reports, “has amassed databases so profound they can now look so deep into a person’s life they can predict their thoughts and future actions with relative certainty.”

As stated in a previous article published on this site, the creation of AI-based programs such as SWS enables the MSM to accurately predict how a targeted population demographic is likely to react to the ongoing narrative of any particular news story, even before it is released for public consumption.

In truth, as the article at more than implies similar AI systems – like those AI projects at Microsoft, for example – have been influencing the social and political behaviors of American society for longer than most would like to admit, now, in the 21st century, and with the Obama administration’s repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act, the role of AI systems in shaping the narratives of propaganda/psychological operations which are targeted at segments of the American population has grown to become quite standard. 


But what the article at fails to report is that strict and routine applications of Post-Modern Reality Simulation (AKA psychological operations) using AI programs such as the NSA’s SWS are merely a modern-day manifestation of the Jesuit order’s Ratio Studiorum, a fact State Department spokesman Ned Price, given he was trained at Jesuit founded Georgetown University, would certainly well-understand.


According to Wikipedia, “The Ratio atque Institutio Studiorum Societatis Jesu (The Official Plan for Jesuit Education) often abbreviated as Ratio Studiorum (Latin: Plan of Studies), was a document that standardized the globally influential system of Jesuit education in 1599. It was a collection of regulations for school officials and teachers.” Wikipedia goes on to add, “The work was the product of many hands and wide experience, but it most directly derives from the efforts of an international team of academics of the Collegio Romano, the Jesuit school in Rome.”

Today, over five centuries later, the Jesuit’s Ratio Studiorum has manifested into what has become more familiarly known as the internet. In combination with the MSM and the ubiquity of digital social media platforms, the Society of Jesus is able to continually operate a full spectrum dominance of triangular psychological warfare from their headquarters at the Vatican in Rome.  

With complete control over intelligence gathering/mass surveillance-oriented organizations such as CIA and NSA, with control over digital social media platforms and related social media “influencers” through their hegemony over Silicon Valley which is closely tied to Jesuit founded Santa Clara University, and as frequently witnessed by the public’s virtually uniform fearful reactions to the MSM’s unrelenting Covid-19 “pandemic” propaganda, over the last two years alone, the Ignatian Society of Jesus and its Superior General has been able to significantly widen the scope of their Ratio Studiorum into a system of triangular psychological warfare – consisting of the internet, social media platforms, and the MSM – to bind an emotionally vulnerable and psychologically infantilized American public together into a virtual collective hive mind, one which is rendered reliant upon the US corporate government for not only crisis solutions, but for its financial sustenance and for its personal safety and security. 


For decades, US government propaganda has sold the idea to the American public that the US and Russia have existed as mortal enemies. In truth, both the US and Russia are merely corporate subsidiaries of a global corporation controlled by the Crown Temple in the City of London and the Vatican in Rome which, in turn, is controlled by the military order of the Society of Jesus and its Superior General.

Meanwhile, however, here’s something else even more dramatic that the Jesuit-trained State Department spokesman Ned Price will certainly never dare reveal to either the AP’s Matt Lee or to the American general public.

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and extensive image comparison analyses confirms, the current Russian Premiere, “Vladimir Putin”, is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood actor Marlon Brando. Before being modified into “Vladimir Putin”, earlier, during his career in Hollywood, “Marlon Brando” was modified into Hollywood actor “Burt Reynolds”, the spouse of Loni Anderson (AKA Sally Field). The fabricated character scheme known as “Burt Reynolds” (AKA Marlon Brando) has also been modified, with generous latex stippling strategically applied to portions of the facial geometry to better conceal the identity of the host actor (live-action role player), into the popular television talk show host known as “Doctor Phil McGraw”. 

Below, L to R: Vladimir Putin, Burt Reynolds, Phil McGraw, Marlon Brando  

Turns out, further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirms “Marlon Brando” is hiding an even darker family secret. A close family relation of Brando’s, Hollywood actor Rod Steiger, has been identified as the live-action role player who portrayed the fabricated character scheme known to world history as former Russian leader “Mikhail Gorbachev”. 

Below: Rod Steiger, Mikhail Gorbachev 

Earlier during his career in Hollywood, Rod Steiger was also known as television actor “Raymond Burr”.

