Though the name of “Harvey Robert Levin” – {sums to 219 (2+19) in English Ordinal gematria = 21/777/Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code} – may remain unfamiliar to most, the true face behind this Hollywood television executive’s brilliant masquerade – at least to those who frequent this site – is certainly not.

REELZ Presents "TMZ Hollywood Sports" Panel With Harvey Levin And Evan Rosenblum At TCA In Pasadena
PASADENA, CA – JANUARY 13: Founder and Executive Producer of the TMZ brands Harvey Levin participates in the REELZ Presents “TMZ Hollywood Sports” Panel With Harvey Levin And Evan Rosenblum At TCA In Pasadena at Langham Hotel on January 13, 2015 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for REELZ)

Turns out – depending upon the required modifications of the fabricated character scheme and with the help of hair pieces, wigs, photo shop rakes/distorting lighting angles, and strategically layered latex stippling applied to various regions of the facial geometry – the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of the Hollywood television executive known as “Harvey Levin” is one of the most masterful chameleons numbered among the perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.    





In fact, “Harvey Levin”, who is credited with the creation of TMZ, the popular tabloid television news network, is better known to the world by another name. A name which is not only instantly recognizable to everyone – “Doctor Anthony Fauci” – but one which has become synonymous with the ongoing Covid-19 “pandemic”.

According to Levin’s own words, recorded during an interview featured in the following video excerpt posted immediately below, TMZ, the very network of tabloid journalism he is credited with creating, was the first to break the sordid details of the OJ Simpson “trial”, the “deaths” of Hollywood celebrities such as Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Whitney Houston, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jackson, as well as juicy stories about Tiger Woods and the Kardashians.

According to Wikipedia, during an interview with Television Week in 2005, Levin euphemistically characterized TMZ’s uniquely stylized nature of delivering news and information to the public as “on demand”: “This is not television. It’s rawer, it’s urgent, it’s less produced. I really think this is the future. People want to get what they can get on demand, and they have as much access to a computer as they do a TV set.”

As everyone heard in the preceding video clip, “Harvey Levin” likes to boast about how his network was the first to break stories which gripped the captive American television audience in a virtual stranglehold. Not only that, but, later on during the same interview, Levin also goes on to describe and to detail TMZ’s curious process of information gathering. While listening to “Harvey Levin” describe TMZ’s rather suspect operations, the smirking executive appears to slyly imply that not only does his network deliver the “news” to the public in a uniquely stylized fashion, but, if one listens closely and, as it were, reads between the lines, his network also helps to create it from whole cloth – in much the same fashion as blue lodge masonic law enforcement/police guilds and red lodge alphabet intelligence agencies recruiting informants to gang stalk and entrap targeted individuals – through a process of financially incentivizing specialized operatives.

Suffice to say, since long before the inception of Levin’s network, TMZ’s “on-demand”, tabloid style of news and information delivery has dominated the print, radio, and television media, infecting each like a putrid fever. Worse yet, the philosophical moral relativism, intellectual lassitude, and ethical solipsism which informs the fetid brand of sensationalistic “journalism” popularized by Levin’s network has not only grown to widely influence the general public’s perceptions of “reality” – the “Natalie Holloway” (AKA Chelsea Clinton/Hollywood actress Charlize Theron) psychological operation, for example – but has also permeated the realms of politics and public policymaking.

As twentieth century journalist Henry Louis Mencken once keenly observed, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

No doubt, the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of Levin’s fabricated character scheme is certainly well-aware of the dire implications of Mencken’s observation.

But as everyone shall also soon observe, due both to who “Harvey Levin” really is and to the vast commercial interests harbored and protected by his powerful family’s connections, the incremental saturation of this sinister state of affairs into not just “journalism” but into the arena of politics did not occur by accident, nor did it come about as the result of coincidence.

Rest assured – it came about quite by crafty, assiduous, and careful design.

Indeed, though “Harvey Levin” would like to pretend otherwise, the subversive method(s) of operation deployed (media sorcery) by his “news” network, TMZ, to manipulate, shape, and to even dictate public discourse, opinion and perception is certainly not new, nor is it innovative.

But that’s not all.

Upon further and extensive investigation, the sinister method(s) of operation Levin’s TMZ network utilized to create then promote fabricated news events such as the OJ Simpson “trial”, which, as everyone shall discover, also starred an immediate family relation of “Harvey Levin” cast as attorney “Robert Shapiro” and MSM news personality Meghan Kelly AKA Mary, Queen of Denmark/”Nicole Brown Simpson”, was recently deployed on a much grander scale, to create Event 201, the coronavirus pandemic simulation exercise which took place at John Hopkins Bloomberg School’s Center for Health Security. That “exercise” – Event 201 – was executed on October 18, 2019, in cooperation with Bill Gates and “Michael Bloomberg”, the former mayor of New York City, who, it also turns out, is yet another modified and fabricated character scheme portrayed by the identical host actor (live-action role player) cast in the public role of “Harvey Levin”, the man credited with creating TMZ, (AKA thirty-mile zone) America’s most popular Hollywood tabloid television network.


