The covert goal of government is to ultimately control the human mind.

Still today, among a majority, the concept of subliminal advertising is considered to be a myth.

However, the following example, from decades ago, proves that not only did the US corporate government conspire with the Jesuit-controlled CIA to influence the thoughts and behaviors of the American public with subliminal messaging, but the identity of the covert perpetrators, as well as their true and sinister intentions, is actually hidden within the subliminal messaging.

In addition, the unsettling content of the following video excerpt more than implies and clearly demonstrates, while the perpetrators remained well aware the modern communications medium known as television programming was designed as a psychological warfare weapon possessing the capability to effectively induce the public into a collective “alpha” hypnotic state, this particular example of the deliberate deployment of subliminally suggestive psychologically coercive mind subversion was not an isolated example.

In fact, in the coming decades, this sinister practice would only grow to become more widely utilized and sophisticatedly subversive.

As the video’s narrator attempts to explain, a series of subliminal messages were covertly hidden within the words – the emotionally stirring lyrics of the American national anthem – as they progressively scrolled across America’s late night and early morning television screens.

The subliminally embedded message of “Buy Naomi” is particularly ominous.

According to the researcher featured in the following video excerpt, Project MK Naomi was a CIA biological weapons/population control project facilitated and executed by the Jesuit controlled CIA. Though the agency claimed this special project was defunct by the time of the Church Committee hearings of the mid-1970’s which ostensibly convened to examine the dark underbelly of CIA’s covert black projects, as shall be demonstrated, Project MK Naomi continued into the 21st century under the guise of the Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation.

Over the decades from the time of its inception, Project MK Naomi has been promoted and administratively guided by members of the von Furstenberg family posing as high-level figures in the arena of US politics and US corporate government sponsored medical research.

When Project MK Naomi began during the era of the 1950’s shortly after the post-war inception of the CIA, it was with the blessing of the presidential administration of “Dwight D. Eisenhower” who, as most who frequent this site will recall, was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood and Coca-Cola executive Barry Diller (AKA Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg Hohenlohe/Alfred Hitchcock/Oliver Stone/Mike Nichols/Cary Grant/Robert Shapiro/John Avery/John Ramsey/Bill O’Reilly), the very same who participated in the OJ Simpson (AKA Hollywood actor Danny Glover) trial simulation/hoax as attorney “Robert Shapiro” and again as attorney “John Avery” in the Port Aurthur, Australia “massacre” posing as the defense for the alleged shooter “Martin Bryant”, a fabricated character scheme portrayed by small-time Hollywood actor Matt Lattanzi (AKA California governor Gavin Newsome/Burke Ramsey/Rob Lowe/Jean Claude Van Dame) who also, not coincidentally, played a key role in the OJ Simpson murder hoax, starring as “Ronald Goldman”.

SEE: Dead Man Governing Golden State?

Below: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Barry Diller, Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg


But even further and more extensive investigation into the true identity of Florida governor “Ron DeSantis” (AKA Joe Rogan) – SEE: Florida’s Playboy Senator & Impostor Governor – has revealed a family connection both to Diller and, by genealogical extension, to American president “Franklin Delano Roosevelt” (AKA Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg/Fred Astaire/Walt Disney/Jimmy Stewart/Glen Miller/Harry Truman/Henry Fonda/Al Jolson).

Below: Ron DeSantis, Joe Rogan, Prince Alexander von Furstenberg

download (2)[5626]images (3)[5635]images (2)[5634]

SEE: FDR: America’s Royal Hollywood Fraud

Honesty Not Harry S. Truman’s Best Policy

As shall soon be revealed, “Ron DeSantis” also has genealogical connections to not only Diller, but to Hollywood executive David Geffen, the man behind the well-crafted public persona known as “Doctor Anthony Fauci”, an image modification related to yet another of Geffen’s fabricated character schemes, TMZ television executive “Harvey Levin”.

This really isn’t surprising, given, as everyone who frequents this site has learned, David Geffen has been identified as a serial perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, having portrayed a slew of fabricated character schemes in the arenas of entertainment and in politics. David Geffen is also the host actor (live-action role player) behind the mask of “Henry Kissinger”, a member of the eugenicist Club of Rome, who went on record as having stated, “Once the herd accepts mandatory forcible vaccination, it’s game over. We thin out the herd and the herd pay us for providing extermination services.”

Turns out, the perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation belong to a tightly knit group of actors connected to the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families, including that of the von Furstenberg, the Dukes of Swabia, an ancient noble and royal family of German origin with deep historical connections to the Holy Roman Empire and to the Vatican.