Below, L to R: Rod Steiger, Raymond Burr

Still later on, but before finally modifying into “Mikhail Gorbachev”, the man who oversaw the dissolution of the former USSR, Rod Steiger, Marlon Brando’s close but well-hidden family relation, was also known as former NFL Monday Night Football play-by-play announcer/television personality Howard Cosell (AKA comedian Lou Costello). While portraying the obstreperous Cosell, Rod Steiger’s balding pate was outfitted with a custom-tailored hair piece.  

Below L to R: Lou Costello, Howard Cosell 


More extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirms Hollywood actor Rod Steiger (AKA Lou Costello/Howard Cosell/Raymond Burr/Mikhail Gorbachev) was also modified into the fabricated character scheme known as award-winning financial wizard Milton Friedman. 

SEE: Milton’s Free-For-All Fraud

Addendum: Want further empirical proof which bolsters the premise of the preceding article, that this “war” in the Ukraine is a Hollywood-styled production?

Look no further than the inherently contradictory information contained in the following articles available at the links posted immediately below.

The first was published at, which explains that on the 23rd of February, Ukraine airspace was shut down and sealed amid threat of “war”. 

Despite this, the second article, published at on the 24th of February, reports that Sean Penn, a well-known Hollywood actor, is now in Ukraine shooting a “war documentary”.

Indeed, how is this possible, considering Ukraine airspace was shut down and considering announcements from both the US state department and White House spokesperson(s), including Jen Psaki (AKA Hollywood ’80’s ‘brat pack’ actress Allie Sheedy), which urged American citizens to leave Ukraine? 


SEE also:

SEE: Circling Back to the Brat Pack   


40 thoughts on “Ukraine ‘War’ Scenario Hollywood Production

    1. Thanks for once again taking the time to visit. One would imagine, as a skilled and award-winning actor, Brando, like any theatrical performer or thespian memorizing the lines of a script before going on stage to face a live audience, would have learned or been suitably trained, if not at least phonetically, to speak the native language well enough to make public or official statements when necessary.

      1. I must confess, it certainly is entertaining observing those still wearing masks in public. On a related note, my next article has more devasting information – in addition to exposing Fox News Sean Hannity as a fraud portrayed by a famous Hollywood actor – regarding the “vaccines” and DAARPA.

  1. I’ve been watching this “war” for years, periodically it is back in business. I can confirm your war scenario. It’s really a bunch of bullshit, totally fake, just a bad Hollywood spectacle, dotted with hams.

    1. You’re quite correct, as was the case with America’s “cold war” with the Soviet Union, this present scenario involving Russia and the Ukraine is nothing more than grand geopolitical theater, a script playing itself out on the world’s stage with actors and props. Nevertheless, for the proletariat or the common man, the unfortunate consequences which shall result from this staged masonic theater, especially in the way of greater accrued amounts of crushing financial debt, will be quite real enough.

      1. Exactly, only the consequences are real, as with any other their psy-op. Unfortunately most of people believe that the virtual reality they created is real, also because of the centuries-old Jesuit indoctrination
        By the way, I like to point out how this blog was probably the first in the world, where we talked a year in advance about the real nanotechnological content of these fake vaccines and about the real purpose of covid-19 psy-op.
        The role of internet is clear, but I thinbk the mind control effect of tv/MSM is worse.
        At last, I would add that the graphene is probably no contained within the “vaccine” vials but rather within its diluent.

      2. Yes, I believe you’re correct on both points – about the MSM as a purveyor of psychological operations/propaganda and the nanotechnological content of the “vaccines” (AKA gene therapy implementations). Still, however, the latter subject has been labeled as almost taboo and is largely and completely ignored by the general public.

  2. Thank you for another inciteful article!. Please keep up the good work!.

    Is it coincidental that just as the “pandemic” started becoming boring, the “invasion” pops up? The MSM are networks, therefore corporations, therefore have a fiduciary responsibility to increase profits via advertising revenue. They have metrics to determine how many are watching. So if there is nothing interesting to report, rather than have the viewer change the channel to another “program” they just make up fictional stories, such as “invasions” and “police shootings”. They study human behavior, they know when people get home after a long day at work, they compulsively turn on the “news”, and let the brainwashing begin.

    More recent versions of the “news” reminds me of the continual backdrop of “1984. Even Winston’s girlfriend knew it was all contrived propaganda, ultimately designed to control people’s behavior, yes, a psychological operation.

    Yesterday I received three messages, one a picture of “Putin” on a train and his reflection being that of “Hitler”. The other a Happy Birthday to Roger Daltrey, and the other commenting on the audacity of the Ukrainian President to oppose Russia. I am not sure of the latter, but they others are actors, and the sad part is I couldn’t tell my friends and relatives, it is beyond their scope of understanding, and would harm our relationship, so I kept quiet, in disgust.

