A plethora of high-profile awards are parceled out annually, but none are so grandly entitled as “Champion of the Earth”.

On April 21st, the UN environmental Programme (UNEP) bestowed upon Sir David Attenborough, a veteran BBC television broadcaster, with the Champions of the Earth Lifetime Achievement Award.

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According to unep.org, “Sir David Attenborough” was recently awarded for “his dedication, and advocacy for the protection of nature and its restoration. In addition, his advocacy to preserve and restore biodiversity, transition to renewable energy, mitigate climate change and promote plant-rich diets contribute to the realization of many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).”

The UN’s official announcement was remiss in informing that “Sir David Attenborough” also favors the Malthusian concept of human depopulation. In essence, though he may have been dubbed “Champion of the Earth”, confirmed by his recent comments quoted in an article published at futurism.com, “Sir David Attenborough” certainly does not qualify as a champion of humanity’s continued survival.

Nevertheless, among those self-initiated into the pseudo-religious global “climate change” cult, “Sir David Attenborough” is considered to be a hero, perhaps even a demigod.

But when expedient, history’s “heroes” have always been provided to the masses whom, from birth, have been psychologically conditioned to rely upon the miraculous appearances of fabricated saviors.

Circa 1870, regarding the concept of decorated heroes such as Sir David Attenborough, legendary masonic Grand Master Albert Pike was quoted, “We always give the public their heroes. We give the heroes to every faction, and then people once they hear this person say all the right things, we give releases to them because he or she speaks for ‘me’. We say go there go do that and they do it. We give our power to the authorized heroes.”

Though among most Britons, he’s also considered to be a national treasure, given the cult of personality which surrounds him, “Sir David Attenborough” certainly qualifies as a classic example of one of Albert Pike’s “authorized heroes”. And yet, upon further investigation, “Sir David Attenborough” has proved to be another fabricated character scheme, charged with playing out his scripted role on the world’s stage.

Neither should it be any coincidence to discover that not only has “Sir David Attenborough” received a bevy of other distinguished awards throughout the long tenure of his BBC television career, a career spanning back to the 1950’s and the dawn of commercial British television, but, as confirmed by extensive ear-biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses, the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of his fabricated character scheme is a European royal, one who, according to the MSM and to the CIA/Jesuit controlled Wikipedia, is claimed to be “dead”.

Below from L to R: Sir David Attenborough, Prince Henrik of Denmark

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Though the MSM claims he’s “officially” shuffled off this mortal coil, over the course of his life while posed on the world’s stage by his Jesuit/masonic masters, it turns out, Prince Henrik of Denmark (AKA Sir David Attenborough) has also portrayed a number of other legendary roles, in Hollywood, in the Hollywood music industry, and in the theater of American politics. Roles which, in each case and without exception, have helped the thirteen ruling Jesuit families to advance their global political/social agendas.

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During his youth, Prince Henrik of Denmark (AKA Sir David Attenborough) endeavored to become a frequent perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation. Strategically donned with a custom-fitted hairpiece, he assumed the role of “Robert F. Kennedy”, former US Attorney General and “assassinated” US presidential candidate.

Below from L to R: Prince Henrik of Denmark, Sir David Attenborough, Robert F. Kennedy

In the early 1960’s, Prince Henrik (AKA Sir David Attenborough/Robert F. Kennedy) consort to Queen Margarethe of Denmark also portrayed the Hollywood actor known as “Jack Nicholson”, a made for Hollywood media-driven fabricated character scheme who was modified into mafia connected Dallas nightclub owner “Jack Ruby”.

Below from L to R & in descending order: Prince Henrik of Denmark, Sir David Attenborough, Jack Nicholson, Robert F. Kennedy, Jack Ruby

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Still later, Prince Henrik of Denmark (AKA Sir David Attenborough/Robert F. Kennedy/Jack Nicholson/Jack Ruby) was also modified into the Hollywood actor known to the public as “Jon Voigt”. 

Below from L to R: Jack Nicholson, Jon Voigt, Prince Henrik of Denmark

A classically trained pianist, Prince Henrik of Denmark (AKA Sir David Attenborough/Jack Nicholson) was also strategically modified with both chin and facial prosthetics to portray the role of legendary rock/pop star “Neil Young”. 