Below: Doctor Anthony Fauci, Harvey Levin, David Geffen


REELZ Presents "TMZ Hollywood Sports" Panel With Harvey Levin And Evan Rosenblum At TCA In Pasadena



An article recently published on the eighth of March 2022 at reports, “DOJ and SEC are investigating Barry Diller, David Geffen, and Alexander von Furstenberg for insider trading after they bought Activision Blizzard share options – now worth $168 million – days before Microsoft bought the videogame firm.”

Apparently, according to, though Diller has a prior business relationship with Activision Chief Executive Bobby Kotick who formerly served on the board of Coca-Cola, IAC Chairman Diller has gone on record dismissing any notions of foul play, declaring, “It was simply a lucky bet.”

Regarding the nature of the charges, Diller went on to add, “If we had any such information, we would never have traded on it – it strains credulity to believe we would have done so three days before Microsoft and Activision made their announcement.” 


Rest assured, Diller’s statement is pure bunk, because calculating and worldly men in executive positions, those who hail from a powerful and influential family of German nobility with a genealogy filled with Swabian Dukes and Holy Roman Emperors such as the von Furstenberg like Barry Diller and David Geffen don’t rely on chance to acquire the blandishments of financial success, they make their own luck in life by rigging the game in their favor.

According to the, Diller’s stepson, Prince Alexander von Furstenberg (AKA Joe Rogan/Ron DeSantis), the heir apparent to the IAC corporation fortune, was also implicated for insider trading by both the DOJ and SEC.

But as shall soon be chronicled, insider trading is the least of this criminal troika’s felonious misdeeds.    


According to Wikipedia, “MKNAOMI was the code name for a joint Department of Defense/CIA research program lasting from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. Unclassified information about the MKNAOMI program and the related Special Operations Division is scarce. It is generally reported to be a successor to the MKULTRA project focusing on biological projects including biological warfare agents – specifically, to store materials that could either incapacitate or kill a test subject and to develop devices for the diffusion of such materials.”

Regarding the operational scope of MKNAOMI, Wikipedia goes on to report, “Surveillance, testing, upgrading and the evaluation of special materials and items were provided by MKNAOMI to ensure that no defects or unwanted contingencies emerged during operational conditions. The U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command (SOC) was assigned to assist the CIA with development, testing and maintenance procedures for the biological agents and delivery systems (1952). Both the CIA and SOC modified guns to fire special darts coated with biological agents and poisonous pills.” Wikipedia claims the CIA insisted Project MK Naomi was no longer in operation by the time the Church Committee hearings were convened. “On November 25, 1969, President Richard Nixon banned any military use of biological weapons and Project MKNAOMI was dissolved.”

In slight contradiction, Wikipedia then reports, “On February 14, 1970, a presidential order outlawed all stockpiles of bacteriological weapons and nonliving toxins. However, despite the presidential order, a CIA scientist was able to acquire an estimated 11 grams of deadly shellfish toxin from SOC personnel at Fort Detrick. The toxin was stored in a CIA laboratory where it remained undetected for over five years.” 

President “Richard M. Nixon”, of course, was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood actor Warren Beatty (AKA George Hamilton), the hidden son of Hollywood executive Barry Diller, and the hidden brother of “Henry Kissinger” (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen), another fabricated character scheme hiding the same live-action role player who would go on to portray “Doctor Anthony Fauci”, the man in control of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

It seems likely, therefore, Nixon’s “orders” regarding MK Naomi were merely legal window dressing, a calculated maneuver to shield the true perpetrators from legal accountability, to create a fortressing guard against any acute risk of criminal prosecution. 

SEE: Powell Was One Very Tricky Dick 

Nevertheless, in retrospective analysis, it becomes clear that with the development of the polio “vaccine”, the CIA had added the very first prototype bioweapon delivery system to their arsenal, a weapon which they hoped would help achieve the population control/reduction goals of Project MKNAOMI, some of the very same goals which were published in Henry Kissinger’s National Security Study Memorandum 200. 


It should be noted that soon after Project MK NAOMI became operational, the first polio vaccines (“poison darts”) were administered to school children and, in 1976, after the MSM launched a fierce campaign of trauma-based propaganda, swine flu vaccines were administered to the general public.

The following content published at bolsters the accuracy of the aforementioned premise that, indeed, the polio “vaccines” were covertly used as delivery systems for biological agents which caused harmful side effects such as paralysis and even death.