    It is so hard to get people to not believe the “stories” that are on the news. When I was young, Grandma would ask, “are you telling stories”? Stories meaning lies, as in His- Story and News Stories, yes, lies, just dont try to convince anyone, even a doctor, that they are lies.

    So we suffer in silence, and appreciate you and your sincere subscribers. Sometimes we reply to you for the cathartic effect.

    Thank you for all you do!!, and the eloquent ways you call a spade a spade:

    “…..America’s monopolized propaganda and psychological operations vehicle deployed by Rome’s Society of Jesus disguised as a network of news, information, and Hollywood cinema/sports entertainment television”.

    “…cubicle dwelling Jesuit trained trolls toiling at CIA…”

    1. Thanks for once again visiting and for sharing your personal reflections, insights, and for the kind accolades regarding the content of the article. Truly, I sympathize with your frustration while watching friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even family members become tragically seduced under the spell of MSM propaganda. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population will never understand what has been done to them, nor will they ever contemplate or conceive of the calculating nature of the psychological manipulations which have informed, shaped, and even dictated their opinions, world view, and behaviors. No, one doesn’t happen to believe the timing of this latest “Russian invasion” which is being uniformly reported by the MSM has occurred by coincidence. Rather, given the careful and assiduous methods of operation employed by the true perpetrators – the ruling thirteen families, the Crown Temple bankers, and Jesuit order in control of the Vatican – this latest psychological operation was planned well in advance with the ultimate objective in mind to fully execute the implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030. In the next article, coming very soon, the latter will be explained in greater detail. As well, I’ve managed to identify yet another fabricated character scheme – a popular MSM/Fox news anchor – portrayed by Hollywood actor George Clooney.

  3. Here’s yet more proof it’s fake:

    And, of course, you cannot go without their phony charities for those poor Ukrainians out there. So not only do they bill you for their fake wars, they also beg you to donate more of your cash to these fake charitable groups. These people are relentless in grifting the world for self-gain.

    One of the charities listed above is ran by a celebrity chef called José Andrés. Apparently, profiting off of major disasters under the guise of doing goodwill is nothing new for him, or at least that’s how I see it. In the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, he formed his famous charity – World Central Kitchen – to allegedly provide nutritional assistance to the island country’s afflicted population, and since then, his NGO continued doing the same elsewhere, including most recently the Ukraine. He also appears to be a influenced by Jewish culture (if not Jewish himself, of course).

    From 2019:

    “The frank-talking Spaniard is a celebrity chef with two James Beard awards, nearly three dozen restaurants and four Michelin stars in his hip pocket. He also founded a nonprofit, World Central Kitchen, that has served nearly 10 million meals on the front line of emergencies since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and, most recently, in the Bahamas.”

    And – lo-and-behold – the Sussexes are involved, too! Knowing their dubious history with how they spend other people’s money, I expect their venture with this “charity” to be no different. What are the odds?

    “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the new partnership on Sunday, with Bloomberg first reporting that the project will see the couple’s foundation work with chef José Andrés and his non-profit World Central Kitchen to build a series of Community Relief Centers around the world.”

    The above article also mentions that the project is backed by an “undisclosed financial commitment” from the royal couple via the Archwell Foundation. One has to ask why that’s so? Money laundering, perhaps? Again, profiting off of disasters. We see this theme all the time.

    “The permanent structures, built with an undisclosed financial commitment from the Archewell foundation, will be activated during times of crisis, such as natural disasters, to “act as quickly-activated service kitchens,” according to a spokesperson for Archewell.”

    1. Yes, I quite agree with your assessment. These so-called “charitable” organizations, particularly those associated with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are tantamount to criminal money laundering schemes. Of course, the “disasters”, “crises”, and the “wars” are deliberately manufactured, precisely so the ruling families, like the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor) can then profit from them.

      1. Unsurprisingly, the World Central Kitchen has also been implicated in shady things, as well. One example was its ties to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and its role in the gentrification of communities across America. ICE itself has also been implicated in unsavory activities such as its subpar treatment of those in its custody.