Below: Prince Henrik of Denmark, Sir David Attenborough, Jack Nicholson, Neil Young 

As shall also be proved beyond shadow of doubt, despite being named by the UN as “Champion of the Earth”, “Sir David Attenborough” (AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark/Robert F. Kennedy/Jack Nicholson/Jack Ruby/Jon Voigt/Neil Young) has gone on record as having characterized the humanity inhabiting the Earth he is alleged to “champion” as a “plague”.   


Apparently, Sir David Attenborough’s vision of a “perfect planet” is one with far less people inhabiting it. Not only does Attenborough support ideas such as biodiversity, a global transition to “renewable” energy, the mitigation of “climate change” and plant-based diets, ideas which wholly derive not from Attenborough himself, but from the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050, he has gone on record in support of global depopulation.

Back in December of 2016, futurism.com published an article entitled “David Attenborough: If We Don’t Limit Population Growth, the Natural World Will.”

Putting aside such a statement smacks of grandiosity and utter hubris, the fundamental logic implied by Attenborough’s comment is absurdly conceived. But just when one thinks Attenborough couldn’t get any more absurd, he augments the extremist sentiments echoed in the article’s title at futurism.com with yet another heap of conspicuous misanthropy.

“David Attenborough, renowned British naturalist and TV presenter,” reports fururism.com, “has some pretty scathing words for humanity: “We are a plague on Earth.”

SEE: https://futurism.com/david-attenborough-if-we-dont-limit-our-population-growth-the-natural-world-will 

In response, one could very well say it is the existence of manufactured heroes “authorized” by the freemasonic/Jesuit order which constitute a plague on humanity. 

One also supposes, with amusement, such a disproportionate level of self-importance is a prerequisite when applying for the position of sellout globalist/Jesuit/UN puppet?  

If, as Attenborough adamantly claims, the natural world has plans to depopulate humans – forgetting for a moment how one could possibly become privy to Mother Nature’s personal sentiments towards humanity – then why, if, as he claims and appears to believe, human depopulation is a fait accompli due to the whims of natural causes, should “Sir David Attenborough” so urgently insist governments around the world take measures now to control population growth? 

Two conclusions regarding Attenborough’s statements derived from futurism.com are immediately evident.

One, either he is unaware that the “climate change” agenda is being utilized to covertly achieve sweeping global economic and political goals, meaning, he is yet another ideologically deluded useful idiot. Or, secondly, could it be that “Sir David Attenborough” is fully aware of UN Agenda 2030/2050’s true intentions as a Trojan horse, to incrementally genocide entire segments of the global economic pool of human resources, replacing them with AI and robotics while, merely for the purposes of self-promotion and self-aggrandizement, he remains content with the high-profile role assigned to him by his masonic/Jesuit maters, as messianic climate change evangelist? 

While the implications of both conclusions are distressing, the latter scenario, at the expense of humanity’s survival threatened by the growing societal predominance of AI and robotics, represents a jarring glimpse into what could only be described as a sociopathic and narcissistic mentality.

Despite evidence to the contrary – presented at https://ourworldindata.org/world-population-growth – Attenborough continues to insist the world is overpopulated with humans. 

Superficially, of course, Attenborough’s publicly displayed persona, the pleasant and benign demeanor of a grandfatherly sage, belies this harsh assessment. But like any highly skilled thespian, over the course of several decades, the royal host actor (live-action role player) portraying English broadcaster, biologist, natural historian and author “Sir David Attenborough” has had plenty of practice staying in character while dramatically reciting the lines of his script, especially when live cameras are rolling.

Case in point, just watch the video excerpt from 1963 displayed immediately below.



Though, as stated in the introduction, Attenborough has been bestowed with a number of prestigious awards, one couldn’t help but notice while perusing Wikipedia’s official biographical entry, “Sir David Attenborough” has additionally been gifted several dynastic orders of knighthood by the current sitting British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II (AKA Lucille Ball), who co-starred in the JFK “assassination” psychological operation with Prince Henrik of Denmark (AKA Sir David Attenborough) identified as the host actor (live-action role player) in portrayal of Hollywood actor “Jack Nicholson”, a fabricated character scheme modified into both US Attorney General “Robert F. Kennedy” and mafia connected Dallas nightclub proprietor “Jack Ruby” ( AKA Jack Nicholson).

Below from L to R & in descending order: Sir David Attenborough, Prince Henrik of Denmark, Jack Nicholson, Robert F. Kennedy, Jack Ruby 


As everyone shall observe in the video excerpt displayed below, immediately subsequent to the execution of the JFK “assassination” psychological operation in Dallas on November 22, 1963, Queen Elizabeth of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Rockefeller/Rothschild) went on live television in portrayal of the MSM fabricated character scheme known as JFK “assassination” “eyewitness” “Jean Hill”.