Just one year ago, in 2021, according to an article published at, an FDA official, observed in the video clip posted immediately below, went on record with the idea to “blow dart” unvaccinated Americans with Covid vaccinations. If such bizarre quotes sound eerily familiar to Wikipedia’s description of the sinister bioweapons developed by the CIA’s Project MK NAOMI, it certainly shouldn’t be counted as coincidental.      

As for the swine flu “vaccine” debacle during the mid-1970’s, even MSM sources such as the American television program 60 Minutes were forced to report concerning their disastrous effects upon the American public’s health. 


It is no coincidence that popular podcaster “Joe Rogan” (AKA Ron DeSantis) was promoting the pharmaceutical known as Ivermectin as an alternative treatment for “Covid 19” (Certificate of Vaccine Identification/ID 2020/block-chain nanoparticle cryptocurrency). Ivermectin is a pharmaceutical manufactured by Merck, producers of the vaccine-delivered Gardasil, a drug for which the company has been sued for fraud, deceit, criminal negligence, and blatant corruption.

Rest assured, though Florida governor “Ron DeSantis” (AKA Joe Rogan) may pose as a savior of the people, his masquerade is a cruel sham, merely the standard centuries-old ploy of the ruling families to play both sides of the political and ideological fence. This cruel ploy is perpetually executed to not only give US citizens the illusion of freedom of choice, but to hopelessly trap them into an ongoing Hegelian dialectic where each side, whether positioned on the ideological left or right, is posed to greet one another in constant socio-political struggle while their hidden oppressors – the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families – stand shrouded in the shadows, removed from all accountabilities for their numerous criminal schemes.   

According to an article published at, “There has been documented evidence that the HPV vaccine has caused more injuries than any other vaccination in history.” 

In yet another case involving malfeasance on the part of Merck, a most revealing article appearing at reports that a family “was found to have met burden of proof that Gardasil caused their daughter’s death.”  

But despite this and countless other charges of criminal activity on the part of pharmaceutical giants such as Merck, it appears, the Jesuit-controlled CIA’s Project MK NAOMI continues on well into the 21st century unimpeded but repackaged and repurposed as the Covid-19 psychological/depopulation operation (AKA UN Agenda 2030/2050). 


Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses indicate Florida governor “Ron DeSantis” (AKA Joe Rogan) is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Prince Alexander von Furstenberg.

download (2)[5626]images (3)[5635]images (2)[5634]

Turns out, “Ron DeSantis” (AKA Joe Rogan) is a genealogical relative of “Doctor Anthony Fauci” (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen/TMZ’s Harvey Levin/Sonny Bono/Bruce Edward Ivans/Chris Hadfield/Gene Simmons/Sylvester Stallone/Greg Allman/Charles Manson/Henry Kissinger/Dick Cheney/Willie Nelson/Bernie Madoff/Michael Bloomberg), the very same who was identified as the live-action role player behind the MSM portrayal of “Bruce Edward Ivins” (AKA NASA “astronaut” Chris Hadfield/Sonny Bono), alleged to have been the perpetrator of the post-9/11 Anthrax letter attack hoax of 2001 involving SAIC, and NIAID, an organization overseen by “Doctor Anthony Fauci” headquartered at Fort Detrick, Maryland.


Back in 2017, in the fashion of a criminal fortune teller or better still, Nostradamus, “Doctor Anthony Fauci” publicly announced there would soon be an “outbreak” of infectious disease.

Lest anyone forget, it was also “Doctor Anthony Fauci” who promoted the large-scale administering of vaccine bioweapons during the AIDS hoax crisis of the 1980’s, vaccines which contained a carcinogenic material called SV40, later discovered to be present in both the polio vaccines and in AZT, manufactured by Gilead Sciences Inc., a company with not only close political ties to Washington D.C., but one which harbored intimate business ties to Fauci himself, who, in March of 2000, just before starring as “Bruce Edward Ivins” in the Anthrax letter attack hoax, named Gilead Sciences CEO John C. Martin to his advisory council at NIAID.

As reported in the following video clip, the CDC admits to criminal malfeasance, estimating that the polio vaccinations which contained SV40, a toxic ingredient known to have been carcinogenic, contributed mightily to the cancerous contamination of over 98 million Americans.    