  4. And, of course, since we’re speaking about crude wartime propaganda, it’s been said that about $25 million out of the $13.4 billion taxpayer-funded package approved by Congress will be dedicated to their satellite PR network Global Media to “combat disinformation” in Ukraine and abroad. An additional $120 million will be allocated to media “activists” critical of Russia. Altogether, the amount designated for media-related activities under the guise of “Economic aid” is a pretty sum of $145 million. We all know what that means.

    “The bill also calls for $25 million for the US Agency for Global Media, an independent federal agency, to combat disinformation in news broadcasts abroad. Another $120 million would help support local Ukraine activists and journalists and promote accountability for Russian human rights violations.”

    Global Media is an “independent” agency of the U.S. federal “government” that specializes in basically shaping narratives that’s favorable to its sponsors and which advances their objectives for the world, of course. It also manages other public relations outlets such as “Voice of America”, which historically has worked with the CIA in curating propaganda for European viewers.

    Admittedly, the agency also had accountability issues when it came to its operations and lack of Congressional oversight. Some called it the “most worthless agency of the federal government”, which is pretty appropriate. It’s well-documented that for a long time, Global Media has also enjoyed a rather rocky relationship with Russia. For instance, one of its personnel was denied entrance into the country by Russian authorities over suspicions that he was sent to promote pro-U.S. propaganda on behalf of the agency. That explains why the organization is so hostile to Russia’s citizenry.

    One of its members also included Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State under the Obama administration. During that time (April 2011), the agency, then known as the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), was appropriated $10 million by the U.S. Congress for the purpose of “fighting Internet censorship.” That’s rich considering the Washington establishment’s long history in using censorship, often through private platforms like YouTube or Facebook, to silence those who give them unfavorable criticism, such as on vaccines or other sensitive topics. And speaking of Facebook, in 2018, it was reported that the agency was caught posting pro-American “domestic propaganda” on Facebook users’ feeds that “violated the Smith-Mundt act”, which prohibits the dispersing of such information by federal agencies (you have to laugh).

    I’m sure the lackeys at the agency have sponsored some of the propaganda we see on the news about what’s happening in Ukraine, at least the ones which are critical of Putin and his regime. They have also sponsored other events, such as the Hong-Kong protests in 2019, as mentioned in the “Reception” section of the above Wikipedia article. If you are curious to know more about this agency, here’s their press releases which documents what they do for our time and money wasted on them:

    The above video demonstrates how self-absorbed they truly are. They certainly are a “reliable” source of “credible” information, aren’t they? 😂

    1. Thanks for kindly providing the links to this organization. I shall definitely investigate further. I have a hypothesis regarding what’s truly happening in the Ukraine. As I’ve stated in several articles concerning the concept of “war” and its true modus operandi in the context of the modern era of the 20th and 21st centuries, I believe “war” is nothing more than an exercise in controlled demolition and the strategic relocation of population centers. Therefore, as both objectives relate to the current scenario in Ukraine, everything that’s been “reported”, both by the MSM and alternative media (biolab theory) represents blatant misdirection. Countries, after all, are nothing more than commercial markets that these elite ruling families exploit for profit from the shared ownership – via the legal terms and conditions of treaties – of both human and natural resources. I believe, like the Covid-19 operation, this “war” is a cover to hide an ulterior objective: the covert execution and further implementation of the UN’s genocidal/depopulation agenda (Agenda 2030/2050). In the next article, I shall attempt a greater and in-depth amplification of this thesis. I also believe a member of Ukraine’s parliament, one who was recently featured on ABC news, is a Hollywood actress.

      1. Wouldn’t surprise me. After all, the United States spends about a billion dollars on propaganda here, so what they’re doing in the Ukraine (and everywhere else) is not surprising. Not to mention how much they spend on pushing bullshit through the school system in America.

      2. Here is one example of our tax dollars at work. This comes from an organization that is sponsored by the notorious Global Media network, and it shows a video of a woman who is playing on a piano one of Chopin’s musical pieces, and she is surrounded by rubble and other things stranded all over the place. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was actually paid by this organization to do this promo for them. But at least it’s quality entertainment compared to the other garbage they promote on their outlets.

      3. To judge from the interior of the room, the furnishings, and the placement of the windows, this particular location appears to be identical to that recently utilized in a report of what was alleged by the MSM to have been a Russian “missile strike” upon the floor of an urban-centered Ukrainian apartment building. As an aside, however, the Chopin piece heard in the video happens to be one of my favorites.

      4. These propaganda videos remind me of those featuring the insipid dancing Tik Tok nurses which were so prevalent during the incipient onslaught of the Covid-19 psychological operation two years ago.