Below from L to R: Queen Elizabeth II, Jean Hill


As can be discerned from her “eyewitness” testimony, “Jean Hill” claims to have seen a “dog” in the presidential motorcade with both JFK and his first lady, Jaclyn Kennedy (AKA Shirley Temple Black, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe). Alas, the content of the Zapruder film, which wasn’t released for public viewing until more than a decade after-the-fact, contradicted the eyewitness testimony of “Jean Hill” that a “dog” was present in the Dallas presidential motorcade.   

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Nevertheless, for so dutifully having played his role as “Jack Ruby”, the assassins avenger in the JFK “assassination” psychological operation, “Sir David Attenborough” (AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark, Robert F. Kennedy/Jack Ruby/Jack Nicholson) was later awarded with a knighthood and initiated into the Royal Victorian Order which, according to Wikipedia, was “established in 1896 by Queen Victoria” of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Rockefeller/Rothschild). The Royal Victorian Order’s current Grand Master is Anne, Princess Royal (AKA former New South Wales premiere Gladys Berejiklian).

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Attenborough was also inducted into the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, an order of chivalry established in 1917 by King George V which, according to Wikipedia, “rewards contributions to the arts and sciences, work with charitable and welfare organizations, and public service outside the civil service.”

Among a slew of other titles, awards, and prestigious recognitions, “Sir David Attenborough” was also named a fellow to both the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and the Royal Society of Biology. 

Clearly, the plethora of awards given to “Sir David Attenborough” have served to legitimize and, in the words of Grand Master freemason Albert Pike, the founder of the KKK, to “authenticate” the existence of his fabricated character scheme as a “hero” in the eyes of the infantilized general public.

In the identical vein that “heroes” such as “Sir David Attenborough” are created for the purposes of public admiration and ultimately, psychological/behavioral influence, crises such as “climate change” and the Covid-19 “pandemic” are thoroughly fabricated to influence and even to justify the implementation of public policy, policies which are sold to the public by officials – “elected” or otherwise – who’ve been trained in the strategic usages of deceptive euphemism, legal semantics, and neural linguistic programming to further influence public perception and to better control the informational flow of the MSM’s consensus narratives.

Of course, as a contingency to ensure statutory and federal policies which reflect the UN’s “Sustainability Goals” of Agenda 2030/2050 are not only enthusiastically proposed but summarily enacted, public shaming, coercion, bribery, and even blackmail is utilized against any public official, whether operating on a local, state, or federal level, who demonstrates the slightest political intransigence towards the incremental advancement of Agenda 2030/2050, the economically transformative global plan which has been cleverly rebranded as “Build Back Better”.

Having dismissive doubts about such nefarious activity?

The following video excerpt features credible details on how statistical and legal deceptions were deployed during the early stages of the Covid-19 “pandemic” to artificially manipulate death certificates. 


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According to the text of the article published at futurism.com, “Sir David Attenborough” believes, when it comes to solving the manufactured “problem” of “climate change” – “we must act”.

Yes, indeed, “Sir David Attenborough” understands very well the utility of acting.

He also believes, futurism.com informs, “that controlling our population is dependent on investing in sex education globally {LGBTQ+}, giving women more political control over their bodies {3rd wave Marxist inspired feminism}, and implementing other voluntary means of population control in developing countries.”

Those “other voluntary means of population control” to which “Sir David Attenborough” refers were planned for ultimate implementation decades ago – National Security Memorandum 200 – and failing the recent efforts of the MSM to manufacture the perceptive validity of a supporting political and scientific consensus in favor of “Build Back Better” to marshal widespread public consent, the public is soon to find out their consent to the ongoing implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 will not be “voluntary”. 

SEE: http://www.hli.org/resources/exposing-the-global-population-control/   

According to an article published at nnv.com, National Security Memorandum 200, drawn up in 1974 by the National Security Council headed by Henry Kissinger (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen/Doctor Anthony Fauci), represented a “blueprint for world depopulation.”

At the time of the memorandum’s drafting, not only was Henry Kissinger quoted as having said, “Depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy…”, he also subsequently remarked, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.”

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Despite his otherwise benign appearance, is there anyone who still thinks “Sir David Attenborough” (AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark), crowned the UN’s “Champion of the Earth”, exists as a savior to humanity?

If so, one should be mindful that appearances are oftentimes deceiving.    


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