Recently, much has been said and written about Charles III, the newly crowned British king and former Prince of Wales.

But the MSM will never dare report about Charles’s appetite for deception.

Why should this be so?

Because Charles’s royal family – the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rockefeller/Rothschild) – are majority shareholders of the MSM and, historically, they have directed their propaganda through intelligence vehicles such as BBC (AKA MI7) and independent television network Desilu productions which, until sold to Gulf and Western and renamed Paramount Television under the Paramount Global/CBS umbrella, was owned by television actress and comedienne Lucille Ball (AKA Queen Elizabeth II/JFK “assassination” “eyewitness” Jean Hill).

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As demonstrated in several previously published articles, some of the biggest pop music stars of the last two decades – Lady Gaga (AKA Amy Winehouse/Princess Beatrice, Duchess of York), Katy Perry (AKA Princess Sofia of Sweden), and Chester Bennington (AKA Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden/Orlando Bloom/Volodymyr Zelensky) – have turned out to be European royals in disguise.

In the images posted below, while making ocular comparisons, everyone will notice the respetive facial geometries of Princess Beatrice and Lady Gaga are strikingly similar. The dimensional proportions of the chins, noses, brows, and lips are identical.

As well – between the Duchess of York and Gaga – everyone will also observe the identical geometrical, epidermal, and bone structural symmetry of the jawlines extending from the bottom right of the identically proportioned chins.

As for the “late” “Amy Winehouse”, facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirm she is a fabricated character scheme modified from the pop music star known as Lady Gaga (AKA Princess Beatrice, Duchess of York).

Below from L to R: Princess Beatrice, Duchess of York, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse

OIP (5)[6090]OIP (3)[6095]OIP (4)[6094]

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Therefore, would it surprise anyone to learn that, for the last several decades, the Duchess of York’s royal relative – King Charles III, the former Prince of Wales – has portrayed the host actor (live-action role player) cast in the role of one of rock music’s most legendary guitarists – “Keith Richards”?

While examining the first pair of images from left to right posted below, everyone will notice that, comparatively, the geometrical and structural proportions of the respective chins, jawlines, noses, and ears – between “Keith Richards” and his live-action role player, King Charles III – are an identical match.

Drawing attentions to the second pair of images in succession, everyone will begin to notice the identical geometrical and structural proportions of the brows, chins, and ears are particularly conspicuous.

Below from L to R: Keith Richards, King Charles III

download (4)[6068]OIP (5)[6067]

download (5)[6069]download (6)[6088]

But more shockingly, not only was King Charlie once a Rolling Stone – a moniker fabricated as an obvious esoteric reference to freemasonry (stone builders) of which Prince Edward, Duke of Kent (AKA Lord Jacob Rothschild), the brother of Prince Michael, Duke of Kent (AKA Max Igan/George Carlin/Joe Cocker), happens to be the Master of England’s Grand Masonic Lodge – he also portrayed one of America’s most renowned MSM news anchors and a prominent member of the mythical “Kennedy” family.

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Mad Max the Duke of Doom


As previously detailed, Australia is enjoined with the fifty-six-member Commonwealth of Nations. Many of these nations (AKA commercial markets) are “former” territories of the British Empire (AKA Pax Romana). As a current member state of the Commonwealth, Australia is overseen by a Governor General appointed by the sitting British monarch. This more than implies that Western Australia’s determination to implement Emergency Management Amendment (Temporary Covid-19 Provisions) Bill 2022 covertly but directly derives from Buckingham palace, the current residence of King Charles III (AKA Keith Richards).

The revelation of this stark political reality shouldn’t surprise any regular visitor to this site, since it was revealed in a recently published article how Queen Elizabeth II and CIA conspired to oust former Australian PM Gough Whitlam.

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In other words, the meddlesome nature of Buckingham palace in relation to the internal political machinations of its Commonwealth member states has for decades been standard operating procedure for the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rockefeller/Rothschild).

Added to this, newly crowned King Charlie has repeatedly gone on record in support of the “climate change” agenda, which, in turn, is part and parcel of the UN’s seventeen “Sustainability Goals”, a clever euphemism for the implementation of global population reduction (AKA genocide).

According to an article published at, Western Australia’s political opposition leaders have labeled the proposed laws of the 2022 EMA “pandemic” provision ‘draconian’, and further claim the details of the laws included in the proposed measure would “shock” the “public”.

“Western Australia will keep its ‘draconian’ state of emergency powers, according to its opposition,” reports author Heather McNeil, “with a new bill due to be introduced into parliament on Wednesday simply ‘rebranding’ the pandemic laws, rather than winding them back.”

What is the exact nature of these “draconian” laws?

According to, “{The amended} laws can include seizing your car, seizing your house, in fact, they can break into both of those under these acts, they can direct any person to do anything that they consider reasonable to deal with that particular concern they have, none of that is subject to any scrutiny.” Furthermore, reports, “The bill includes the ability to control or use property are for the purposes to manage Covid-19 at a particular point in time. For example, it would allow for WA Police to quickly set-up accommodation and establish an operation center such as the successful Operation Tide which was initially based at Optus Stadium.”