      5. And here are the many financial transactions of Global Media. Some of its recipients include Reuters (which is Rothschild owned) and a business known as “Castro & Company”, which may tie us to Fidel Castro and his ilk. All of which further proves they’re all in bed together.

        U.S. Global Media federal commercial transactions:

        Reuters contracts with Global Media:

        Castro & Co. contracts with Global Media:

        Here’s their website. They don’t even hide their partnership with federal agencies like the Global Media group:

      6. Don’t forget that the president of Ukraine himself is an admitted actor. He has an IMDB page. Zelensky is basically Eastern Europe’s version of Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump. This is what people are paying for.

        “Prior to his political career, he obtained a degree in law and created a production company, Kvartal 95, which produces films, cartoons, TV comedy shows, including Servant of the People, in which Zelenskiy played the role of President of Ukraine. The series aired from 2015 to 2019. A namesake political party bearing the same name as the television show was created in March 2018 by employees of Kvartal 95.”

        Before The Trump Scandal: How Comedian Zelensky Became Ukraine’s President:

      7. Yes, Zelensky is an actor. But not only that, as I pointed out, he did voice over work as Paddington Bear. I’ve been researching Zelensky’s public appearances/interviews. His accent seems put on. Not only have I managed to identify a member of Ukraine’s parliament as a fabricated character scheme played by a Hollywood actress, but I think this “Zelensky” is known by another name in Hollywood. I’m still looking further into it, but I have more than a hunch this “Zelensky” and the Ukrainian parliamentarian starred together and are related by production. “Zelensky” may also be known by another name, a pop star in the Hollywood music industry who’s alleged to have “died”.

      8. It’s also possible that, like so many others, Zelensky himself is of aristocratic blood. According to the House of Names website, Zelensky (spelled Zelinsky there) has its roots in Poland, to one of the illustrious families of the region envied by their peers for their wealth and status. Poland has also been historically home to Judaic noble bloodlines such as the Vasas, Jagiellons, and Radziwills. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s related to them.

        “The surname became noted for its many branches in the region, each house acquiring a status and influence which was envied by the princes of the region. In their later history the name became a power unto themselves and were elevated to the ranks of nobility as they grew into this most influential family.”

        It also appears to be an Ashkenazic Jewish name, which explains a lot. Typically, these people are of Semitic descent. That means his family is on par with the other Jewish aristocrats I listed above. Not only that, but the name is a reference to the color “green”, in itself Jewish. There are many Jews who go by the names “Green” or “Greene”, such as Marilyn Monroe’s psychiatrist Dr. Greene. It also reminds me of famed political conspiracist “Marjorie Taylor Greene”, who is well-known for her off-color remarks about Jews (“Jewish space lasers” and whatnot), among other salacious things. I suspect that too was manufactured to discredit those who criticize the influence powerful “Jewish” interests have over society.

        “This Polish and Ashkenazic Jewish surname of ZELINSKY was originally derived from the word ZIELONY, meaning ‘green’, and used in various applications. As a Polish name it seems primarily to have been a nickname for a person with a sickly ‘greenish’complexion. It may also have been a nickname for someone who habitually dressed in green, or who was ‘green’ in the sense of being immature or inexperienced.”

        I tried to look into his genealogy, but so far nothing comes up. His parents are “private”. What are the odds that a reknown politician has a murky family background that’s unavailable to the public? It could also be because he and his immediate family aren’t real, which may explain why there’s so little known about him, although it still is likely that he’s related to the ruling families in another way. Otherwise, why keep that all under wraps?

        (Also, Marjorie Greene is involved with what’s happening in Ukraine. It’s been said that she owns stock in the very weapons manufacturers that are selling armaments to the United States, which is currently shipping them to the country. Ironically, she criticized her peers for doing the same thing, claiming that “war and rumors of war is incredibly profitable and convenient.” I’m sure she knows exactly what that means from experience, 😉.)

      9. That fact alone – a hidden family genealogy – is evidence “Zelensky” is a fabricated character scheme. It seems likely, he may also be a high-level intelligence asset. Funny you should mention Marjorie Taylor Greene, because I’ve been investigating her. I have no doubts that she, too, is a fabricated character scheme. Maybe she and “Zelensky” are linked somehow, through the Hollywood entertainment/military/industrial complex. Thanks for leaving the link to the weapons manufacturers. That is most appreciated. Perhaps, through further investigation into their major stockholders, there lies a key clue into providing more information which may lead to discovering more about the hidden family of “Zelensky”

      10. Zelensky even had a TV series where he literally played Ukraine’s president called “Servant of the People”. It lasted from 2015 until his candidacy and him becoming the president of Ukraine in 2019. It should be clearly obvious by now to everybody that his political career was scripted for him well before his official entrance into Ukrainian politics.