DeSantis’s live-action role player, Prince Alexander von Furstenberg, is also the stepson of Diane von Furstenberg (AKA Diane Sawyer/Martha Stewart), the spouse of Hollywood, Coca Cola, and IAC executive Barry Diller (AKA Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg Hohenlohe). 

download (1)[5628]images (1)[5627]OIP[5629]

Not only do the facial geometries of “Diane Sawyer” and “Martha Stewart” feature identical epidermal and bone structural contours – cheekbones, brows, noses, and epidermal contours of the ears – but, as everyone shall observe in the images posted below, both MSM personality “Diane Sawyer” – modified with dyed blonde hair and contact lenses – and her live-action role player, Diane von Furstenberg, have a distinguishing epidermal landmark in common, a mole or birthmark placed on the lower portion of the neck and just above the collarbone. 


Interactive Corporation, a $12.3 billion holding company headquartered in New York City and Chaired by Barry Diller, lists Martha Stewart Living as one of its business assets.

As for Diller’s stepson Prince Alexander von Furstenberg (AKA Joe Rogan/Ron DeSantis), he is also related to Princess Ira von Furstenberg, better known to the public as legendary MSM personality “Barbara Walters” (AKA Audrey Hepburn).

“Audrey Hepburn” starred with “Cary Grant” (AKA Barry Diller) in the 1963 Hollywood production of Charade.

Below: Barbara Walters, Ira von Furstenberg, Audrey Hepburn



Facial recognition and image comparison analyses indicates “Barbara Walters” (AKA Princess Ira von Furstenberg/Audrey Hepburn) was later modified into both Hollywood actress Suzanne Pleshette and Hollywood gossip columnist “Rona Barret”. 

Below: Audrey Hepburn, Suzanne Pleshette, Barbara Walters, Rona Barret

images (1)[5299]OIP (1)[5642]


OIP (2)[5643]

Both “Bruce Edward Ivins”, the man alleged to have been responsible for the Anthrax letter attack hoax in 2001, and NASA “astronaut “Chris Hadfield” were media-driven images derived from modifications of “Sonny Bono”, the “late” pop singer/television personality and former US congressman alleged by the MSM to have perished in a “skiing accident”, yet another among the truly vast repertoire of fabricated character schemes portrayed by Hollywood executive David Geffen. 

SEE: Bruce Ivins & Anthrax Attack Hoax 

Bernie Made Off But Still Alive


Florida governor “Ron DeSantis” (AKA Joe Rogan/Prince Alexander von Furstenberg) has yet another family relation identified as a known perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, Tatiana von Furstenberg, who, as indicated by extensive facial recognition and image comparison analysis, starred as “Nelba Marquez Greene” in the Sandy Hook massacre hoax.

Below: Nelba Marquez Greene, Tatiana von Furstenberg

OIP (1)[5656] OIP[5655]

Facial recognition and image comparison analysis also indicates Tatiana von Furstenberg also starred as “Patsey Ramsey” in the Jean Benet Ramsey hoax.

Below: Tatiana von Furstenberg, Patsey Ramey

OIP[5655]OIP (3)[5648]

Before performing in high-profile MSM staged hoaxes, Tatiana von Furstenberg, modified with contact lenses and latex stippling strategically applied to portions of the facial geometry, particularly in the region of the chin, was also known as Hollywood actress Tammy Taylor, a fabricated character scheme who also portrayed “Kim Goldman”, alleged by the MSM to have been the surviving sister of OJ Simpson “murder victim” “Ron Goldman” (AKA Matt Lattanzi, Martin Bryant, Burke Ramsey, Rob Lowe, Jean Claude Van Dame, Gavin Newsome).

It should be noted that both Patsey and “John Ramsey”, a media generated fabricated character scheme modified from another popular MSM personality portrayed by Hollywood executive Barry Diller, “Bill O’Reilly”, were both interviewed by – who else? – their very own family relation, “Barbara Walters” (AKA Princess Ira von Furstenberg) in her trademark pillow soft but overly melodramatic style. 

Below: Tammy Taylor, Kim Goldman 

OIP (2)[5647]OIP (5)[5650]

In reward for influencing the hearts and minds of the masses, Tatiana von Furstenberg was appointed to the job of London’s metropolitan police commissioner, modifying into the fabricated character scheme known to the public as “Cressida Dick”. 

OIP[5655]OIP (4)[5649]

Is there anyone who still thinks, in full knowledge of what has been revealed about that wretched family, the nest of snakes emanating from ancient German nobility and imperial Holy Roman royalty filled with serial media hoaxers and perpetrators of the genocidal Jesuit-controlled CIA Project MK Naomi known as the von Furstenberg, that voting for “Ron DeSantis” (AKA Joe Rogan/Prince Alexander von Furstenberg), who, so rumor has it, is planning to make a run for the US presidency in 2024, will somehow suddenly and miraculously change things around in the commoner’s favor? 