According to Wikipedia, “{Harvey} Levin was an active attorney in the state of California from December 8, 1975, until January 1, 1996. In the mid-1970’s, Levin taught law at the University of Miami School of Law under Soia Mentschikoff. He briefly practiced in Los Angeles before returning to teach at Whittier College School of Law.”

In particular, the specific detail – “before returning to teach at Whittier College School of Law” – from the latter portion of the preceding biographical entry serves as a key clue which aids in revealing the true identity of “Harvey Levin”, the creator of the tabloid television network, TMZ.

According to official biographies, former US president “Richard M. Nixon” (AKA Warren Beatty/George Hamilton/former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani/the “late” US senator John McCain/Secretary of State Colin Powell/Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara) also was alleged to have matriculated and graduated from Whittier College, a private liberal arts institution located in Southern California which was founded by and associated with the religious order of the Quakers.

SEE: Powell Was One Very Tricky Dick

More interestingly, Whittier College’s official colors are purple and gold, and its logo prominently features an emblematic depiction of the eternal flame, a symbol which holds great occult significance.

Since the time of imperial Rome, the color of purple has been symbolic of royalty, while the color of gold is symbolic of the perfected man or one who has received the light (from the Roman/classical Latin: Lux) of Lucifer (AKA the light which comes through the portal of the sun), which is also the object of adoration among those of the highest ranks of the masonic/Jesuit orders.

Regarding the Quakers, the religious order which established Whittier College, the following quotation from Samuel Fischer, a colonial era Quaker minister, more than implies that the religious order to which he belonged, and that of the Jesuits (AKA the Society of Jesus) were synonymous. In his centuries-old text, The Testimony of Truth Exalted, published in 1679, Fischer states “the Quakers are mostly Handicrafts {Handicrafts=the practice of Witchcraft} – men; and in that the Jesuits and Quaker, are alike…”   

Turns out, as well, the man hidden behind the public mask of “Harvey Levin”, his hidden brother “Richard M. Nixon” (AKA Hollywood actor Warren Beatty), and the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of OJ Simpson’s trial lawyer, Barry Diller (AKA Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg Hohenlohe) a former US president and current executive of Coca-Cola, are all genealogically related to a royal family, the von Furstenberg, the Holy Roman emperors of old and the Dukes of Swabia, and to Prince Tassilo zu von Furstenberg (AKA Walt Disney/Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Harry Truman/Fred Astaire/Jimmy Stewart/Henry Fonda/Glen Miller/Al Jolson/Walter Cronkite).

“Walt Disney” – the hidden grandfather of the Hollywood executive identified in portrayal of “Harvey Levin” – once produced an animated short entitled “Family Planning”. The subject matter of that animated short – as shall become clear to everyone after watching the following video excerpt posted below – dealt with population control.

Later on in this article, the subject of population control shall prove to be most pertinent, as it relates to “Harvey Levin”, “Michael Bloomberg”, and everyone’s favorite billionaire, Bill Gates. 

SEE: FDR: America’s Royal Hollywood Fraud

After giving up his “law practice”, “Harvey Levin” endeavored to enter the entertainment arenas of both radio and television. According to Wikipedia and to other “official” biographical sources, “With his newfound fame, he started to contribute legal advice on a radio show where he was nicknamed “Doctor Law”, as well as write columns for the Los Angeles Times. Levin covered legal issues for KNBC-TV in 1982. He subsequently joined KCBS-TV and spent a decade doing investigative reporting and legal analysis, most notably covering the O.J. Simpson murder case. In 1997, he was named co-executive producer and on-air anchor for The People’s Court. He created Celebrity Justice, which ran from 2002 to 2005.”

Indeed, as everyone shall undoubtedly observe, it is no coincidence “Harvey Levin”, after “doing investigative reporting and legal analysis” during the OJ Simpson trial simulation/psychological operation, went on to produce “reality television” spectacles such as People’s Court and Celebrity Justice, popular shows which were thematically anchored by a legal motif. As has been detailed and explained before in previous articles, attorneys or esquires – those who are called to the Bar – are sworn in allegiance to the Crown Temple in the City of London (AKA one-square mile), a private principality connected to both Washington D.C. and to the Vatican in Rome, which is controlled by the Superior General of the Society of Jesus. Collectively, all three of these principalities represent the triune capitals of global governance. 

SEE: How Crown Temple Rules America  


Regarding the O.J. Simpson “trial”, a strictly made-for television spectacle/psychological operation designed to exacerbate racial tensions, there was a very good reason as to why “Harvey Levin” had the inside scoop when it came to “legal analysis”. Turns out, the genuine identity of Simpson’s defense attorney – “Robert Shapiro” – was a paternal family relation of “Harvey Levin”, Coca-Cola executive Barry Diller, who was cast in the role of a media-driven fabricated character scheme. 