In other words, the police, lacking a warrant or probable cause, have been given legal license to seize the property of any Western Australian citizen and force them into solitary confinement while imprisoned in a designated concentration camp.

Needless to say, under the reign of King Charles III (AKA Rolling Stone Keith Richards), the Commonwealth citizens of Western Australia are guaranteed to get no satisfaction.


Does anyone recognize the person pictured in the image posted directly above?

If not, the content of the following video should help to confirm his identification.

That, of course, was the legendary MSM news anchor “Ted Koppel” publicly chiding CNN news personality “Brian Stelter” (AKA Prince William of Wales) who, as most regular visitors will recall, is the spouse of another MSM news personality, “Nicole Lapin” (AKA Kate Middleton/Princess of Wales).

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But wouldn’t you know it?

According to Wikipedia, Edward James Martin Koppel was born, not in the US, but in Britain, in Lancashire.

Is it coincidental we should discover “Ted Koppel” was born in Britain while King Charles III was born at Buckingham palace?

As everyone shall soon observe, indeed, it is not.

The common symbol designated for Lancashire, a British county, the birthplace of “Ted Koppel”, is a red rose, known as the Red Rose of Lancaster. Red is a symbolic color also associated with the Jesuit order and Mars, the Roman God of War. But the symbol of the red rose is also synonymous with the Rosicrucian order and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a masonic order better known as the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) or the Left-Hand Path, into which Alistair Crowley (AKA Sir Winston Churchill/Bob Hope/Jack Benny/Prince George, Duke of Kent) was initiated as a young neophyte.

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What everyone witnessed in the preceding video excerpt was a staged theatrical pageant, a prime, demonstrative example of Post-Modern Reality Simulation starring British royals – two princes, one of whom has now been coronated as monarch – in the guise of fabricated MSM character schemes.

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicate the MSM’s “legendary” “Ted Koppel” is also a fabricated character scheme portrayed by King Charles III, the former Prince of Wales (AKA Keith Richards).

While making ocular comparisons between the images posted below, not only will everyone notice the identical structural proportions of the respective facial geometries – noses, chins, brows, eyes, lips – but, when examined closer, everyone will also begin to observe that the shape, dimensions, and alignment of the teeth – particularly regarding the left lateral incisor and left canine cuspid – are conspicuously identical in both images.

Everyone will also observe the structural and geometrical proportions of the left-hand ears are as well identical.

download[6083]OIP (2)[6065]

According to Wikipedia, “Before {hosting} Nightline, he {Ted Koppel} spent 20 years as a broadcast journalist and news anchor for ABC.”

ABC (American Broadcasting Company), according to Wikipedia, “is an American commercial broadcast television network, the flagship property of the ABC Entertainment Group division of The Walt Disney Company.”

Everyone may recall, an investigation into the “war” in Ukraine revealed that The Walt Disney Company is not only connected to Gazprom and BNY Mellon Bank, the owners of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, but, along with Paramount Global, Disney also has ownership and licensing stakes in some of the television studios which aired “Servant of the People” to television audiences in Ukraine. “Servant of the People”, of course, was the popular television production which formerly starred “Volodymyr Zelensky” (AKA Orlando Bloom/Chester Bennington/Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden).

Genealogically speaking, “Volodymyr Zelensky” (AKA Orlando Bloom/Chester Bennington/Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden) is a royal relative of Queen Silvia of Sweden (AKA Jaclyn Kennedy/Shirley Temple Black/Judy Garland/Marilyn Monroe/Madeleine Albright/Helen Thomas).

According to, Shirley Temple Black (AKA Jaclyn Kennedy/Judy Garland/Marilyn Monroe/Madeleine Albright/Helen Thomas/Queen Silvia of Sweden) is, in turn, genealogically connected to Sir Winston Churchill (AKA Alistair Crowley/Bob Hope/Jack Benny/Prince George, Duke of Kent), and to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by – wait for it, folks – Walt Disney (AKA Fred Astaire/Henry Fonda/Jimmy Stewart/Al Jolson/Harry Truman/Glen Miller/Walter Cronkite/Walter Sommerlath/Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg).

Just as importantly, it should also be noted that Shirley Temple Black (AKA Jaclyn Bouvier Kennedy/Judy Garland/Marilyn Monroe/Madeleine Albright/Helen Thomas/Queen Silvia of Sweden) is also genealogically connected to former CIA director Allen Dulles, who reigned over at Langley during the execution of the JFK (AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper) “assassination” hoax and subsequently presided over the Warren Commission, a cruel sham of congressional theater staged and scripted in cooperation with the US corporate government and CIA which conveniently concluded and reported to the American public, “Lee Harvey Oswald” (AKA Sir Anthony Hopkins/Gene Wilder/Dick Van Patten) acted alone.

The phrase “acted alone”, which was often repeated ad nauseum by members of CIA’s Warren Commission, is representative of semantical and contextual word magic.

In essence, Dulles, CIA, and his panel of congressional puppets admitted to the American public “Lee Harvey Oswald” was a Hollywood actor.