If so, one would be well-advised to think again. 


7 thoughts on “DeSantis Deception Delves Much Deeper

  1. And since we’re dealing with the Families here, I think it’s appropriate to introduce our readers to the Merck dynasty, the family behind the notorious pharma giant Merck & Co. (AKA Merck, Sharp, & Dohme Corp.), a subsidiary of the family’s Merck Group, whose owners include Blackrock and Vanguard. The Group also pioneered the usage of morphine and cocaine, and at one point held a monopoly on both. It has been in operation since at least 1668. One of its members included Johann Heinrich Merck, a key literary player of the Enlightenment and a friend of Goethe, and Heinrich Emmanuel Merck, founder of the Merck corporation:

    The Merck bloodline is the Rothschilds of the pharmaceutical industry, for although they are less well-known, they’re just as powerful & wealthy, if not more so. Their monopoly over drugs & vaccines earns them huge annual profits from sales to governments and multinational corporations worldwide, who in return shell out billions in public & private funding, not to mention tax breaks offered to them by their bought-and-paid-for politicians. Currently in U.S. dollars, Merck & Co. rakes in $48 billion in revenue, with total assets at $105 billion. Quite a profitable racket, I must say.

    They’re also involved in the artificial fertilizer business, which may tie us to Monsanto/Bayer’s Roundup product and the rise of obesity rates from the 1970s onward – which, of course, is part of their planned gradual weeding of the human population (Bayer is involved in the pharmaceutical business, too. The Rothschilds were formerly known as Bauers before they changed their surname, which is a variant of Bayer. Small world.) Not to mention that both are hugely profitable for pharma rackets like Merck: sick people are far likely to spend more on drugs, medical bills from doctor visits, etc. than healthy people, after all, as we all know.

    The Merck dynasty were also involved in banking, hence my apt comparison to the Rothschilds, known to be titans of finance. Until 1983, they ran the H.J. Merck & Co. banking house, a prominent financial venture with headquarters in Hamburg (which ties us to the Titanic psyop and HAPAG, as well). They belong to the top Hanseatic merchants of northern Europe, making them one of the premier crypto-Jewish bloodlines that run the region. Their bank was saved from total collapse, although “with some difficulty”, during the 1857 financial crisis thanks to the “rescue measures of the Hamburger Rath” (‘Hamburger Rath’ refers to the parliament of Hamburg), which essentially means what we’ve seen in 2008 and in 2020: the contents of the national treasury &/or central bank was looted for huge monetary dividends, while the plebians shouldered the tax bill for the bailouts. Interestingly, the crisis began in the United States, which was gearing up for the Civil War in a few years (the Families stood to gain tremendously from that project, as well). As the maxim goes: “Never let a crisis go to waste. Milk it to the very last drop.”

    And here’s the cherry on top of the cake: the current executive chairman and ex-CEO of Merck & Co. is Kenneth Frazier (Frazier is also a Jewish name). He has been implicated in numerous pharmaceutical scandals such as the Vioxx saga of the 1990s-00s. His Wiki bio claims that in his early years, he “raised tadpoles and newts and sold them to local stores” to make money so he can pay off his college tuition, despite the fact that Kenneth’s parents were poor and the school he attended was a state-sponsored university. Make sense of that, if you will.

    He reminds me of Tupac Shakur, who faked his death in 1996. As we all know, Tupac is related to the Families, so they obviously wouldn’t have killed him. And since his genre is also connected to the pharmaceutical industry – for it promotes drug abuse, which boosts pharma profits – what are the odds that he didn’t become a top-tier official at some of the most prominent drug companies in the world? It would make sense, after all, knowing what we know about how these people operate. Keep in mind that Frazier first joined Merck & Co. as a member of their general counsel, which was a subsidiary of their “public affairs division” (i.e., propaganda creation & promotion), in 1992 before moving up the ranks in the company sometime later, so it looks like he was already preparing for his role as a high-browed official of the conglomerate shortly before he retired his Tupac character four years later.

    Kenneth Frazier:

    Tupac Shakur:

    They claim that Frazier was born in 1954 and Shakur in 1971, which would make them 17 years apart in age. But as we’ve seen with the Tate sisters and others, they often fudge the birthdates of these people to mislead us into thinking we’re not looking at the same person. I suspect they’re much closer in age (if not the same age) than they admit, if my hypothesis is correct.

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