Below: Robert Shapiro with OJ Simpson (AKA Hollywood actor Danny Glover), Coca-Cola executive Barry Diller


It should also be noted, Coca-Cola executive Barry Diller (AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg Hohenlohe/former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower/Oliver Stone/Alfred Hitchcock/Mike Nichols) was also involved with yet another high-profile trial simulation/psychological operation in Port Authur, Australia, starring as attorney “John Avery”, acting in defense of the alleged assailant, “Martin Bryant” (AKA former Hollywood actor Matt Lattanzi/O.J. Simpson murder “victim” Ronald Goldman, California governor Gavin Newsome).

SEE: Dead Man Governing Golden State?

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirm that “Robert Shapiro” is a modification (with a jet-black hair piece and strategic applications of latex stippling to portions of the facial geometry) of yet another of Hollywood executive Barry Diller’s famous fabricated character schemes, Hollywood movie director/producer “Oliver Stone”. 



When the following video excerpt is fast forwarded to approximately 7:16, everyone will hear the well-scripted and overly melodramatic testimony of attorney “John Avery”. If listened to exceptionally closely, it becomes obvious Avery’s Australian accent, though well-rehearsed, is a put-on affectation, helping to confirm that defense attorney “John Avery” is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by an experienced and veteran Hollywood actor. 


Prior to Event 201, the simulation pandemic exercise executed in cooperation with the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health Security, World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2019, there was the execution of yet another pandemic exercise, dubbed Clade X. This pandemic exercise, executed in 2018, featured simulated news reports of a terrorist organization, A Brighter Dawn, which planned to deliberately release a bioterror virus with the objective in mind to reduce the world’s population levels to pre-industrial levels. As an article published at, entitled “A closer look at the 2018 ‘Clade X’ fictional pandemic event and what it might tell us about the COVID-19 crisis”, points out, there are many similarities between the detailed simulation and the unfolding of the current “pandemic”.

Too many, in fact, to be merely or entirely coincidental.


But such was also the case with Event 201, held at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health Security in 2019, the pandemic simulation exercise which – with no coincidence – unfolded exactly as the “real” pandemic which occurred only 89 days later.

Neither is it coincidental that Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg, who, together, also coordinated their efforts and considerable influence to ensure the passage of gun control legislation in the state of Washington (SEE:, have both gone on record as vocal advocates of global population control.

In fact, according to an article published at, both Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg, along with George Soros (AKA King Constantine II of Greece/Aristotle Onassis/Dan Rather/Bernie Sanders/Evelyn de Rothschild/Newt Gingrich), attended a “secret” meeting, what the Wall Street Journal headlined as “Billionaires Try to Shrink World’s Population, Report Says.”


SEE: Why MSM Won’t Talk About George

In the following video clip posted immediately below, beginning at approximately 4:35, Gates clearly states, “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps ten or fifteen percent.”

In addition, extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirms that “Michael Bloomberg”, the former mayor of New York and US presidential candidate, is a fabricated character scheme modified from “Harvey Levin”, the creator of tabloid television network TMZ, who, as it also turns out, is yet another fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood executive David Geffen (AKA Doctor Anthony Fauci/Henry Kissinger/Sonny Bono/Gene Simmons/Sylvester Stallone/Willie Nelson/Charles Manson/Greg Allman/Bernie Madoff), the hidden brother of the “late” former US president “Richard M. Nixon” (AKA Hollywood actor Warren Beatty), who, while still serving in the oval office as chief executive, once stated, “American people don’t believe anything’s real until they see it on T.V.”

No doubt, “Harvey Levin” kept Tricky Dick’s witticism in mind when he created America’s most popular tabloid television network TMZ and, still later, while starring in the public arena as both “Doctor Anthony Fauci” and “Michael Bloomberg”, helped the American people to believe in a hoaxed pandemic as it horrifically unfolded on their television sets.

Below: Michael Bloomberg, Harvey Levin, David Geffen


REELZ Presents "TMZ Hollywood Sports" Panel With Harvey Levin And Evan Rosenblum At TCA In Pasadena
PASADENA, CA – JANUARY 13: Founder and Executive Producer of the TMZ brands Harvey Levin participates in the REELZ Presents “TMZ Hollywood Sports” Panel With Harvey Levin And Evan Rosenblum At TCA In Pasadena at Langham Hotel on January 13, 2015 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for REELZ)


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  1. Very informative article Mr. Perkins, it seems the usual suspects are always behind the scenes.
    Regarding the O.J. Simpson trial/spectacle isn’t it hilarious that he (Simpson) a got aquitted because the bloody gloves that the “killer” used didn’t fit him or something to that effect, (I can’t recollect the exact details at the moment) and that his other fabricated character scheme name is known as Danny Glover?!
    I think that they know that we know yet they don’t care because they don’t fear facing any consequences for their nepotism and subsequent criminal acts.

    1. Thanks for once again visiting. Yes, indeed, Simpson does portray the Hollywood actor known as “Danny Glover”, and neither do I believe it was any coincidence that particular dramatic moment in the “trial” – primarily staged to exacerbate racial tensions – was thematically centered around a “bloody glove”.

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