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On August 13, 1984, “Ted Koppel” made the cover of New York Magazine which proclaimed him “The Smartest Man on TV.”

An article at, labeled with the alliterative title “Kudos for Kopel”, reports, “Ted Koppel is modest. Ted Koppel is smart. Ted Koppel is fair and nice and warm all the through a two-hour receiving line. Ted Koppel is, it seems, perfect.”

The preceding paragraph from the Post exists as a prime example of image building and perception management. Because little has the majority of the Western audience demographic directly targeted with such blatant propaganda begun to realize, “Ted Koppel” (AKA Keith Richards/King Charles III) – as in the case of his close royal relative “Brian Stelter” (AKA Prince William of Wales) – is a fraud, a mere media-generated image and modified propaganda tool designed to manipulate and seduce the hoi polloi into believing he merits all of the aforementioned superlatives.

Below L to R: Ted Koppel, King Charles III

images (2)[6085]OIP (4)[6072]

OIP[6084]download (2)[6066]

Below from L to R: Ted Koppel, Keith Richards

OIP[6084]download (5)[6069]

OIP (4)[6099]download (4)[6068]

One has come to expect such execrable dross from, which, of course, is not only dialed in with CIA, but associated with former Amazon chief “Jeff Bezos” (AKA Kevin Spacey/Doctor Drew Pinsky/John Wayne Bobbitt/Quenton Anderson Reynolds), genealogical relative of J P Morgan Senior (AKA Teddy Roosevelt/King Edward VII) who, in turn, is also a royal relative of King Charles III (AKA Keith Richards).


In a serendipitous coinciding of events, “Ted Edward Kennedy” entered the US senate in 1962 at the tender age of thirty. Around this same time period, in 1963, “Ted Koppel” became the youngest correspondent ever to be employed by ABC Radio News. Shortly thereafter, in November of 1963, according to Wikipedia, “Ted Koppel” was well-positioned to give America an improvised play-by-play account of the JFK “assassination”.

“His coverage of the Kennedy assassination in 1963 (3 6’s/666) with Charles Osgood, caused the national news audience to take notice. He was scheduled to do a short report, but a delay during the crisis forced him to ad-lib for an hour and a half.”

From another hypothetical perspective, would it not be most advantageous for the career of a young politician – “Ted Kennedy” – entering the US senate to have someone in the MSM – “Ted Koppel” – to rely upon for positive press coverage and to not only widely promote the interests of your historically fabricated family, but to build the image and legacy of that historical fabrication into an iconic and legendary vision, one which was associated with the mythical Camelot?

All the while, of course, the American public would be blind to the fact that the same hidden British royal was cast in the roles of both media-driven and fabricated personas known as “Ted Kennedy” and “Ted Koppel”.

But when it comes to perpetrating media deceptions and hoaxes as a repeat offender, it turns out, King Charlie III got an early start on the path towards becoming a professional veteran criminal.

As demonstrated earlier, and again in the first pair of images posted in succession below, the unique alignments, structural dimensions or shapes of the left lateral incisor and left canine cuspids are comparatively identical between Prince Charles of Wales and “Ted Koppel”.

But further and closer examination of the fourth image in succession posted below – featuring “Ted Kennedy” – clearly demonstrates the unique proportional alignments, dimensional structures or shapes of both the left lateral incisor and left canine cuspid are also identical to those belonging to Prince Charles of Wales (AKA Keith Richards/Ted Koppel).

Drawing attentions now to the second pair of images – featuring, from left to right, “Ted Koppel” and “Ted Edward Kennedy” – while making ocular comparisons, in addition to the identical proportional symmetry of the teeth – left lateral incisor, left canine cuspid – everyone will also observe that the geometrical structure of the chins as well as the unique structural geometry, proportional alignments, and structural dimensions or shape of the right-hand jawlines are also identical.

While examining the fifth and final image featuring “Keith Richards” (AKA Ted Koppel/Ted Kennedy/King Charles III), everyone will notice the structure, shape, and alignment of the teeth – again, particularly regarding the left lateral incisor and left canine cuspid – are identical to those observed in all of the preceding succession of images.

OIP (2)[6065]download[6083]download[6083]download[6096]Keith-Richard-perform-Morumbi-Stadium-Brazil-2016-billboard-1548-compressed[6101]

Undoubtedly, King Charles III (AKA Keith Richards/Ted Koppel/Ted Edward Kennedy/Bruce Springsteen/Cat Stevens/Al Pacino) may not at all like the idea he’s been exposed as a criminal perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Nevertheless, a most appropriate response to His Highness would be to quote a lyric from a hit song recorded by the world’s most famous rock act Charlie has starred in for the last five decades: “You can’t always get what you want/But if you try sometimes/You might find/You get what you need!

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  1. Great investigative work!! I recently watched a video of Charles plagiarizing a speech and the first thought that came to mind was that he was “practiced at the art of deception”. I am sure he has blood-stained hands. All of his lineage does. That same song mentions his “… favorite color, cherry red…”. Cherry red and Cherry wine ALWAYS refers to blood and the ingestion thereof, something that “Royalty” seems to have a proclivity towards, for whatever reason???

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