        Here’s one of his ads. This was from 2017:

      11. Clearly, to judge from the prime examples you’ve offered, the existence of the character known as “Zelensky” represents the very essence of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

      12. Also, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s family history on Geni is a blank canvas, too, just like Zelensky’s on the same website. One has to wonder why that’s the case.

        Nonetheless, I did find a full family tree for Greene at a different website. She’s related to the usual suspects. In one place, she’s a Lyon, which may tie us to the Queen Mother (born a Bowes-Lyon) and the present ‘British’ royal family. She’s also a Bacon (possibly related to Sir Francis Bacon, whom some suspect was William Shakespeare), a Lee (related to Robert E. Lee?), a Mahan, and a Myers, the last two names being Jewish. The name Lee is also Jewish, being an Anglicized version of Levi. The list goes on and on.

      13. I’m still looking into both of these characters – Zelensky, Greene – and they’ve both proved to be very elusive and difficult to pin down. However, regarding Zelensky, I have managed to discover that one of the television channels that produced aired his popular “reality” television show – “Servant of the People” – is also owned by Gazprom, the same corporation that owns and operates the oil pipeline. Reportedly, the acting CEO complained that at a private party, Hollywood pop star Katy Perry tried to sexually harass her. Also, it turns out, there are business connections between Gazprom, Disney, and Paramount pictures which is connected to Hollywood executive Barry Diller (AKA former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower).

      14. It should also be noted that, I managed to discover, both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the wedding party of Katy Perry and her spouse, Orlando Bloom, who, as I think I mentioned before, I’ve also managed to identify as Chester Bennington, another rock star who was alleged to have committed “suicide”.

      15. “Reportedly, the acting CEO complained that at a private party, Hollywood pop star Katy Perry tried to sexually harass her.”

        How fascinating. Of course, it’s not surprising as many of these people turn out to be either asexual or queers. Their reputations of being promiscuous heterosexuals – especially for the “men” – are often completely made-up or exaggerated to hide that reality. Even JFK himself was a queer. One of his rumored lovers was Lem Billings, a known homosexual. Lem even had a place to stay at the Kennedy White House and was known by insiders as “the principal fag at court.”

        That explains why they resort to heavily pushing the stories of him having intimate relations with alluring women like Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy (who so happened to be the same woman.)

        There are many countless other stories of Hollywood queers, such as the one with Joan Crawford (immortalized in the cult classic film “Mommie Dearest!”) allegedly smooching on Marilyn Monroe. Rumor had it that Joan displayed lust for the female sex as well as the male, so if the gossip was true that would explain her odd encounters with Monroe.

      16. Marjorie Taylor Greene is also related to the French nobility. One of her ancestors was a Vaillancourt, who died in 1787. That was two years before the start of the fake French Revolution.

        The Vaillancourts originally came from Lorraine, which was the birthplace of Marie-Antoinette’s father, Emperor Francis I, who was also a scion of the French aristocracy. Lorraine used to belong to France before it was ceded to Austria as part of the marriage arrangements made between Empress Maria Theresa and Francis himself.

        Among the members of this illustrious family were fake socialists, anarchists, and communists, so they were controlling the left as well as the right. The House of Names website admits that some of their relatives emigrated to Canada (specifically Quebec) in the late-17th century, so there’s a high probably that the Vaillancourt in Marjorie’s family tree (above) was one of them.

        I’m sure Greene is related to the Habsburgs via the Holy Roman Emperor’s bloodline. And, of course, the Habsburgs are known to be very conservative – at least when it comes to hereditary right to power – so that explains a lot.

        (And as a final note, please pay attention to the sun symbol on their family crest. Historically, it ties into the sun worshipping cults going back to the “ancient” Middle East, which also centers around the concept of royal divinity. It also, as you already know, is one of the symbols of the Jesuit order, which the Habsburgs also were connected to. Marie-Antoinette herself was taught from an early age by French Jesuits under the auspices of her mother Maria Theresa.)

      17. As always, thanks for your invaluable research contributions. And you’re quite correct, at the highest levels, both the masons and the Jesuits are devout sun worshipers.

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